Thursday, August 25, 2016


I translate here a letter asking for help in relation with the Neocatechumenal Way, published today (August 24 in Cruxsancta), from a Mexican man who lives in Colorado.  It is quite sad because he refers the exactly same things as many parishes around the world where the Neocatechumenal Way sows confusion and division. 

Neocatechumenate: the bad tree gives bad fruit
"Good night, Gloria, my name is G ..., married with four children, a Mexican who lives in the city of Aurora, Colorado, USA, a bit of my story is that I was always Catholic, but never practicing, thinking that all religions were equal, almost fifteen years ago I became involved with the sect of the Mormons, after two years of being with them and realize manipulation and hypocrisy, and almost insane requirement of tithing, I left there.

Then I met my wife and she was a practicing Catholic, I returned to the path of our Holy Mother Church, for eight years I became involved in the life of the Church, as an extraordinary minister of communion, taking Bible courses, retreats and serving as catechist parents and young people, knowing the damage they do sects, take much inclination in apologetics, 1P 3.15, trying to prepare catechists and Catholics eager to learn, that the one Church of Christ is this, Mt 16: 18- 19 and that He (Christ) will be with us always Mt 28:20, I am not charismatic and not very attached to groups or movements in the Church, but I respect them and I know that the charisms are different in each person, as a multi -forme is the Wisdom of God 1P 4,10.

About two years ago a new pastor came, Spanish from the NCW, Felix Medina Algaba, although our parish community is diverse and bilingual Latins are more than sixty percent; the past year for catechism class for children and young  there were 1,064  registered, of which ninety percent were Spanish talkers and the rest were mostly children and youth that, although Latins, preferred classes in Spanish, although they were bilingual, only very few Anglo, 

but this year he suspended classes in Spanish and removed all catechists in Spanish, saying that to serve they must take the classes of the neo-catechumens in English and experience a three-day retreat (must be paid) by much emphasis on tithing, that all servers have to give, even with bank account, I come from a cult, and I know that the Catholic Church bases its doctrine in the new testament, nor in the new testament, or catechism speaks of tithing, in Mexico we talk about giving a day's pay, there is a deacon passed by reading the book of Leviticus, Deuteronomy and Malachi.

This pastor is destroying communities established in the parish, to give them, neocatechumens, more places. They previously only had classes one day a week, and Masses for them one every month, now meet three times a week and celebrate their Masses every Saturda.

People who worked there in the parish, deacons and priests who are not the Way and that do not agree with their practices, ran or left. He has started to put puppets who do not know anything about service and love for the next, I -who spent ten years in the Army in a Unit of Paratroopers in Mexico and went to military schools to become sergeant- understand what means "obey without reply" of military indoctrination to slip ideologies government, these leaders when you speak they speak worse than an officer, "obey and shut up" and they know nothing of Catholic theology, much less to see Christ in the others, in the helpless, the sick, the ignorant of God, they have no love for his fellowman, and they consider themselves "God's elected" and if you are not with them, then you are a hindrance  and they say "obey and shut up or go out". 

Before this there were problems in our community, but now the problem is just if we want to continue in our parish serving, then we have to be of the Way, even within the catechists who were more than fifty people, there are disputes and claims to obey without question to the pastor, that even knowing that there is an effort to stop the Latino community, those who speak Spanish, they have tried to create programs like "one family under one God" to force people to go to Mass in English, believing that migrants Spanish-speaking Catholics are creating a church within the Church. The parish priest, with this pretext, is forcing neo-catechizing catechumens in English, grabbing more followers and this more power and money.

Queen of Peace Church or "Queen of Peace" in Aurora Colorado is one of the largest communities in Colorado and the one which more money gives to the archdiocese of Denver, it is why this pastor, Felix Medina Algaba, has the support of his bishop, who although has sent letters asking what happens in the parish. Not only we have this problem with the Way, there are also other parishes with the same problem of discord among the parishioners themselves, there are many brothers who have fallen away from the Church, others do not want to know about God anymore.

Queen of Peace Parish, Aurora, Colorado, USA

My question for you, Gloria, is: what can we do to defend ourselves against this cultic movement, which is seen to have a lot of money and power, I leave my mail if you can send my "post" to Catholic brothers who love this Single True Church of Jesus Christ, if you can give me ideas on how to address this problem, because the worst thing we can do is leaving our church and do nothing, thank you for your attention". (End)

I can not afford copying here the first commentary to the original post in Cruxsancta, writen by a Neocatechumenal follower, to show how these people are...pure "kikianism". This is the real Church to come with neos...

"Anónimo, 24 August 2016, 5:18
First, the Way is not a movement; second, good for the Way by arming its mess, doing what the Pope Francis said; third, how good is the Way pulling out all those natural religious and beatorros of parishes who had turned Christianism in a religion by their measure; fourth, God is using the Way to return to Christianity and putting out of parishes these beatorros of Sunday Mass at 12 who lead a hole life without living the Gospel; fifth, that Mexican who wrote the theme of post smells like pure religious neurotic "beatorro"; and sixth, you should find out about the thousands of fruits of the Way in more than 40 years ....... ignorants!"

NOTE: Beatorro is impossible to translate, simply a "beato/a" is a very devoted person, when you add the fix "-orro/orra" is for underlining yet more the despective meaning. To vomit.

Original in Spanish:
Primero no es un movimiento, segundo muy bien que el camino este armando lio , haciendo lo que dijo el Papa Francisco, tercero, que bien que El Camino esta sacando a todos esos religiosos y beatorros de las parroquias que han convertido el Crustianismo en una religión, cuarto, Dios esta usando al Camino para volver al Cristianismo y sacar de las parroquias a los beatorros de misa de 12 que llevan una vida sin vivir el Evangelio, quinto el mexicano que escribio el tema de la entrada huele a puro religioso beatorro neurotico de miedo, y sexto id averiguar los miles de frutos del Camino en más de 40 años.......ignorantes!


  1. What a shame and ROME does not care and continue to let the neo way do their thing.

  2. If you click on the URL under Fr. Felix's portrait photo you can read about his "journey" where he notes that he did "missionary work in Micronesia" for 2 years (2003-2004?)... did he spend time in Guam or Saipan???

    1. One of first two seminarians on Saipan with pius. So where is the other, Enrique? Hope he is not wreaking havoc as well. Spn2.

  3. This is a common story with all parishes when a "priest" (presbyter) formed in the life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way is assigned to the parish.

    The following steps begin the destruction of a Catholic parish (the 7 steps to the destruction of a Catholic parish):

    1. The "priest" (presbyter) will proudly proclaim that he is "walking in the way", he will frequently persuade parishioners to "walk in the way" which he firmly believes is the "only way to walk in the church".

    2. The "priest" (presbyter) will focus most of his effort and energy into serving his Neocatechumenal community while parish has to contend with the "left-overs" and being the "lower priority.

    3. The "priest" (presbyter) will not act in the best interests of his diverse flock as the aim of the "priest" (presbyter) is to diminish the other communities/groups so that the Neocatechumenal community becomes the most prominent group in the parish.

    4. Once a Neocatechumenal community is established in the parish you will notice a prevailing attitude of superiority among the Neocatechumenal community members towards the parishioners who are not in the Neocatechumenal community. This behaviour is fully supported by the "priest" (presbyter) which is demonstrated by their disdainful attitude towards those who are not in the Neocatechumenal community.

    5. Neocatechumenal symbols such as the Neocatechumenal cross and icons will be introduced and used in the mass while the "priest" (presbyter) sermons will frequently include teachings that are from the Neocatechumenal community which are theologically shallow, confusing, containing error and have no relation to the mass readings or theme of the day.

    6. Catholics who see this heresy for what it is begin leaving the parish and/or start attending mass in neighbouring parishes as they are uncomfortable with what they are hearing at mass and with the situation in the parish.

    7. Those who choose stay in the parish have to contend with this unpleasant situation and being treated with disdain in their own parish.

    These 7 steps fulfil the aim (see point 3) of the "priest" (presbyter) and one more parish succumbs to the onslaught of this Protestant-Judeo heresy.

    This is my own experience in my parish :(

    1. You hit the nail on the head. This is EXACTLY what is happening in my parish.

    2. U know nothing.. stop spreading rumors open your heart to christ through the way you will get to know him you will fall for him.. our lord and saviour jesus christ

    3. Let me know when you are not afraid to be anonymous. Not very Christlike.

    4. 😁 what matters with you if i am anonymous or not aren't we brothers in christ.
      Who are we to judge other people faith.. one day the harvest will come let the lord decide who is right or wrong and everyone get the judgment or the mercy he deserve.. open your heart

  4. I to am a parishioner at Queen of Peace. What this man said is true. Felix is a two-faced liar. He will say one thing and then completely deny it. A lot of good people have left the parish.

  5. Get a life looser!

    1. Actually, it's spelled "loser." One "o." You're welcome.

  6. Please forward all problems to the vicar of clergy at the archdiocese so they know what is going on and how displeased people are.

    1. Dear Lisa, if you are on Guam, the way to proceed would be to contact the delegate to the NCW, who is Deacon Martinez, and bring your concerns, ideas, observations to him. He has been entrusted by Archbishop Byrnes with this difficult task.