Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Posted by Tim Rohr

Thanks to Jose for bringing this post from exactly two years ago today to my attention. In light of everything that is now being laid bare, may I present this to you once again.
"So why the tumult? Why the separation from the parish, the rejection of the sanctuary, the repudiation of liturgical norms, the aggressive disdain for others (as catalogued by several bishops), and the self-authenticating parallel hierarchy? These are not just unusual practices. These are manifestations of a fundamental difference of belief. And NOWHERE is that fundamental difference made more manifest than in the obstinate refusal to receive communion like the rest of us."


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  1. Thank you for republishing this piece.
    Two years of hard fights and of lifting the veils covering the real fruits of neocatechumenal way , which turned out to be deceit, desobedience, theft, and abeting of sexual predators among a long list of crimes. It was important to remind the faithful about the continued disobedience and flaunting of the most precious sacraments of our Church. The neos are like the coocoo birds: using other birds nests to lay their eggs and to raise their younguns, before pushing the others out. They are mothing else that pretenders abusing their hosts for the most spurrious of reasons