Friday, September 2, 2016


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

Night 3 of the Initial Catechesis? No, they'd be wearing blindfolds.

Years ago at a party in Agat, I met a man who had absolutely no regard for Protestants. I mean NONE.  I was a little surprised at such contempt for the faith of "separated brethren," and it certainly seemed grossly uncharitable, so I asked him how he could be so dismissive of an entire group of  Christians. I will never ever forget what he told me:

"It's like St Peter Julian Eymard says: 'There's no one in the world quite so proud as a Protestant.'" 

Then he walked away, and that was the end of the conversation.

Once I had time to think about it (and read St Peter Julian, which was a little tough to find), I had to admit that maybe he had a point. Pride that one's faith is so great that you don't need the Tradition, any teaching authority besides your own non-Papal guru, nor Church discipline, or nor any foundation in history, is rather like bragging by saying, "I'm more humble than you are!" 

How much more then is true of self-proclaimed Catholics who deny these same things!  Or does this sound a little familiar?. READ MORE.

[Like the three prior posts, this analysis of NCW pride as THE FRUIT of its theology requires a bit of reading and thought. Like the others, it's broken up into sections for ease in readings, so don't be afraid to read a section and come back. The point is for all of us to see what's spiritually at stake and to help us keep focus on why we must hold fast to what we are doing here in terms of Apuron and the RMS, if not the future of the Church on Guam.]

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