Friday, September 23, 2016


Posted by Tim

At first, I was one of those who was urging others to "give Hon a chance."

In fact, when a listener called into the Patti Arroyo show on June 10, the day after Hon's first address to the Catholics of Guam at St. Anthony's, and expressed disappointment that Hon had said "nothing about the victims," I immediately called in and angrily protested that we needed to give him a chance. 

However, within a few days, I was to see the error of my thinking and immediately realized that Hon had been sent here by Filoni to do one thing: save RMS, and save Apuron if he could. 

And who is Filoni? 

As Frenchie explains in his post A STUDY IN DOUBLE TALK, AND MISLEADING PEOPLE, Cardinal Fernando Filoni is "Kiko's best friend in the Vatican.

As the initial weeks went by, with no mention of the "victims" and not even a call to pray for them (versus Hon's continual calls to pray for Apuron), it became increasingly clear that Hon was sent here by Filoni with orders NOT to touch the subject of "the victims." 

Evidence for this recently appeared in a scathing comment posted by Doris Concepcion. At the memorial Mass for her son Joseph (Sonny) Quinata, Doris quotes Fr. Jeff San Nicolas as saying during the homily: My SUPERIORS GAVE ME PERMISSION TO ATTEND SONNY'S SERVICE AND SAY A FEW WORDS.

Wait a minute. Fr. Jeff is a Catholic priest. He's celebrating a memorial Mass for the soul of the deceased, and he has to be given PERMISSION by his SUPERIORS to SAY A FEW WORDS! Since when does a Catholic priest need PERMISSION to say a few words of comfort at a Mass for the Dead? In fact, have you ever been to any Mass where the priest has said "MY SUPERIORS GAVE ME PERMISSION TO BE AT THIS MASS AND SAY A FEW WORDS"???? Huh?

Well of course, NEVER!

So what was different about this Mass? Well, it was for the soul of someone who had accused Apuron of molesting him just hours before he died. He was one of the "alleged victims." And Hon had STRICT orders from Filoni NOT to touch this issue. Thus, since Hon is Fr. Jeff's superior, Fr. Jeff had to procure permission from Hon. 

But Fr. Jeff used the plural "SUPERIORS." A diocesan priest has only ONE "superior," his bishop. So why does he use the plural? No doubt, if Hon had been ordered by Filoni NOT to touch the subject of "the victims," Before Fr. Jeff could attend the Mass for Sonny, Hon himself had to seek permission from HIS superior, who is Filoni, and Fr. Jeff knew this. Thus, Fr. Jeff said "SUPERIORS."

Of course, now with the release of David the Rector's letter to Fr. Jeff stating that the Laity Forward Movement could NOT enter the seminary by order of Cardinal Filoni, we now know for sure that Hon was NOT sent here by Pope Francis, but by Filoni, with Francis probably only giving his blessing to the appointment. But like all good Neo's, Hon tells us "the pope sent me."
As I've been saying for three years now, RMS is NOT "a seminary for Guam," but a seminary exclusively for the Neocatechumenal Way. And the ownership of the property aside, Filoni's letter to David the Rector proves this. 

The Ad Hoc committee report for the seminary also proves the same, stating that the priestly formation at RMS is demonstrably NOT diocesan and with no benefit to the Archdiocese of Agana.
Exacerbating the issue is the fact that the RMS is widely viewed as, and evidence points to the fact that it is, strictly a neocatechumenal seminary that does not have a clear benefit for the Archdiocese of Agana. (Pg. 15)
No wonder, David the Rector ordered Fr. Jeff NOT to publish the report. In fact, we learned from Patti Arroyo's interview with Fr. Mike Crisostomo on September 21 that the then-rector, Pius the Stinking Monk, did not allow the ad hoc committee itself to visit the seminary until Hon issued a decree demanding that it be permitted to do so. 

Now back to Filoni and what Frenchie revealed in his post. 

Filoni is the Prefect for the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. Hon is the Secretary for the same Congregation and thus Filoni's immediate subordinate. This is why Hon was sent to Guam and no one else. 

I and others pointed out early-on that it was strange for the Secretary of a major Vatican Congregation to be appointed to a "fix-it" job to some small outpost in the Pacific. And it was stranger still to send a bureaucrat bishop with absolutely NO pastoral experience to tend to a serious pastoral problem. 

It's strange of course until you realize that Hon was not sent here to fix anything, but, as we have said all along, to calm the natives, get those embarrassing protesters off the street, and save RMS if not Apuron too. This is why on Sunday, June 12, Hon so confidently told those who attended 9:30AM Mass at the Cathedral (after ignoring Walter) that the protesters would "be gone in two weeks." 

Hon was sent here simply because - as Filoni's subordinate - he could be controlled. And every bitter step we have made towards improvement has been completely due to the public embarrassment (or the threat of it) to the Filoni-Hon regime. So for those who are so-called "happy with the progress," stay off the streets and stand in the corner and watch the real adults do the work. 

Competence over Seminaries

Per Frenchie's research, Pope Benedict's Motu Proprio MINISTRORUM INSTITUTIO issued on January 16, 2013, gave competence over Catholic seminaries to the Congregation for the Clergy "except those dependent upon the Congregations for Oriental Churches or for the Evangelization of Peoples." Since the Archdiocese of Agana is "dependent upon the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, "competence" for RMS falls to this Congregation and thus Filoni.

However, what does "competence" mean? It means that the Congregation has oversight over the the content of academic and priestly formation. It does not mean that it has competence over the actual administration of the institution. That belongs "without prejudice"* to the diocesan bishop in whose diocese the seminary exists. This is why Bishop Aquila of Fargo, North Dakota had the authority to close his diocese's seminary in 2011, and NOT the Vatican Congregation. 

*Ҥ 1. Without prejudice to the rights of bishops and their conferences, the Congregation examines matters concerning priests and deacons of the secular clergy with regard to their persons and their pastoral ministry, as well as the resources they require for the exercise of this ministry, and in all these matters the Congregation offers appropriate assistance to bishops.

So while Filoni's Congregation has competence over the formative content of RMS, it does NOT have administrative control of RMS. That, per Benedict's MINISTRORUM INSTITUTIO, belongs "without prejudice to the rights" of the diocesan bishop. So the real question is WHO IS THE DIOCESAN BISHOP?

According to Pope Francis, Archbishop Hon has assumed all authority of the office of the Archbishop of Agana as of June of this year. However, Hon is still the curial subordinate of Filoni in Rome. So Hon serves two masters: the pope and Filoni. And Filoni serves Kiko. 

Make no mistake. It was set up this way from the beginning. The Kiko's are great planners. They planned for this day. This is why they sent Hon here in January of 2015 and June of 2016. And that is why they took title to the property in 2011. But what they didn't plan for...IS US - the "sensus fidei," the "competence" of the laity!

Final note. 

I was asked to address a Rotary meeting today. I explained to them how I got involved in this and how I intended to get out of it. I shared that at that moment we were within 24 hours of all this ending

With the signing of Bill 326 into law, the legal system would take over and all would be exposed, including the corruption all the way up to Filoni, since the sex abuse cases are linked directly to the alienation of the property in 2011 and the culture of deception at RMS. 

The final chords of Apuron's Gotterdammerung would be played out in the courts and Kiko's world would come tumbling down. This is why Hon sprang into action at the ELEVENTH HOUR to demand that the governor VETO the bill. 

Make NO MISTAKE! All this was at Filoni's order. Pray hard that the governor does not also fall to Filoni and his Kiko's. 


  1. Sending prayers your way, seeking guidance and wisdom for the Governor and his Legal Counsel, the esteemed Sandra Cruz Miller.

  2. Tim, When I was making arrangements for Sonny's burial at the VA, I inquired about having a Mass for him too ....I was told that they would if they could BUT,Bishop Apuron had taken that Privilege away from them...Mass was No longer allowed...WTH?? I knew right then and there that I have to take extra steps and do whatever I can to help get our Church back...What Apuron did was terrible wrong..

  3. Oh Tim... Still haven't figured it out have you? The NCW is greater than you know. Hope connect more dots.

    1. Oh, Anonymous...still haven't figured it out have you? Sensus fidei trumps the ncw. A group of "mature" ladies maneuvered a visit to the "seminary" so that the Filoni-Hon-Quitugua connection was smoked out.

    2. Really, we know NCW is Satan's work! God will use the humble and meek to bring down the high & mighty.

  4. Oh Tim... Still haven't figured it out have you? The NCW is greater than you know. Hope connect more dots.

  5. I don't know if anyone knows about this but when we were making funeral arrangements for Sonny at the VA office,I inquired about having a Mass for him too...We were told that they would if they could BUT,Apuron took that privilege away from them especially from the Veterans..Is anyone aware of this?? if so,how long has this been going on... Apuron does NOT want or allow Mass to be said at the VA chapel anymore....WTH??..

  6. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)September 23, 2016 at 4:24 AM

    Thank you, Tim, for connecting so well the Filoni–Hon–Apuron dots. As to those of us on whom that trio didn’t plan on ---- the "sensus fidei," the "competence" and faith of the laity! ---- we continue with the fight to get back the local Church !!! Onward and upward !!!

  7. governor calvo must do the right thing: sign bill 326 into law. praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the protection of Santa Marian Kamalin.

  8. It seems rather felonious for Cdl Filoni to be in charge of Evangelization and partial to 1 percent of Catholics as a Neo sympathizer; a wolf protecting the sheep.St. Michael protect us.

  9. Anonymous September 23, 2016 at 3:00 AM - No One is GREATER THAN MY GOD even if the ncw (small letters) think they are! Yes - The Dots Will Be Connected in His Time! Would really appreciate it if you can write sentences that make sense! BiBa True Katolikus!

    1. @5:50am
      Don't forget you pills you need to take daily head it prevents being butt hurt.

    2. Anonymous at 7:09 AM - I do not "forget you pills you need to take daily head it prevents being butt hurt"! Oh My Goodness - Who taught you the English Language? Your teacher should be sued for being paid and not doing her/his job! HA! HA! and HA!

  10. - I am PRAYING VERY HARD from the USofA that Our Governor Does Not Fall to filoni's tactics! Wake Up Guam! We Need to Protect Our Children and Those Adults That Have Been Victims! BiBa True Katolikus and My God - Please Hear and Protect Your Faithful on Guam!

  11. Tim, When Greg Perez and I presented 18 sharply worded considerations to Hon on July 1, the only thing that got a rise out of him was our use "victims." He wanted to quibble. "How did we know they were "victims," he said. This of course was BEFORE Hon was served papers in Roy, et al. Iibel suit.

    1. This post is mine. It was greg and I who presented to "Hon the quibler." I don't know how I published as Anonymous. My bad

    2. No problem Bob, the Jungle is getting HOT lately, keep a fan by your side. LOL


  13. When the children were being brought to Jesus, his disciples rebuked those who brought them. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
    Governor Calvo, many children have been harmed by clerics who are supposed to be Christ's disciples. Do the right thing and sign the bill!

  14. Governor Calvo, you have nephews who were altar servers. What are you going to do if you find out that they've been molested by Apuron or other priests? Sign Bill 326 into law.

  15. Filoni is just a man wearing a red hat. He's just a man. Maybe he's even a man's man.

  16. Please sign the bill into law Mr. Governor. My children are altar servers and I pray that none of them will ever be molested by any clergy member.

  17. Governor Calvo for the sake of my children, grandchildren and all the children of Guam please sign Bill 326 into law.

  18. The Governor has the "ball" in his court. By signing the Bill he will allow justice for the ALL victims of child sexual abuse and allow our church to heal and renew! Biba Katoliku!

  19. i find it significant that today, friday, sept 23rd, is the memorial of padre pio--saint pio of pietrelcina. capuchin friar and exemplary priest of Jesus Christ. would that guam's clergy follow his example.

    padre pio, pray for us!