Monday, August 29, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

In today's Guam Daily Post, page 7:

Protests continue strong in light of Apuron statement

Neil Pang | Post News Staff


  1. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)August 29, 2016 at 8:54 AM

    This article quotes Fr. Apuron’s statement of August 25th where he declares, "I have strived and I will strive ... to put evangelization at the center of my mission, and for this purpose the most fundamental means are the priests, who can transmit the grace of God," Apuron said.

    There are some operative words here that are worth noting: (1) “center of my mission” and (2) “evangelization.” Stated by Fr. Apuron (and/or the ghost writers), there is much to make of “center of my mission.” As archbishop of a diocese that is physically contained by small land mass (210 square miles), with a population of an estimated 160K people, 130K of whom are Catholics, why is “evangelization” at the center of his mission? With only 30K more souls on the island to bring into the Catholic fold you don’t need two seminaries to accomplish that small level of evangelization unless, of course, he wants to do his work outside of the physical confines of Guam. As Archbishop of a diocese (one that is that is physically contained,) his primary mission should be FIRST to care for the spiritual and temporal needs of the Faithful in his diocese. Tending to those outside of the diocese (and outside of that contained space) should come secondary or even tertiary. By stating that the center of his mission is evangelization, the central focus of his leadership then is not to the needs of the local Faithful. Rather, it is to those outside of Guam who are yet to be brought to Christ. The current condition of the local Church is reflective of his stated central mission. The local Faithful are neglected and so the Church. Also, evangelization at the center of his mission is more reflective of an NCW priority than the priority of a bishop who leads a diocese.

    1. We had priests to transmit the Grace of God, Apuron. You destroyed that Grace in so many priests. Your evil lyin life as a child molester needing to cover up your perverted sin enabled you to destroy good priests. Well now Karma takes care of you. I forgive you not sure if God will!

  2. Very good assessment Rose!

  3. Rose – Very perceptive of you! That, too, was my very first interpretation of Apuron’s words “evangelization as the center as his mission”. He might just as well have written “the promotion of the Neocatechumenal Way in Guam is the center of my mission”. There was no need to have played around with words. Everybody knows that, (AAA), so why beat around the bush! As the saying goes – “Call a spade, a spade, and not a ….. shovel!”

    So far as the content of the letter, it is as glaringly bogus as a $17-bill. It might as well have been publicized as a political ad by a ghost writer (whom almost everybody can guess who), and appended with something from AAA like: “…my name is Anthony Sablan Apuron, and I approve of this ad!”

    Thanks for chiming in from Seattle, WA. (jrsa: 8/29/16)

  4. Apurun could not have written the letter! He could not write his own homilies. The letter amounts to NEO PROPAGANDA! And as Rose points out, the "mission" is the admission that the NCW is above the needs of the faithful.
    To all the NEO catechist and responsibles...GET OUT of GUAM.

  5. Amen Bruce. NEO catechist responsibles Get out of Guam! You have no place in our community.