Tuesday, September 20, 2016


On Monday, September 19, I sent this letter to every senator in the Guam Legislature, thanking them for their courageous and unanimous vote in support of Bill 326-33 and apologizing for Fr. Jeff's "script" to the clergy which clearly stated that he believed that the senators did not know what they were doing when they voted for the bill. The following senators have directly responded thus far.

Frank Blas Jr
Sep 19 (1 day ago)

Thanks Tim!
Rest assure that as the author and main sponsor of the legislation, I knew exactly what I was introducing. Bill 326-33 gives the victims of child sexual abuse a real opportunity for closure and to seek justice for what they had to endure.
All the best,

Sep 19 (1 day ago)


Thank you for fighting this cause for the victims and for stopping child sexual abuse. We must protect our children from ever being victimised.

Thanks for all you do.


Rory J. Respicio
Sep 19 (1 day ago)


I knew exactly what I was voting for when I voted for Bill 326-33, and proudly accepted the invitation to
co-sponsor this bill. Sen. Blas invited me to co-sponsor this bill because of my unwavering support for it from the moment it was introduced.

Throughout the legislative
session while this bill was being debated, I reflected on the major change of events, meaning those who were against Sen. BJ's bill at that time were the same ones who are now adamantly for it. I guess I should be counted among those people in this category because I voted no for Sen. BJ's bill and made my reasons public at that time.

So I'm writing this email pledging my commitment to vote for the override, if in the event this bill is vetoed by the Governor. Tim, I know I'm your least favorite legislator, and I respect your views. I don't take your criticisms of me personally. I'm not perfect, and always willing to hear opposing views. And,
my only hope and prayer is that we can have a civil discourse in all matters facing our island community.

Thank you,

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