Friday, September 16, 2016


Posted by Webster.

This bill must become law.

This law is required to reclaim and restore our Church. It is a hammer, and this hammer needs to be applied. It is the only tool that we have to clean and restore our Church.

Yes, it will hurt, and perhaps even badly, but the pain is essential for holiness to be restored and for justice to be served. It is the only way, because as we have seen time and time again, the clergy, and especially the leaders, are inherently incapable of cleaning their own house, our Church. This inherent defect not only applies to Guam, but we have seen this in every diocese in the States, small and large.

Even after Archbishop Hon arrived, and from the Holy See at that, he blatantly ignored the most insidious, malevolent, immoral, deplorable, and scandalous issue that has ever confronted our Church in Guam: the sex abuse of minors by clergy, going back 40 plus years.

It is a spiritual crises of monstrous proportions.

What does Archbishop Hon do instead in his first public appearance? He asks for prayers for the most repugnant of all sex perpetrators: Apuron.

Did he ask for prayers for Walter, Roy, Sonny, Sonny's mother Doris, and others? No.

We take that hammer away and it will be business as usual.

Our senators have done their part. Now, the Governor must do his by signing the bill into law.

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