Wednesday, September 28, 2016


On December 20, 2014, John Toves called Archbishop Anthony Apuron. He posted a copy of his conversation of his comment to this blog on the same day. In light of the revelation by Ramon De Plata, let's repost it:

(Toves) "Archbishop Apuron?"

(AAA) "Yes"

(Toves) "This is John Toves from California."

(AAA) (Silence)

(Toves) "How are you?"

(AAA) (mumbled) "Fine."

(Toves) "You said fine?"

(AAA) "Fine."

(Toves) "You have not been listening to the media, or the people?"

(AAA) "I have been staying low."

(Toves) "Why is that?"

(AAA) (Silence)

(Toves) "Archbishop, I will persist in trying to meet with you. I am thoroughly disappointed that you had been unable to meet with me each time."

(AAA) "I am following the advice of my attorney." "I cannot talk to you." "I have to go." (starting to hang up)

(Toves) "I know about Chalan Pago."

(AAA) (breathing heavier)

(Toves) "I know about you and Father Tony Cruz, and the altar boys." "I have met with persons directly involved."

(AAA) (still heavier breathing) (hangs up) (beep, beep, beep, beep)

A few days later, wanting to wish Apuron a "Merry Christmas" on Christmas Eve, Toves sent Apuron this:

NOTE TO HON: GET BUSY. Nothing was ever done about this. In fact, your then-SARC called Toves a LIAR. Hmmmm. Another defamation suit? Think about it, John. 

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