Saturday, August 20, 2016


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

In light of the posts and conversations and demands for the Truth Faith, accountability, and ecclesiastic maneuvering about to come about (at least I hope), we need to say a quick word about the word hermeneutics before we get to it on the NCW on Sunday.

To perhaps overly simplify it, hermeneutics refers to how one interprets a text, particularly Scripture. In a larger sense, it’s how one interprets the world. One’s hermeneutic—whether when dealing with Scripture or not—tends to color everything in the way you see things.

One of my favorite examples comes from Fiddler on the Roof. In the movie, amongst the colorful cast of characters, a young Communist named Perchik (played by Paul Michael Glaser of Starsky and Hutch fame) comes to stay with Tevye’s family in return for school lesson for the younger children. Perchik tells the children the story of Jacob and Laban (Gen.29:15-28), and how Jacob agreed to work for Laban for seven years in return for the hand of his younger daughter Rachel. But after the seven years, Laban pulled the switcheroo, and Jacob wound up marrying the older sister Leah. To get Rachel, Jacob had to work another seven years for her.

“And the moral of the children,” Perchik says: “You can never trust an employer.”

It’s meant as comic relief, particularly since the village is Jewish, and the story deals with the living out of the Jewish faith. Even so, Perchik illustrates how his Communist hermeneutic of class warfare colors everything, including how he reads the Scriptures.

It’s the same thing with the NCW. Kiko’s hermeneutic colors everything, and it’s primarily responsible for why dialogue with the NCW is virtually impossible, why their liturgy is aberrant, their Marian devotion diminished, and their contempt for the Tradition and traditional Catholics so great.

Until then.


  1. The Bible is the Word of God and if you read it, you will discover how God speaks to the reader. Each time that I have read scripture, it does not mean one thing but a plethora of things and that is why it's called the Living Word. I only listen to Gods still small voice and not the voice of a man whose rhetoric is equivalent to that of a clashing cymbal. The only voice that the NCW listens to is Kikos voice and his interpretation of the Word and they all fall prey to that interpretation. My view of members of the NCW are of those that were either lukewarm Catholics or needed much spiritual guidance in their lives and were hooked by this sect that had reached out to them. The NCW is not of God but of one man whose only reason for its inception was to get rich and be in control of ones life. Now doesn't that sound like the NCW. It's not too late to get out and to come back to the one True, Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church. May God bless all of you. Peace.

  2. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)August 21, 2016 at 11:14 AM

    I went home to Guam for a visit in the late-1990s. In catching up with one of my friends I learned that her family had become members of the NCW. I had never heard of the NCW until then and in my curiosity I asked how different was the NCW from the Catholicism with which we grew up. While her family's responses were interesting to me, they didn't satisfy my curiosity. I did my own digging to find out about it. This link, written by a lay member of the Dominican Order and a follower of the Latin Rite is one of the materials I read that left me with questionable feelings about the NCW.