Saturday, September 24, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain.

Today Guam Governor has given a step foward against of the "discourse of fear" fed by neocatechumenals during the last few days.  

The Neocatechumenal Way has never showed special compassion with any victim of any kind of abuses, since the moment its own ideology explains every abuse as an event of God -not caused by permitted- for the conversion of the victim, who is ordered to forgive her/his abuser and, at the end, the conversion of the abuser when he/she is forgiven.

Neocatechumenal Way does not allow its members to trust on "human" justice. They are not allowed to look for any help in court, because it would mean they are looking for justice out of God's will. So, neocatechumenals understand any evil against them is allowed by God for good. 

That is such an hypocrisy because in Guam the NCW is showing its truly cards for game. Kiko does always play with a hidden card in his sleeve. Kiko does not need to go to court, he just have to phone his dear friends in Vatican. Only a word from Balini is infinitely more powerful than from any secular authority.

If Kiko and neocatechumenals were honest, they would regognize they use their own ways to solve problems, which means they do look for help from upper powerful human sources, although strictly speaking they do not go to court. They do not have to. That is the question.

Of course, Kiko will never understand that he should drink the same medicine he applies for anybody in the Way. When his created NCW is "prosecuted", the NCW of course deserves Baloney and even more. 

When his scrawl paintings are criticized by experts, he threatens them with a complaint in court. When a cardinal stands against the Way, it is fair and necessary treating him like a fishwife in public at Vatican, as Carmen did with Cardinal Martini. 

The holy NCW deserves those procedures which are forbidden for the neocatechumenal plebe. If you, common neocatechumenal, are raped you can not phone the police, it would mean "you defende your self" against evil. But if Kiko is a few irritated in his ego, be sure he will behave as the perfect Torquemada inquisitor. 

Again his loved Funnel Law. Diana, Dr. Eusebio and Zoltan are Kiko's little swordsmen. They feel they have to save the worlwide neocatechumenal honor in Guam, the place Kiko has dreamed for a new promised land of an absolute neocatechumenalized church. 

Guam is showing the world many things in neocatechumenal terms. One of them, very important, is the inner and never publicly told power structure over Redemptoris Mater seminars. It is the first time we know they are under the last voice of the Congregation for the New Evangelization, by the date headed by a neocatechumenal friendly Cardinal. 

It means Redemptoris Mater seminarians and priest are not exactly as the rest of common priest, despite Kiko and his swordmen try to sell. Opus Dei is a prelature and has its own way to train priests, through Priestly Society of the Holy Cross. Legion of Christ also has specific seminaries to form their future priests. Opus Dei and Legion of Christ do prefer to form their own candidates in their own specific "charism". 

The Neocatechumenal Way does exactly the same, since does form neocatechumenal candidates for priesthood in neocatechumenal principles, but does insist in that neocatechumenal ordained priest are as diocesan as the rest of diocesan. 

Meanwhile, Redemptoris Mater seminaries are under the Congregation of New Evangelization with all consequences. Which are those consequences? We want to know those consequences in every and all fields. By the things we are seeing in Guam, my nose smells "financial" field is a weak point. 

Indeed financial theme is the lever pressed by neocatechumenal swordmen in Guam to fear the people about the Law signed today by Guam Governor. Of course they have drawn the hell on earth with all kind of bankruptcies and miseries possible. 

Suddenly all parishes are going to be closed, as well as all catholic schools and hospitals, all charity works will be stopped and every simple catholic, priests and lays, will have to live with a hand in front and one behind. 

If their discourse of fear does not work at allthey have a final weapon, the neocatechumenal cluster bomb: 
the Second Scrutiny.

My neocatechumenal nose sniffed it reading Dr. Eusebio and Diana's speeches along these last days.
As they should notice their advices for misery did not work enough, they had to turn the screw once more. They changed the loads. Now they started giving high preassure on a different point.

From an absolute lack of trust on justice for any abused, suddenly, neocatechumenals seemed to want justice for e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y. 
Really? Of course, no. It is something different. 

They are using their most primitive and basic predator instinct. They are throwing a sounding balloon like a warning message. 

Who has to receive that warning? 

I do not know. I only know the potential dangerous effects of sensible information in the inadequate hands. A catechist, a neocatechumenal member and the "Second Scrutiny".

Through it any neocatechumenal catechist makes you sing the Traviata if needed: you talk about all your whole life in every aspect and in every dimension, conscious and unconscious

It means you talk, consciously or not, about other related people's life: father, mother, brother, sister, wife, husband, son, daughter, family in law, friends, neighbors, playmates, coworkers...

It means the community and the catechist team not only know about your life but about life of many people related with you. If you were sexual abused by your grandfather, your community and your catechist will know your grandfather was an abuser, while maybe even your grandmother, his wife, does not know it! 

Then, they will even know she is blind about her husband. Maybe there will be a day in your life when your community and your catechists will met your grandparents, for example, at your wedding. Can you imagine such situation? 

I just know there are a lot of people who would like to leave the Neocatechumenal Way and they can not or they do not dare because the ammount of information that the community and the catechists do know about their lifes. Consider it. 

Meanwhile, notice how powerful Second Scrutinies are in comparison with Psychological Standard Test to know anybody...

Dear Anonymous at 7:43 pm,

The second scrutiny is probably the best psychology test because the brothers personally know you whereas a professional psychologist simply relies on subjective tests and instruments that measures only a small part of a person's character. The brothers, in the community, on the other hand, can see the strengths and weaknesses of the person as they relate to him in an actual field setting.

Dear Anonymous at 6:53 am,

Tests cannot see what you are hiding. All subjective tests are interpreted by the tester who do not know you. In the second scrutiny, everyone knows your character because they have interacted with you".

Diana, you should study a little about standarized tests. 
Any tool for diagnose is unvalid since the moment the situation or the subject to study is contaminated. It is impossible to value a person in a reliable way if he/she feels frightened.

During the called "Second Scrutiny" the most of people do feel fearful. 

Please, do not sell us that method as the best way to know anybody. It is not. Maybe is a very effective but very immoral. Experts on cults talk about "breaking the person" and neocatechumenal second scrutinies do break many people.

Guam is making a difference with Neocatechumenal Way. Many people around the world are looking at you. 

We already know Kiko is still showing off his power within the catholic Church by advertising the Way is going to open eight new Redemptoris Mater Semminaries this year.

He is misinterpreting Guam's voice, as he uses to do with everything because the world has to rule by his neocatechumenal ideology. 

The Lord told us "do not be afraid". 
Kiko, Guam is not afraid of you!

Chao, Baloney!


  1. Another great post by LaPaz!

    I am glad that you revealed the second scrutiny comparison in Pius' patsy's post ("Diana," of course). When I initially read it I did a double take. What a great display of the arrogance inherit in the NCW.

    Should we be thankful for the weakness in Apuron that it betrayed him in allowing the NCW to fester and attempt to take over our Church on Guam? The more they grew "confident" in their domination over the archdiocese, the more they exposed their extraordinarily insane methods of coercion and manipulation. It's through this arrogance that they could tout, through Pius's herald, the second scrutiny as a valid replacement for any credible and standard psychological testing. What hubris!

  2. Please be more precise:


    - is that Filoni, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples?

    - is that Vallini, Cardinal Vicar of the Diocese of Rome?

    - is that Ballin, Bishop and Vicar Apostolic of the Apostolic Vicariate of Northern Arabia ?

    (note: all of those three are great friends of Kiko).

    1. I think she meant to write "Baloney" rhymes with Filoni.

    2. Tim, you have read my mind! I will edit to correct the name.
      Anonymous, you were right. It was a lapsus linguae: Ballin+Filoni+maybe O'Malley (great friend of Kiko too). Finally, Balloney.

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  3. At my second scrutiny, I answered as I felt like but then I was definitely not a person the itinerants were interested in. The couples who used NFP were given a very hard time - again as had been at the First Scrutiny. Two individuals who literally said they didn't think God had changed them for the better (as one usually doesn't feel) were constructively excluded (I could say how) - I'm cutting the story short - no question of making their community continue to be supportive for them. The local secular press harassed my friends who were responsibles and bragged about it on the front page, the woman from the UCM and two others printed disparaging remarks about the actual members that the Bishop didn't rebuke (they presumably told him he wasn't allowed to) and some louts had disparaging remarks about the actual members printed in the Tablet. Meanwhile we were imprinted by what we saw in that room. Talk about pincer movement. Now they have nobbled both my metropolitan and my VG to undermine my current bishop. (I have never favoured the hurling of minutiae and hiding behind a bishop - creep and counter-creep - but these two times it has got blatant.) They have no conversation but to ask whether I shall attend their ceremonies. They are shells with no meaning to their words. Almost the last ceremony I was at was the ambrosia eating - mmm delicious!

  4. Excellent post. Thank you, LaPaz.

    Much work has already been done to clearly demonstrate serious problems of the NCW:

    Cult-like nature
    Heretical teachings
    Aberrant practices
    Divisive tendencies
    Suspicious finances

    These represent the "tip of the iceberg" of the NCW.

    The Catholics of Guam will continue to lead the effort to rectify the abuses in the church. Part of this effort is and will continue to be the exposing of the NCW and the harm it causes in the lives of the faithful. We pray for the poor souls caught in this web and feel helpless, as if there is no way to escape. Please know that we are here to welcome you back home to the Catholic Church.

  5. I still don't know where you gets your "facts" lol but it's entertaining

    1. Would you really like to know, or are you just saying so? If you really want to know, I'll be happy to share with you a copy of the "manifesto" of the errors of NCW which a few of us had sent to AB Hon. Still pending to hear from AB Hon, but we are not holding our breath! (That's over a month ago!) Anyway, if you really want to know - not just saying so - indicate through this JW, and we'll be happy to share with you where Andrew got his facts - yes, facts; not fiction! To us it's not "entertaining" - it actually is frightening! It's a pretty long document, though (15 pages), so I'll to send it to you via an email attachment. Submitting comments in JW is limited by space; plus the fact that almost everybody in JW knows these facts! So, an email to you personally is better! Deal? - (jrsa: 9/24/16, 8 am)

  6. The more we get testimonies the more the process cements the fact that NCW still clings to the fallacy that any personal misfortune is a punishment of God for what a person did, either personally or as a result of inclusion in a genealogical construct. NCW belief in determinism espouses rigid adherence to its cultic laws (hence, unstinting obedience to a responsible) and non-tolerance for deviation. A member gets berated or shamed in community for what he or she has done to infuriate the gods (kiko, gennarini, etc.) and is allowed no redress for grievance. So we see that the individual is subsumed to the goals of the entire group, and is deemed a casualty easily dispensable. LaPaz is correct: there is no compassion for the individual but only as a means to a bigger end. Unfortunately gullible members are sucked into a lifetime subservience and mind control. NCW is like a drug that one knows, albeit late, is not healthy for oneself but fear getting deprived of its narcotic and hypnotic hold. It takes much bigger community support, even withdrawal into a safe place to allow rehab/ healing to take place. The island community perhaps need to establish a "safe haven" in order to shield recovering members from constant barrage of guilt assaults from "responsibles." Why the Vatican hierarchy allowed it to flourish is a no-brainer: politics and promise of wealth and position. Ambitious clerics have forgotten their fundamental charge and lured by a miter and crosier, or a place in the bureaucratic zoo.

  7. Right at this moment our Parish in Miami, Florida it’s being invaded by the Kikos and the divisions that even their shadow create are already visible in our church!
    Articles like this one give me hope that the people are going to wake up to the reality that they are being brainwashed and imprisoned in psychological prisons with no scape because all the demons of your past life of sins are guarding the doors!
    They are being blackmailed by their own demons of the past!
    Please, if any of you have any additional information or articles that can help us remove this cancer from our parish please send it to
    Thank-you and God Bless