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It is time to go back and see what it is that Pius and Genarrini worked so hard on, and why they used Apuron to get what they wanted.

I shall leave our good friend Bob Klitzkie to pursue the real estate fiasco, regarding this property, since he has become the de facto specialist of this sad swindle of both the original gift giver and the further snow job given to us, courtesy of our not such good friends in New Jersey.

It is rather illuminating, in retrospect that the three individuals, most involved  in the establishment of a Neocatechumenal Seminary on Guam, under the false pretense that it was a Diocesan operation, thanks to their manipulation of our failed Bishop; are still in place, and so far have not been subjected to any kind of inquiry of any sort regarding their misdeeds.

Pius, Cristobal and Quitagua, the triumvirate of the backroom deals and of false statements are still here.

While these three pretended to work for the good of the Diocese and its leader, Apuron. They in fact only have one true boss, the self made Capo of New Jersey Giuseppe Genarrini.

We have already established, how through false promises and flattery they convinced Apuron to establish Guam's own seminary.

We have seen how Pius and Cristobal, often referred to the lack of true Christian education and wild
"homossechual" conspiracies traditional seminaries offered, to justify establishing RMS on Guam.

Specifically, Pius always berated  St Patrick Seminary in Menlo Park CA, where until then,  most local priests had gone to  study...(in doing so, he was also implying that the local priest were not properly educated)

I always found this hyperbole quite hilarious, in view of the past record of both Cristobal and Pius, and their less than stellar reputations. It is therefore only fair, that we do compare the realities of both seminaries. Our "own" RMS, which was sold to us as the solution to all our priestly problems, and as a stepping stone  for the reconquest of the original Catholic values.

Versus, St Patrick Seminary and University, this "den of immorality and poor education" as it was portrayed to the faithful of Guam, in order to raise funds and create this new "beacon of Neo morality and superior education". Redemptoris Mater Seminary.

We shall then separate our comparative study, into several sections.
This should facilitate Fr Jeff 's work, in the Ad Hoc committee on the seminaries.

The first section shall be the selection process:

Note from the writer: we have referred to the respective websites of each institution, and gathered all the information accessible to the public. Unfortunately, since 2013, many of the RMS establishment have restricted access to their websites, following what appears to be a concerted and voluntary campaign to stop giving information to the general public, and have said information accessible for only the "elected" few. This lack of transparency from the RMS both here and in most other 100+ locations, does not bode well of their respective programs.
Why would any public institution of learning hide their policies, body of studies, and other pertinent information, unless it has an hidden agenda? We shall come back to this issue later in our study. 

St Patrick Seminary and University, Menlo Park CA, Vs Redemptoris Mater Seminary Guam.

St Patrick:
Admissions Policies conform in every respect to  The Program of Priestly Formation  (#34-67)

RMS Guam/ San Vitores Theological Institute for Oceania
No admissions policies. Yet, hidden from the public eye, in the unpublished Statutes of RMS, suggest that the seminary follows both:
  • The program of Priestly formation of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops of the United States, 4th edition .
  • Ratio Fundamentalis of CEPAC
Note: it is interesting that RMS Guam does not address any of this in their "public page", and that you have to find it in their Statutes, which is not readily available to the public at large. Yet other RMS in the USA readily show this information on their sites. What is so secretive that it should be hidden from view from the faithful?

St Patrick:
A candidate seeking admission, requires the sponsorship of his respective Diocesan Bishop or Religious Superior who can acquaint him with the necessary steps to be taken for admission to the seminary, and acquaint him to the vocation director of the Diocese.

RMS Guam: just provide address, phone and fax numbers and  email address for contact.
You have to go into the Archdiocese of Guam  website, under the seminary page, to find three referrals.
  • One for the "St John Paul the Great Archdiocesan Seminary of Guam"
  • One for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary of Guam
  • One for the Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores Catholic theological institute for Oceania.

There is nothing on how to proceed for the candidates, if any. We know that three years ago, the Diocesan vocation director was Fr Paul, and that when he was evicted illegally,  Cristobal was put in charge of vocations. He is still in charge as of now. This website has clearly documented how he would not allow any candidate to the priesthood to go anywhere else than RMS. The following scandal, led to the creation of this other fake seminary the John Paul the Great Archdiocesan seminary, which so far, appears to be a bunch of malarkey

St Patrick:
All Applicants go through an extensive screening process, including medical and psychological
assessments and interviews with the selection committee.

RMS Guam: Candidates are selected during a weird ritualistic Neo celebration called the

The celebration is when candidates are selected by drawing lots from a red bag, to decide where each candidate will go to study. It is supposed to be an intervention of the Holy Spirit.

In fact it is another weird Judeo inspiration by Kiko which draws on the legends of the Hebrew Merkaba. The fact that such a pagan ritual is allowed by a so called Catholic New Evangelisation movement should raise all the alarm bells. But apparently not.

There is no vetting, people are pressed into going to places unknown, where there are isolated from their loved ones and sent to "study" on a fast track that has very little to do with the requirements demanded by Rome.

St Patrick:
Candidates must provide to the Seminary official transcripts of all College works and must take one of the following test:  GRE or MAT.

The specific required documents for admission  are as follows:
  • A carefully completed admission booklet.
  • A letter of sponsorship from a Diocese or a religious community
  • Official transcripts of all colleges or theologates attended.
  • Three letters of recommendations, including at least one from a priest.
  • TOEFL minimum score of at least 550, paper based; 215, computer based; 80 internet based, for students whose native language is not English.
  • A detailed autobiography (not to exceed 10 pages) to include:
  1. chronological history of your life.
  2. relationships with family members and other people in your life.
  3. School achievements
  4. Social life
  5. Faith experience
  6. Work experience
  7. Reasons for applying to St Patrick seminary. 
  • An up to date professional psychological assessment.
  • Physical examination form completed by the applicant and physician, including Health report, HIV testing and record of immunizations.
  • English written evaluation of seminaries or communities previously attended and if applicable a document stating reasons for leaving.
  • Certificates of Baptism, Confirmation, and any Ministries received or Candicacy.
  • If applicable, Marriage Annulment documents, or death certificate of former Spouse.
  • If applicable, for those returning to the Catholic Church after having been a member of another denomination or religion, documentation verifying re-entry into the Catholic Church.
  • A copy of Life Scan Form or equivalent Criminal Background Check Form.
  • A recent photograph of yourself.
RMS Guam. 
As far as we can tell, there is no screening process, outside of the required immigration documents that must be provided for Students to come to a place of learning in the United States.
The vetting is non existent, and only Pius and Genarrini have full access to the files of the students.

Conclusion on the selection process.

The American Conference of Bishops several years back put in place the screening process that is evident in the St Patrick Seminary and University, in order to increase the quality of the candidates to the priesthood, but also to avoid to be saddle up in the future with problem priests the likes of Fr Brouillard, Fr Luis Camacho, Fr Wadeson and even Archbishop Apuron to just name a few, with whom we are sadly familiar.

It is obvious to all but the deaf and the blind, that a proper vetting of candidates and the weeding out of  individuals that are not cut out or even dedicated to the challenges of the priesthood, is very necessary.

It is a level of safety and quality that the faithful and their children deserve.

Yet it appears, that RMS is not following these guidelines, even if in principle they pretend to do so on paper. To make matters worse, the RMS Guam, has chosen to not be above board, but rather hide and  mask their intentions, and their policies. This can only bring forth more questions about their intentions and their goals.


  1. Two of them are frustrated queens worst kind.

  2. Wow. Worse than I expected. RMS is not a seminary. It's a factory for the mass production of robotic, brain washed, and mindless Neo soldiers pretending to be priests

  3. The admission process is a recipe for pure disaster.

  4. Based on the admission standards imposed by St. Patrick, Neo priests that were ordained in Guam such as Fr. Alberto, Nino, Francesco, Fabio, Luis, Michael, Edivaldo, and others would have been thrown out, and rightly so.

    1. You are most likely right. Plus as you will see later, the level of education has nothing to do with that expected from a regular seminary.

  5. When will we the, Laity, get a report from the various committees set up by Hon?

    1. We had better not hold our breath. Reports, yeah, right.

    2. This is an interesting question.
      This become even more essential in the case of the seminary (ries). Because Archbishop Hon let the Neos in key positions, the ad hoc committee on the seminaries is stacked with neos. Three of the five members are key seminary members of the neos. It will be a challenge for father Jeff who is not known for the quality of his backbone.

  6. I can't wait for Part II.

  7. I do not recognize Neo presbyters as true priests of the Catholic Church. I would NEVER attend a "regular" Mass presided over by one of them. No thorough psychological evaluation prior to admission at Guam RMS? No wonder Presbyter Luis Camacho absconded to a secluded beach with a girl he took from school. And then there's OJ who informed a group of youths that he masturbates and then just goes to confession.
    Eileen Benavente-Blas

    1. This is what you get when there is no vetting