Monday, September 19, 2016


Posted by Webster.

Money/Assets/Wealth has hijacked the Catholic Church, her priests, schools, and ministries.

Holiness and Justice are irrelevant.

Children//Child Sex Abuse Victims are expendable.

By recklessly, irresponsibly, and perversely advocating the doom and gloom message of bankruptcy to scare the Catholic faithful into asking the governor to veto the bill, Archbishop Hon and Fr. Jeff have shown the Church to be morally bankrupt.

They lack the Faith, Trust, and Hope in God to guide them to do the right thing during these dark times, a darkness that has been self-inflicted.

Our Church leaders and priests have no one to blame but themselves for forcing the laity, devoted and faithful Catholics, to advocate the lifting of the Statute of Limitations against Child Sex Abuse. They have had almost 50 years to clean up their own act, and despite the clamor and cries of the laity and victims, they chose to arrogantly ignore them, until our courageous Senators passed Bill 326-33.

So, in an insidious and treacherous attempt to prevent the bill from becoming into law, they have filed for Bankruptcy in the Court of God.

The Church in Guam has SOLD her SOUL to save her earthly MONEY/ASSETS/WEALTH.

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