Thursday, August 11, 2016


Posted by Tim Rohr

Archbishop Hon was sent to Guam for one reason: to protect Apuron. His cover was that the pope sent him here personally to restore unity. In saying so, Hon hoped we would shut up and sit down. However, Sunday after Sunday, brave picketers showed up in front of the Cathedral (and now on Marine Corps Drive) to send Hon a clear message: HELL NO!

On June 12, Hon told his 9:30 Cathedral congregation that the protesters would be gone in two weeks. He underestimated the three decades of Apuron-induced smoldering outrage that had, for years, been erupting sporadically, sending burning lava flows into the Catholic community but eventually disappearing back underground to convulse and grow.

Even without the sex abuse allegations, Apuron's three decades of vile mistreatment of his own people and nauseating penchant for celebrating himself at every public opportunity had already poisoned the local church and turned even the most casual non-Catholic observer against him. 

Apuron knew this and sought refuge in the sewer and sewage of Pius the Putrid. It may have been excrement, but it was warm, and, thanks to Apuron's free gift, it was given a comfy face at Gennarini's mega-million dollar seaside resort in Yona. 

Even after Apuron was exposed and accused of ramming his penis into the rectum of a 12 year old boy, amongst other dirty deeds, he still might have gotten away with it and continued, if only from afar, to run the Archdiocese of Agana and prop up Pius' counterfeit clergy machine, otherwise known as RMS. 

The idea was to buy time, let the accusations fade from memory, let the protesters get tired and go away, throw a few bones to the people and hopefully neutralize Tim Rohr, and if not fully restore Apuron, at least find a neo-friendly bishop who would keep RMS going. And it was for this that Hon was sent.

Not by the pope - who had told Hon to take "urgent measures," but by his real boss - the mob bosses of the Neocatechumenal Way, who control Hon's Vatican congregation. 

It is ironic that Hon may have in fact accomplished all this...but for one person, himself. Taunting the protesters, the picketers, the demonstrators, the public face of the opposition, sent the law suit machine into high gear, prompted the amending of the statute of limitations bill to include the archdiocese itself as a potential aider and abetter, and of course, increased the resolve of the brave army of people who have taken to the streets.

And then, to seal the deal, he and Tony Diaz conspire to do their recent "Magical Media Tour" in which they try to sell us their apocryphal gospel of unity. It backfired. On Jesse Lujan's show, Hon got grilled about his "no doubt about it" comment regarding the ownership of the Yona property. 

Let's just say that at the end of Jesse's show there was A LOT of "doubt about it," and a doubt that Hon could no longer hide. He has no idea what he just opened. For in the story about this property, lies all the evil secrets about Apuron, Pius, et. al.

Why do you think that "the trained lawyer," Jackie Terlaje, worked so hard to keep the certificate of title issue from going to court? Why do you think she obtained that false certificate of title in the first place? And why do you think that she is now the only attorney on this island who will even touch Apuron:

Archdiocese of Agana, Apuron not represented by same counsel

You are about to find out.

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