Sunday, August 21, 2016


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

Remember when you were a kid in school, and you had to start learning algebra? You had to solve for unknowns, like x+2=5. By knowing one addend as well as the sum, we can discover that missing element. In this example of course, x can only be 3. There is no other solution possible.

In the same way, because NCW is so secretive and keeps it teaching from prying theological eyes, we must employ a certain algebraic approach. We know the addend: that they make heretical statements believing them to be Church teaching. We also know that the sum of their catechesis: a conversion of souls that then leads to division in the Church, contempt for non-NCW Catholics, a persecution complex, and a desire to destroy whatever of the Tradition does not meet their worldview.

So what's that unknown that seems so elusive?  Read more. 

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