Sunday, September 25, 2016


Posted by Bob

IS IT TIME FOR HON GO HOME? We came close to finding our this morning when a record 150 picketers showed up. We had our usual DEFROCK APURON, NO $$ FOR RMS and HON ?? signs. The 15 AB HON GO HOME signs went really quickly. Some folks brought homemade GO HOME signs. Had we had 150 HON GO HOME signs it would have been just about enough!

There were a lot of new faces including a delegation from Toto Parish--Toto folks are pretty protective of their Pastor and rightfully so.  Junglewatch Nation has always said that no bishop, whether Apuron or Hon, should ever ever be mean to one our priests. Tim laid out the latest instance of meanness in his post entitled THE WRATH OF HON which repeated a long Comment from Father Efren. In addition to relating the shameful way that Hon treated Father Mike, Fr. Efren had a general comment on the Hon administration that bears repeating:

"If Archbishop Hon continues to quibble and remains duplicitous, he hampers the process. He is better off admitting that he is the wrong person! He may retire to his office where he can push paper and kiss rings! Archbishop Hon is costing us money we do not have, and is railroading the slow progress towards resolution. He has done a lot of damage just this last weekend, splitting our Catholic people into loyalties and confusion by demanding the reading of his letter. He is blaming priests for something he should have resolved on Week One of his arrival."

                                                     The message?

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