Friday, September 16, 2016


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)
"Jesus Wept." That the most expressive image of the Lord I've ever seen.

After writing my last bit on how the ambiguity of Vatican II makes for most of the chaos in the Church today, I got to thinking.

I still hear some screeching here and there about unity, communion with one another, and “that they all may be one” (John 17:21). It’s to the point that people begin invoking that quotation from our Lord since anything that breaks the unity of the Church—even the local Church—is anti-Christian, then so is our demand for order and justice and sound doctrine that upsets the unity (or their desire not to deal with the problem). Hon has at a minimum implied this. His actions have done far worse.

There isn’t unity on Guam and hasn’t been in a LONG time, and the anti-Christian breaking of the unity wasn’t done by us; it was done by the archbishop, who is the symbol of the unity of Church on Guam. All the rest of this is just going along to get along, and that’s not peace or unity or communion at all.

JungleWatch Nation knows all this, and that’s part of what’s been going on here. The variety of posts here come from a variety of styles and views and skill sets—all with the purpose of bring an authentic unity back to the Church on Guam. The political and legal analysis, the exposing of all the sordid backroom stuff, the surviving of ten years in the NCW way, the analysis of Kiko’s thought, and the theological and spiritual explorations of what’s at stake-- all of these drive home the point that (in the words of Frenchie) we have a long way to go still.

For me, this blog has been an enormous source of encouragement not only TO fight better, but more often, more offensively (rather than defensively), and with a greater variety of strategies in other areas of the Faith. Best of all, I find myself having a clarity in this fight that reminds me that fortitude is our most neglected virtue. And I have the other writers and the readers here to thank for that. We hope you, the reader, feel the same way.

“That they all may be one” is absolutely what should be; the Lord said so. But that unity flows from the doctrinal order and just governance in the Church. Until those two are restored, there cannot be unity—not because we refuse, but because it’s like trying to ride a bike without wheels.

And until Hon and Rome figure out that bit of 2nd grade math and do their duty to teach authentic doctrine and to govern justly, then it’s on them. The burden is squarely on them (see Lumen Gentium 21 if anyone like Hon tries to blame JW, CCOG, LFM and others for their failure to teach and lead). As they love to remind us, it's the bishop's job. 

Fine, Archbishop. So get your head out of your ass and do it. 

Only a poor wreckage of a woman would let a man batter her and still go on believing that he loves her. Hon, you had better not expect us to melt at that weak smile when we know full well about the lies and the slaps that you and your NCW masters have planned.

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