Sunday, September 11, 2016


Posted by Tim

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Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai, SDB
Apostolic Administrator
Archdiocese of Agana

Re: Attempted visit to the RMS Seminary per our email of September 1

Dear Archbishop Hon:

The acting rector of the seminary, Msgr. David C. Quitugua, did not permit our visit to the seminary which we had arranged per the referenced email and the good offices of the Delegate of the Administrator, Father Jeff San Nicolas. Rather than allow the visit Msgr. Quitugua posted the attached sign on the locked gate of the driveway to the seminary. As you will see when you review the notice Msgr. David, the acting rector, states the he is the “competent authority” for access to the seminary. The line after the paragraph in which Msgr. Quitugua establishes himself as the “competent authority” reads as follows:
Archbishop Savio Hon.

The placement, font, etc. suggests that the entire communication on the NOTICE is from you, not Msgr. Quitugua.  Given the communication among you, Fr. Jeff, and us this strikes us as at least very strange!  Our email indicated that we wanted to visit the seminary today at 11 AM. We asked that someone guide us to the following areas:

  1. Library
  2. Classrooms
  3. Chapel

We also asked to review several documents.

Although you didn’t answer our email Fr. Jeff and I had several telephone conversations concerning our visit. On Tuesday, September 6, I received a call from Fr. Jeff letting me know that he received the letter. Father asked me why we want to visit the seminary and entertained my answer with seeming approval. Father Jeff said that he would have someone prepare the document for our review then asked if half an hour is OK for us.  I said half an hour would be OK and perhaps if we needed more time we could schedule another visit. Father then said he would call me the next day, which was Wednesday but that he probably would be very busy since it was Fr. Patrick Garcia’s funeral. Father was, as expected, busy.
Fr. Jeff finally called at 9 AM this morning letting me know that he was at the seminary and Monsignor David Quitugua is the acting rector. Fr. Jeff then said he would have Msgr. Quitugua call me.
At 9:20 this morning Msgr. Quitugua called me and told me that I had to write a letter to him! The letter had say what our purpose was, when we wanted to visit and the number of visitors, in other words all the information in the email to you, supplemented by my conversation with Fr. Jeff. I of course told Msgr. Quitugua that that information had already been communicated through you and Fr. Jeff, that it was too late to change our plans and that we’d arrive at eleven.
Archbishop, we began planning our visit with the email to you a week ago. Since our planning involved nine ladies it was a little late to change the plans we had made. We arrived at the seminary at 11 AM as planned.  We were greeted by a locked gate and the attached notice.
Archbishop Hon, the actions of Msgr. Quitugua seem to contradict the authority of you and your Delegate, Father Jeff San Nicolas.  Msgr. Quitugua’s actions also indicate that the seminary belongs not to the Archdiocese of Agaña, but to Msgr. Quitugua’s superiors, whoever they may be. Msgr. Quitugua’s posture in this matter suggests that he, not you, is in control.
Your recent extension of the Archdiocesan  Annual Appeal asks us to contribute thousands of dollars to this seminary. Our experience since September 2 causes us to wonder why any Catholic would want to support the seminary so long as Msgr. Quitugua is the acting rector.
We had attempted to visit the seminary in April. That time Fr. Pius called the cops on us. We thought that with the departure of Fr. Pius things would be different. We now wonder what it is about the seminary that they don’t want us to see.
It is our position that we have every right to visit our seminary and thought that you and Fr. Jeff agreed.
Lou Klitzkie
cc: Andrew Camacho, VP CCOG; Media


  1. And to think over the years I ignorantly contributed thousands of dollars to "our" seminary, thinking I was giving to God.

  2. The perpetrators of this big scam must be squirming as the facts bear witness. Given their twisted denials, it is clear the Neos aren't going to back down easily. The legal avenue appears to be the only recourse that will ever resolve this issue. It will take great effort and financial support but no doubt many of us will join in the fight for truth and justice any way that we can.

  3. The "lurching" rector has spoken.
    Protocol must not be broken.
    You'll ask with submission
    His generous permission
    Or his wrath will be awoken.

    1. Lurch is mentally ill. Only reason for this behavior.

  4. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)September 12, 2016 at 12:28 AM

    There seems to be a loosey-goosey practice of putting archbishops’ names on official archdiocesan letters, statements, and notices. There were the Apuron statements and letters of recent months released to the public on his letterhead. At present there is this notice seminary notice “issued” by Fr. Hon yet contradicts the written and telephone communications with his office made between Fr. Jeff and FLM regarding a scheduled visit to the seminary. These thoughts that come to my mind: (1) the communications are prepared and issued by NCW ghost writers taking liberty of signing off with the archbishops’ names; (2) with or without review and approval by the archbishops; (3) since this is happening, it shows that the archbishops are not doing a good job taking command of the function of their office, including getting a handle on the communications that come in and out of their office; (4) if those communications are in fact issued by the archbishops, both Frs. Apuron and Hon are under the control of the NCW --- including the NCW ghost writing and issuing communications on their behalf. You can’t even trust any communications that are purportedly issued from the Archdiocesan office and/or by either of the Archbishops. Those who read or listen to those communications are automatically left to doubt if the statement is ghost-issued by the NCW or if it is a legitimate archdiocesan statement. We all know that an organization can’t be effectively run absent effective, clear (not double-speak), and trustworthy communication. The archdiocese lacks this component as an organization. Hence, the local Church being in the messed up condition that it is. Thank God for CCOG, FLM, JungleWatch and individual members of the Faithful who are doing what they can to bring the Church back to good health. Another opportunity for me to say, the only way to restore the local Church to good health is to get rid of Fr. Apuron (and now I’m adding Fr. Hon) and the NCW. What a mess! And the seminaries have to go, too!

    1. This is typical NEOCAT response, "The Pope Said", "Hon Said", "Rome Said", "The Holy See Said", although they are unable to provide official documentation, of Who Said Anything. As with anything NEO, be weary, they are pulling the wool over your eyes. They operate in the realm of shadows, smoke and mirrors..

  5. Hon this is absurd and DQ the Rectum must be disciplined & write a letter of apology to Lou & the LFM for this embarrassing and cowardly act. We await your "next move".