Thursday, August 11, 2016


Posted by Tim Rohr

This morning during Part 2 of Patti Arroyo's interview with Andrew Camacho, the newly-elected CCOG Vice President, Patti read a note she received about Archbishop Hon's comments to the Neocatechumenal Way at a special Mass last night for the recently deceased NCW co-founder, Carmen Hernandez. 

According to the note, Hon praised Hernandez as a model of obedience while chastising some members of the NCW for being disobedient, greedy, and power-grabbing. If this was so, then some kudos are in order for Hon for finally saying something about what we all know. 

But (and here comes the BUT), enshrining Carmen Hernandez as a "model of obedience" when she is the primary architect of the heresy that forms the secret catechesis of the Neocatechumenal Way is simply staggering as well as a window into the deep corruption in the Vatican at the highest levels. 

Hernandez may have appeared to be "obedient" since she always let Kiko "have the stage," but Kiko was simply her mouthpiece and puppet. Carmen was the brains behind the whole deal. Read Frenchie's (yet to be completed) series: THE POLITICAL HISTORY OF KIKO ARUGELLO AND THE NCW

Carmen Hernandez aside, there is still the matter of the clearly demonstrable and well-known disobedience of the neocats insistence on ignoring the communion rite permitted to them in their 2008 Statute, and their persisting in the bastard practice of sitting to consume the Eucharist. 

I do not know if Hon addressed this in his sermon last night, but I have no reason to believe he did. He, himself, as a major Vatican prelate for several years, and as the Apostolic Administrator in this diocese for over two months, is a collaborator in this neocat defiance of what the Church officially requires. 

There is NO permission for the neocats (in their liturgy) to take the consecrated host in hand and then consume it later after having returned to their seats. Hon knows that they do this. Hon knows that there is no permit to do this. Hon permits this. Hon, by his silence, ratifies and encourages this open disobedience. 

Recently I heard that he had said that this is a matter for Rome to handle. That's B.S.! The NCW Statute CLEARLY gives all authority over the NCW to the diocesan bishop. HE has the authority."

Thus, Hon's refusal to address this core issue, the very center of our division, the "ground zero" of the cataclysm at hand, is the tell-tale sign that Hon has been ordered NOT TO TOUCH certain things. But ordered by who?

I think we know. 

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