Thursday, August 11, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

Has one of Kiko's double decker tabernacles made it into your parish yet?  They're certainly very popular at the Redemptoris Mater seminaries, and that's a problem.  Read more.


  1. Thank you Chuck. Another piece of a worrying puzzle

  2. Wow. $20,000 for a Kiko tabernacle, and RMS Guam has one. I guess that's why Hon had to extend the annual appeal to the end of the year. Oh, and don't forget all the travel expenses for those poor seminarians!

  3. At one ordination I attended early in the RMS history on Guam, I remember the deacon wearing a humeral veil to carry the book of gospels to the lectern and then back to Apurun. I thought this was odd, as the only time I have seen the humeral veil used before was for carrying the actual body of Christ in procession, or at adoration.

    Is the kiko practice of using the humeral veil for the gospels wrong, or just another unique kiko practice?

    By the way, the veil looked more hebrew than Catholic. It was white with blue stripes.

    1. Janet it is a liturgical abuse, like the banquet table vs an altar. All in violation of the GIRM.

  4. The fruits of the NCW and proof of the many heresies that make up the NCW. This is one of these heresies presented to you for all to see.

  5. Janet, right! They use that humeral to carry the silver Bible (designed by Kiko, of course) in procession, and again when one of the ministers is going to proclaim the Gospel.

  6. She has gotten downright ugly on her blog about this. Quoting an ambiguous line from Dei Verbum found in the Catechism, then launching ad hominem attacks. You must have touched a nerve, Chuck.

  7. This tabernacle is NOT Catholic. It's a Kiko invention!

  8. Perhaps a revisiting of CCC 1379 would help to clarify:

    "The tabernacle was first intended for the reservation of the Eucharist in a worthy place so that it could be brought to the sick and those absent outside of Mass. As faith in the real presence of Christ in his Eucharist deepened, the Church became conscious of the meaning of silent adoration of the Lord present under the Eucharistic species. It is for this reason that the tabernacle should be located in an especially worthy place in the church and should be constructed in such a way that it emphasizes and manifests the truth of the real presence of Christ IN THE BLESSED SACRAMENT" (emphasis mine).