Sunday, August 21, 2016


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

Remember when you were a kid in school, and you had to start learning algebra? You had to solve for unknowns, like x+2=5. By knowing one addend as well as the sum, we can discover that missing element. In this example of course, x can only be 3. There is no other solution possible.

In the same way, because NCW is so secretive and keeps it teaching from prying theological eyes, we must employ a certain algebraic approach. We know the addend: that they make heretical statements believing them to be Church teaching. We also know that the sum of their catechesis: a conversion of souls that then leads to division in the Church, contempt for non-NCW Catholics, a persecution complex, and a desire to destroy whatever of the Tradition does not meet their worldview.

So what's that unknown that seems so elusive?  Read more. 


  1. An eye-opening post. I look forward to the rest of the series.

    Is there a way of getting this to the attention of anyone in Rome? Or is that a lost cause? Has the power and influence of the NCW penetrated so far into the Vatican that no light of reason can shine through?

    1. Rome knows. Rome is useless. Look at Hon. He's "Rome."

    2. As usual Tim is right … "Rome" DOES know and "Rome" counts on the fact that most people are oblivious to how deeply entrenched the NCW is in "Rome" with so many of the Cardinals in Kiko's back pocket.

      This was made evident recently to me when a friend sent me the following message about my participation in the ongoing Sunday picketing:
      "I may not agree with you, but I respect your strong belief in dealing with the situation at hand … I respect him [the Apostolic Administrator] since he is here just as if the Holy See was present since he was sent by him."

      Unfortunately, this person will never read this post and will continue to believe that if "Rome" isn't doing anything in response to our concerns, then our concerns must not be valid, that the NCW is not the threat we are making it out to be.
      For the record: This person does not belong to the NCW. This person — like many of my fellow Cradle Catholics — doesn't follow this blog or attend CCOG village meetings and gets information from news reports.

    3. Mary Lou, I have had similar conversations, they feel that issues within the Church should be dealt by church officials, and what they decide is what the people should do. They feel that I am being disrespectful to the Church when I question the conduct of the clergy and in particular apuron, and now hon, but same people are the first to question GovGuam leadership, and they walk away from the conversation with "well its different with the Church. I reply leaders lead, and bad is bad, regardless of what they do.

    4. Just a heads-up, we will be talking quite a bit about this in the next week or two. There's alot of ground to cover, and before we tackle something as big as hierarchy or Magisterium, we have to be sure our foundation is good--unlike the poor souls we are dealing with.

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  2. Glad to be back in Holy Mother ChurchAugust 21, 2016 at 7:06 AM

    This view, as revealed by Glaucon, explains why the community is everything. The kilos will say to members who want to escape the ncw, there is no salvation outside of the Way.
    I heard it when I left. Thankfully there was a good diocesan priest that convinced me otherwise and gave me the strength to continue walking - away from the NCW.

  3. Kiko's idea that Christ came exclusively to reconcile us together explains well why the thought of Renee Girard is so popular with Redemptoris Mater professors.

  4. Let's be very clear. The ONLY REASON Rome is involved at this point is because we lay people FORCED them. They have known about Apuron for 30 years. They did NOTHING. And if you want to see what Rome does when it gets involved, just look at Hon. That's "Rome."

    People who say let Rome handle it know NOTHING of Church history. The Holy Spirit has always worked through the "sensus fidei" and the "vox populi" to correct the course of the Church. In fact, EVERY major Heresy was started by a bishop or a priest.

  5. thanks for this, glaucon jr. this shows how fatally and hopelessly different, at the most fundamental level, is the ncw's doctrine from Catholicism.

    the hook starts with that text you shared from kiko:

    "Here it is necessary to briefly announce the Kerygma."

    kiko is always so big on the ncw announcing the kerygma. and indeed, a big part of the neocat indoctrination program has to do with that announcement.

    tragically, however, as the paragraphs that follow clearly show, kiko's kerygma happens to be wrong and not at all the true kerygma proclaimed by the Catholic Church.

    it seems to me that on the point of the kerygma, protestants would agree with Catholics more than kiko would! kiko is "wronger" than protestants on this point!

    the sad reality that this illuminates is that Catholics either had not been taught properly the kerygma, or have so taken it for granted that they don't believe it to be the core of their faith. and so, enter kiko and the neocats to fill the void. the need for the "new evangelization" is very real, but unfortunately kiko's movement became one of the strong answers to that need. let's work to fix this.

    hey neocats: since you're riding the "new evangelization" wagon, how about you read st john paul ii's "redemptoris missio," particularly section 44. also listen closely to (a real Catholic) priest's words of absolution during confession. you will learn what the true Christian Kerygma actually is. and you'll also learn how very wrong kiko is.