Sunday, September 25, 2016


We now have verification of what we have suspected from the beginning: a full and complete Neocatechumenal takeover of the Archdiocese of Agana. 

We also have verification of our suspicions that Hon was never here to bring reconciliation and unity but to continue that Neocatechumenal takeover after things went askew with Apuron.

All of this is clearly laid out in David the Rector's September 7 letter to Fr. Jeff San Nicolas wherein Fr. Jeff, the "competent ecclesial authority" for the Archdiocese of Agana in Hon's absence, is told by David the Rector, that Cardinal Filoni, Prefect for the Congregation for the Evangelization of People and "Kiko's best friend in the Vatican," that he (Jeff) has no jurisdiction over the so-called Archdiocesan seminary, otherwise known as RMS. 

David the Rector tells Fr. Jeff that "no such visit can be made to the Seminary." The "visit" was the visit pre-arranged by the Laity Forward Movement and cleared by Fr. Jeff, who permitted the visit because he was of the belief that the seminary belonged to the Archdiocese of Agana and that he had, in Hon's absence, the authority to authorize the visit. 

Well surprise, surprise, surprise. Not only does the property NOT belong to the Archdiocese of Agana, neither does the seminary. Of course, though Fr. Jeff may have been surprised, WE certainly are NOT. 

But while it was quite easy to prove that the Archdiocese no longer owned the property - thanks to documents affecting land titles being public information - it was not easy to prove that the Neo's also completely controlled the seminary itself. 

But thanks to the LFM, we now have that letter showing that it is not the Archbishop of Agana who calls the shots at RMS, but Filoni, "Kiko's best friend in the Vatican." 

Now that we have the letter, I must say, I can't believe our luck. While the LFM ladies probably genuinely wanted to visit RMS, I was privately hoping that they would be turned away so I could prove what I've been saying for three years: RMS IS NOT AN ARCHDIOCESAN SEMINARY. And sure enough they WERE turned away, and not only that, David the Rector was stupid enough to put the reason in writing: FILONI SAID SO. 

LOL. These guys and their letters. This is why JungleWatch has been able to do what it has done these three years. These idiots write letters documenting their thievery and lies. It's only a matter of time before we get our hands on them, and in this case, we hit gold.

You see, I always wondered why the Kiko's wanted Guam so badly. It couldn't have just been the property. And it couldn't be just a place to easily produce presbyters. They pretty much can get most of that in other places. And it couldn't be the money they could squeeze out of us. In the scheme of things, Guam is still very small. 

I suspected the real reason, but could not be sure until I saw that letter squeezed out of the Rector-Deceiver by that attempted visit of a few elderly ladies. What Kiko was (and still is) really after, is the complete neocatechumenization of a diocese in order to showcase his "Way" and sell it to the rest of the Catholic world. 

In order to do that they first needed a bishop who would do everything they said. And in Apuron they quickly found one. It helped that he was a moral misfit. That would come in handy for blackmail in case Apuron ever wanted to back out of the deal. It helped even more that Apuron was a narcissist of the most base kind. Even easier to control. 

The real seal on the deal though was a Vicar General and a Chancellor who, if not already stupid, were made stupid by their lust for power and importance, not to mention a life of finery and forgiveness promised by Kiko. What a triumvirate of trolls, just ripe for the picking, and perfect for the insertion of the Arch Troll, Pius the Putrid, The Stinking Monk. 

All went well for nearly twenty years. It took the first ten years or so to get that seminary cranking and then the Semen-ary (as Malafunshun called it) began spitting out its radioactive presbyters. All was on track except for one thing. Apuron was nearing the mandatory retirement age of 75, and the big worry was getting a neo succeed him. 

Problem: Fr. Paul and Msgr. James were in the way of the two neo candidates, David the Sick and Adrian the Lame. The order came down to remove them. We thought it was from Gennarini, but now we can see that it probably came from the real top: FILONI. And what's more, because Filoni is Hon's boss, we know exactly why Hon is here - as if there was ever any question. 

Thanks LFM. Now we know. FIGHT ON!

P.S. There is one more priest who is in the way. Apuron never got around to taking him out because of this blog and the action of the laity. Apparently Hon intends to finish the job. Let's get rid of Hon before he does it. 

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