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Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain.

One of most suprising things among those who had left the Neocatechumenal Way is their "well furnished head". I could never say only non intelligent people join the Way but I am sure the most talented people can not stay there forever. 

It contrasts with the consideration of their catechists and leaders, who -of course- value them as "bouncers" and simple failed people. Nothing new under the Sun. One of the characteristical sympthoms of a cultic organization is that: if you leave us is because you are a loser. 

Today I bring here the fine analysis of an italian former member of the Way who uses to write in Neocatecumenali (Osservatorio sul Cammino Neocatecumenale secondo verità) as "l'apostata", the apostate. 

I hope you will enjoy his accurate words...He is a brilliant "bouncer". This was just a commentary related to some post there but I liked very much and asked him to publish it here.

About Kikerygma, Redemptoris Mater and teams who discern their vocations to priesthood through their Kikarism as Kikatechists.

Just to summarize.

Invested. Tri-Dr. (Honoris Causa) Mr. Argüello with·his Kerygma arouses a crowd of vocations.

Who is that invested Tri-Dr. (H.C.) Mr. Argüello?

That one who says he has visions at bar, who calls himself "the new John in your midst", who purports to speak by divine inspiration, who has the holy spirit (with small s) under his command, who exorcises entire cities and hunting demons.

So what race of vocations such a type can arouse, even though his tree Doctorates (H.C.)?

Based on what Redemptoris Mater have been established?


Cardinal Poletti granted Tri-Dr. (H.C.) Mr. Arguello the inseminator to found in Rome, and under his total control, the first Redemptoris Mater Semminary.

By that time the so-called Way had not a shred of recognition, the mamotretos were, and are, top secret, celebration of the Liturgy was, and still is, distraught.

In other words, any layman has been ever granted for the formation of his own clergy.

On their formers, let's draw a veil.

What kind of human, theological, spiritual, moral formation could they ever offer?

The teams of lay kikatechists who scrutinize the walkers and  the vocations of seminarians.

How does anybody become a kikatechist?

By cooptation, showing total obedience to his own upper kikatechist; never discussing his orders even if they are absurd; defending the so-called Way always and in any case even against the evidences.

What training or formation do they have?

None. Just memorizing the top secret mamotrets, jokes included.

Assisting twice as listeners for meetings of each "paso" (step) which they will later have to do with the community entrusted to them.

And that's that.

Since then the kikatechisti will dictate the law into the conscience of the walkers, they will be their "angels."

With all dire consequences.

Why ignorant and unprepared even humanly person take dominion over vocations and lives of seminarians and walkers?

Because Tri-Dr. (H.C.) Mr. Argüello, the creator, has prophesied to kikatechists they will have the "discernment" and "they will cast out demons."

None adult in the faith until now has explained to us how you acquire such super-neocat-power.

Is such "discernment" acquired all at once by co-option or it does increase by each step given by the kikatechists?

Is it infused in essence or does it grow through a path of knowledge?

And if the kikatechist is removed from his charge, does he lose the discernment automatically?

And about casting out demons, how is it reconciled with the Church's prohibition to the laity?

Exorcist Tri-Dr. (H.C.) Mr. Arguello does not care, indeed, you know, he can do everything.

But the kikatechists?

Or are they really demonhunters ,and then they do it against the Church, or Tri-Dr. (H.C.) Mr. Arguello storyteller has lied.

And if he lied, it is also false that kikatechists have discernment.

And if they are not discerning, how do they consider vocations and scrutinize the walkers?

Was it all a scam?

Why any adult in the faith, inspired and discerning, does not enlighten us?

Maybe you have a dumb devil inside, even.

Would a dumb devil be a demonhunter?

Then hunt your own dumb devils, through your inspired enlightened discernment.

Otherwise we must think bad ...

By l'apostata, 24 August 2016 21:04, 


  1. L'apostata for president!
    Big respect for you "l'apostata" and your free will.
    Many times humor and irony succeede where other instruments cannot also imagine to arrive.
    And you do it with fine intelligence.

  2. The annual "Beginning of the Year" Convivence (Convivenza di inizio corso)is almost upon us, that's when the catechists usually trot out all of the honors that Kiko has garnered over the last year. Puff, fluff, and stroke.

    1. Chuck: "la convivenza di inizio corso" will tell us who is the next after "sorella Carmen".
      This means also what Gennarini will do and wich encharge will preserve.
      Looks that Kiko during the youth meeting defended Apuron and the CNC in Guam by the "persecution", asking prayers...nothing positive for me, but we will see.