Thursday, September 22, 2016


(Posted by Frenchie)

While it is obvious to most people that have had the misfortune to meet our former vicar general, that he is not the brightest light on the tree; it is also obvious that what David lacks in smarts, he certainly makes up in deviousness. It is most likely one of several reasons for Pius to have selected him as the actual go-to man for the NCW while he assumes a lower profile.

One thing the Neocatechumenal Way does well is what is popularly known as double talk. We can see this in almost all their communication and publication. There is always, an hidden agenda, and a disguised Will to mislead. For more on that, please refer to the great exposes by La Paz our Spanish correspondant, and Chuck White our local Hercule Poirot on everything linked to the NCW.  Both of them have well documented these issues. Examples are numerous and worrisome.

That having been established, lets go back to our dear tall, sickly, and boring Lurch.

I always thought that the nickname given the actual "Acting Rector of the RMS" was very revealing of the smarts of people, to choose a proper descriptive for somebody. Indeed what better character could have been chosen than a faithful valet of his masters, for the one that so faithfully serves his Neo masters.  I always saw it as the ultimate irony, and I am comforted in that belief every time we discover another gem, courtesy of Msgr Quitagua (the tall).

Following the well documented meeting of the Delegate at the Cathedral last Tuesday, we had the opportunity to consult some of the documentation from the Ad Hoc committee  for the seminaries.
Among these documents was a curt letter from Msgr David to the Delegate of the Apostolic Administrator, regarding his reasons for not allowing a pre-arranged visit of members of the LFM at the seminary.

Lets study this letter.

"This is to inform you that his Eminence, Fernando Cardinal Filoni, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, has been made aware of the preannounced "visit" of the Laity Forward Movement to the Seminary"

This in itself is extremely revealing of the situation we face at this time regarding the NCW.

What we have here is nothing else, that a direct challenge to the doted line authority given to the Apostolic Administrator by the Pope himself.

While Archbishop Hon has obviously been chosen for that job, by Filoni for being the Secretary of that Congregation.

Whatever decision the Apostolic Administrator or his delegate take as such, cannot be challenged by anybody but the Pope himself. Like a Bishop, the Apostolic Administrator is responsible for ALL the issues of the Diocese.

Since, Lurch did not know what to do about that preannounced visit, what did he do (most likely not of his own volition) ?

He called the Big Gun, he went right to Papa, Cdl Filoni.  Of course, here we only have Msgr David' s word on this, but Papa Filoni, Kiko's best friend inside the Vatican, came to the rescue and gave him the following instruction. Quote:

"Cardinal Filoni's instruction is that no such "visit" can be made to the Seminary and that nobody can demand inspection of any documents without the expressed and written permission granted by the proper ecclesiastical authority"

Whoa!!! Whoa!!!Whoa!!! that is a pearl of amazing dimension if I ever saw one!!!

Here we have in black and white, in an official letter from the Acting Rector of RMS to the Delegate of the Apostolic Administrator, on RMS official paper, and signed by the author, a direct challenge to the dotted authority granted by the Pope to the Apostolic Administrator.

This appears to be, to top it all, a rebuke by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, of his own Secretary.

Yet, at the same time, while Fr Jeff, should have demanded an official letter from the Cardinal himself, to confirm Msgr David's rebuke of the Apostolic Vicar's authority, he unfortunately did not have that presence of mind.

This is a very grave issue, for two reasons:
  • The direct authority of any seminary in a Diocese is definitely the Bishop of said Diocese.
  • The Roman Congregation which is charged of all issues pertaining to seminaries, is the Congregation for the Clergy, and not the Congregation for the Evangelization of peoples.
As our Bishop is suspended of all administrative duties and pastoral responsibilities, the Apostolic Administrator is directly responsible for the seminaries on Guam. Or in his absence, his delegate.

Cardinal Filoni is grossly over stepping his authority in this matter, because the Congregation of Clergy has been entrusted of this responsibility since January 16, 2013, as clearly defined in Pope Benedict  Motu Proprio "Ministrorum Institutio".

Based on this flawed chain of command, and dubious argumentation, Msgr David, gave the middle finger to Fr Jeff, and by extension to the Apostolic Administrator and the faithful  of Guam, but it is also a direct challenge to the Pope's own authority.

Here we have a perfect example of the double talk of anything relating to the NCW.

While all the neo mouthpieces always claim that they come and act in the name of the Pope. While they clamor from all roofs and terraces that Obedience is the main duty of all Priests and Presbyters. While they want us to buy their bill of sale, it is immensely clear to anybody with one ounce of common sense that it is a case of "do as I say, but not as I do"

For the Neo, there is only one true goal, hidden behind all these empty declarations and pagentry,
they must obey their leader. It is not questionable. This is why they have chosen to follow this man.

Rather than the Pope. They will say, and do anything to coverup, to divert, to diffuse, any and all things that will come in the way of this false prophet's goal. We the faithful on Guam have awaken to this danger. It is time Rome also wakes up to this present and eminent threat to the True Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Beast is in our midst. Lurch the faithful servant has shown us what that double talk leads to. Here we have another glaring example of such double talk.

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