Friday, September 23, 2016


Posted by Webster.


What a difference three words can make and do. As inspiring and moving as, I love you.

And what a difference one man can do when he picks up a cause and runs with it. Inspired by the righteousness of these three words, Joe Santos started the Silent No More movement. As he felt a duty early in his life to serve his country in the United States Army, he felt a duty later in his life to serve the cause of justice for child sex abuse victims.

He put a Silent No More sign on the back of his truck and took it everywhere he went, from morning to evening. He initiated a petition to have the Statute of Limitations lifted to protect our children. He collected signatures. He took his message everywhere and anywhere, even to places where he was not welcomed. People listened, and people responded. He amassed a following.

He drove his message all the way to the Legislature and then to the Governor, who signed the bill into law several hours ago. A knight in shining armor indeed.

We all became a part of Silent No More, willingly or unwillingly, by being reminded daily that our silence and our lack of inaction can easily lead to the destruction of others. We all watched in silence as certain members of our clergy abused our defenseless and innocent children.

We cannot afford anymore to be silent in the face of injustice and depravity. Our Church learned that lesson today.

Let us thank the Joe Santos of this world, and let us pray that our Church will take this lesson to heart.

Will our Church leaders take heed? That remains to be seen.

Archbishop Hon and Fr. Jeff: Are you listening?

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