Tuesday, September 27, 2016


From the Guam Daily Post story:
At least 15 "AB Hon Go Home" signs and one "Hon a Failure" sign circulated the picket line during yesterday’s protests. Vice Speaker Benjamin Cruz, who participated in the protests, carried one such sign. 
"I wanted to express the depths of my dismay and disappointment in this new archbishop," said Cruz. 
Cruz told the Post he had been largely ostracized from church proceedings by Apuron and that he had had great hope in Hon's appointment as apostolic administrator. That hope was lost, he said, when Hon released the statement asking Calvo to veto Bill 326.
"When no one (from the church) came to testify against Bill 326, I felt hope – I thought maybe the church was not going to oppose this," he said. "But last Sunday when the letter went out, I felt betrayed." 
Cruz said he had twice crossed the picket line to attend 9:30 Mass in order to personally let Hon know he was available for consultation with regard to the church's sex abuse response committee, but that he was never contacted. 
"We need to have him understand that maybe it's time for him to go home," he said. "I thought he was going to clean up the mess, but all he's doing is protecting the predators and protecting the fortunes of the church rather than protecting the souls of the archdiocese."


  1. "In two weeks this will all be over"

    Naive words spoken by Hon shortly after arriving on Guam with a hidden agenda.

    In his nearly three months here he has accomplished more than Apurun has in nearly 30 years. Kudos to you Hon. In just 3 months you have:
    Caused a greater division
    Shown that mammon outranks God in our local Church leadership
    Proven what Tim Rohr has claimed as undue interference form NCW in Rome and elsewhere
    Shown that lawsuits are the only fail safe way to get Church attention
    Shown that Apurun was not unique as a prelate, submitting to lies and half truths for pushing your agenda
    Totally ignored sex abuse victims
    Finally, you have been exceedingly successful in growing picket line numbers.

    Ciao Hon!

    1. Good observations Anon 8:07.

      Hon has done more damage to the Pope's desire of peace and unity for Guam. Rather than making things better, Hon has actually made things worse. The seriously stupid blunders he has made leads one to wonder if that was actually his instructions from Filoni.

      The Pope wants peace and will give us a bishop to bring that peace. But Filoni wants to make Guam totally kiko. Peace won't make that happen. The people will only be happy when the kiko threat is completely removed.

      Filoni (rhymes with baloney) cannot let that happen. So he arranges for Hon to come and totally screw things up. Now Filoni will try and convince the Holy Father that regardless of all the good efforts by Hon, the people of Guam just cannot be pleased. No one is good enough for them. So now Filoni will try and get a neo bishop sent here to continue the foreign invasion to our shores once again.

      Won't work but nice try. By the way, it hasn't been nearly three months. Hon has been here for nearly four months. So I guess that makes him a failure for not totally screwing things up in less time. Now the Holy Father might get wise to the ruse?

  2. hip hip hooray, hip hip hoorayyyyyyyyyy,
    for hon is a jolly good neeeeeeoooooo, for hon is a jolly good neeeeeeeoooooo, for hon is a jolly good neeeeoooooooo, which nobody can denyyyyyy...

  3. Pope Francis needs to be made aware that one of his Cardinals (Filoni) is undermining his authority in order to please a pope-wanna-be. Hon is not the person to resolve our issues. When you have a fawning understudy elevated to a chief-intercessor, you get a useless bureaucrat to put out the fires of an explosive incendiary. Hon is like tinder that further ignites the flames.

    1. He is very aware of Filoni. Filoni got him elected pope.

    2. Are you implying that now Filoni has Pope Francis by his balls?

  4. We will not submit to the foreign invasion of our Church, complete takeover by the NCW and object to the arrogance and total disregard for our local culture. We feel that our faith is being directly attacked by outside forces and we will not stand for such tyranny!

  5. Rome with all it's centuries of might and power, prestige and money has got no idea what it took on when it took on the tiny island of Guam. 4000 years of surviving on a tiny bit of dirt in the middle of typhoon alley in the Pacific took a lot more than what Rome thought about. Guam's true Spiritual Warriers are not afraid to take on this cause for their island. So Awesome.