Thursday, September 15, 2016



Dear Friends in the Neocatechumenal Way,

I personally know many of you. I know you are not stupid. I know why you stay in even when you know better. I understand all that. But at some point, you need to take personal responsibility for the truth. 

In the above post, The Diana claims that you have met with your catechists and they have clarified several matters. I will copy them here followed by a simple suggestion. 

We already know that the RM Seminary is accredited by the Lateran University and that this accreditation has been renewed. - Please have them show you a copy of the current accreditation. The first one expired in 2012, and a conditional letter of affiliation was issued in 2014. Ask to see the letter showing the conditions and the subsequent letter from the Lateran showing that the conditions were fulfilled and full affiliation is now current. By the way, it is NOT the RM Seminary which is "accredited" by the Lateran. It is (supposedly) the Blessed Diego Institute. 

We already know that no professor can simply teach at the seminary.  Before teaching there, they must first be approved by the Lateran University in Rome.  So, RMS in Guam gets the top teaching professors approved by the Lateran University in Rome. - Please ask for a list of the current permanent professors and for evidence of the approval from the Lateran. 

We also know that all the documents stated that the INTENT of purchasing the property was to house a Redemptoris Mater Seminary. - Please ask to see the document. 

The INTENT in all the documents was clearly spelled out and located in the first few paragraphs of the documents. - Please ask to see the document. 

We also know that the benefactor who gave the 2 million dollars did so with the INTENT to establish a seminary. - Please ask to see the document. 

Also, the Board of Directors have all the documents showing that the RMS property belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana. - Please ask to see the documents. 

Dear Friends. Not only should this not be hard for your catechists to do, they should want to do it with JOY! Because if all of the above is true, it is certainly something to celebrate. Remember, most of what is claimed here has been the source of great controversy and division in our local Church. If evidence exists to stop this controversy and division, then not to share it is to perpetuate the grave sin of scandal, causing further division and doubt. 

All of this turmoil these last few years can be at last put to rest by simply providing documentation for all of the claims your catechists have reportedly made to you. 

Thank you for your consideration,

Tim Rohr


  1. Thankyou Tim.

    I suspect there could be some good souls in this cult that want to leave but afraid for their lives to leave. In the same way there could be seminarians inside this beautiful property that are living lives of hell because they cannot escape the locked gate.
    The time has come when we need to ask what is really going on inside this building? We know this cult has monasters in its ranks serial abusers; liars, God knows what else.
    For all we know there could be abuse taking place inside of seminarians?
    Monsignor David acting Rector bolted the gate not allowing people to enter. I'm sorry but i believe something very unsavoury taking place inside.

    1. Remember some years ago a seminarian successfully plotted and achieved his escape. I think his name was Daniel. He had his aunt wire him an airline ticket. The archbishop and the other seminarians scoured the island looking for him. Such an escape would be more difficult to actualize now.

    2. Thankyou Agnes.
      Confirms that seminarians within RMS are seeking to escape gates. This building is a prison where Pius his associates inflicted Psychological torture on young people like Luis Camacho who was driven to such mental trauma that he was found in his unfortunate position. Concerning now isthe psychological trauma inflicted by cult members on their own people and the Church.

    3. I remember Daniel. He was a very good looking young man with a heart for God but all he got was hell on earth on the island with this pop-up seminary. Even the NCW leadership were assisting with feeding the young ones to the wolf in sheep's clothing. I'm so glad that he was successful in leaving the island. I bet Apuron had his eye on him as his next victim.

    4. I heard he had more than his eye on him. It's why he fled.

  2. Obviously Tim, you are a lot more positive about the free thinking abilities of the "intelligent" Neocatechumenals.

    Basically Diana, keeps on digging a deeper hole, by lying on purpose to mislead their troops.
    I guess that after all, there must have been some effect within the communities, for Pius to instruct his robot, to publish the official NCW version.
    Things are crumbling all around them.

    Pius being a "professor" should have no problem producing his endorsement from the Lateran. Why doesn't he?
    Simply because he has not been endorsed.

    The lies are piling up, and the desperation is starting to show.
    Basically Diana's post, is taking point by point the arguments of Pius to the press a couple of weeks ago.

    Lets give the man, his due, he is a great fantasy writer.

    We should know soon enough, if any intelligent Catechumenal takes the bait, and ask their Catechist about these documents.

  3. It's similar to others who join similar cults like the JWs. I've met JWs who are good, sincere people, and are for the most part intelligent. But how they can follow the WatchTower organization and it's beliefs just doesn't make sense.

    1. I would identify NCW as watchtower mentality!

    2. Richard, you know my wife and I. Are you a Neo? If so? We would be happy to debate Catholicism versus the heresy of KIKO call us.

    3. Hi Bruce,
      Not sure if I know you but what about my post above would make you think I'm part of the NCW? I'm not.

    4. Bruce. Richard was comparing the neo to Jehovah Witnesses. Were you responding to him or someone else?

    5. - I was confused too since Richard Nartia wrote JW and I took it as Jungle Watch! Did not associate JW and WatchTower since I have not seen any Jehovah Witnesses here in South USofA! Last time I saw them was in Guam! Opps!

    6. Oh I see how that can be confusing lol. But Tim is right I was referring to Jehovah Witnesses

  4. Good point Frenchie.
    Pius should have no problem producing his endorsement from the Lateran. At least Monsignor David can produce his endorsement from the Angelicum Rome.

  5. No documents because, you know, the Pope said.

  6. Eventually all roads lead to Rome. No Neo can stand on his or her own and have a simple discussion of Catholic Theology. Why? Because they are not seeking the "truth". If they were, game over! That is why the responsible must approve every facet of their lives. God sent His Son to free man from SIN. Not to bind him to a catechist. Each man and woman are made in the image of the God with the intellect to recognize right from wrong. No responsible can replace God. No catechist is above God. Free yourself from the shackles of slavery to the NCW.

  7. i'm waiting for the line from the piuses and dianas that mimic the explanations we heard from government officials about the alleged wmd's in iraq: "we have the docs. but we can't show them to you. because, you know, national security. so just trust us. it's for your own good."

    also, germany was one of the most advanced nations in the world--surely its people were intelligent. and yet it also perpetrated many of the worst evils of the 20th century. what good are such gifts if they're not used for the glory and service of God, and Him alone?

  8. I believe there within the title lies the problem, Tim- "intelligent neocatechumenals", an oxymoron! But seriously, if there were any such poor souls left, they need to be excised from the cancerous body in order to breathe life again.

  9. anyone out there speak/write Italian...

    Pontifical Lateran University

    maybe they can verify their affiliation with rms on Guam...