Wednesday, September 14, 2016


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

This post isn't nice, nor is it intended to be. It's a statement of our situation without the pious statements we all use sometimes to insulate us from accusations of being "anti-Catholic" that the Diana's people love to say. So take your time reading it please. I stand by every word.

So here's the spoiler alert: THE KEY to understanding all of this mess of NCW protection comes down to one simple thing: the betrayal of the Lord, which is to say, contempt for the Sacrifice that is central to the Incarnation.  And it's the bishops who lead the charge in that betrayal as only they can.

For most bishops, I'd say their betrayal began long before they were ever raised to the episcopacy; for some, though, I guess they just needed the right offer. Either way, this "Judas Kiss" is so commonplace now among all levels of clergy that it now looks like clip art, or something out of a coloring book where the only variety to the cartoonishness of it is what color to make Judas's hair.

It's an ungodly prideful stupidity on the part of the bishops and priests in Europe and America--in places that seem to have de facto broken faith with Rome--that makes their work of deconstructing the Incarnation into a satanic cuteness that's embraced as sentimentality. Just by eliminating the Sacrifice, then there's not a need for a priest. And that's really just the end-game here, whether Diana knows it or not. That's the vision of the NCW.

No matter how many times they disagree, there's simply no way around it. That's the end-game. For the NCW, there can be no other way.  READ THIS POST. 

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