Sunday, October 9, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain. 

Kiko Argüello always chooses right. Cardinal Pell is one of his friends. Cardinal Pell is a classic for neocatechumenals.

From left: Cardinal Simonis, Cardinal Romeo, Cardinal Cordes (Presiding at the Mass), Cardinal O'Malley, Cardinal McCarrick, Cardinal Pell and Cardinal Urosa.
Domus Galilaeae.

Cardinal Pell, Asturias (Spain). Kiko Argüello is first from left, behind.

Cardinal Pell in Domus Galilaeae, first from right first line, international meeting with rabbis

What could we wait for him about neocatechumenal finances mess heading the Vatican Secretary for economy?

Just read this words from a Spanish catholic non neocatechumenal blog (2006), talking about the heressies of the Way. It is just one more of the n- web sites where the NCW is revealed, although cardinals and bishops had never been interested on reading (maybe they prefer "reading"money bills). How many people and how many time should be necessary for them to open their eyes?

"There is a fact, within the Neocatechumenal community, which surprises, disconcerts and particularly scandalized the true "converts" who later they will reveal. Money is requested, always money ... Indeed, when the initiates "reaching a certain point of the Way, should tithe, not knowing of course where all money will stop. Accountable largely alms are given to parishes and dioceses that host the Way, to increase the support of the hierarchy to them ... " Therefore, it means interested generosity.

Neocatechumenals "should set a certain amount to cover the large expenditures on management", for example, seminars, room hire, meetings, hotels, livelihood new Luthers or itinerants on mission, and this through continuous collections, tithes, return of goods, etc.".

In some obligation to sell the goods by themselves, in some cases, it caused real disasters ... more than one reduced to misery, went mad person. Neocatechumenals, generous among the "brothers" to waste, and more with the ecclesiastical authorities in their favor, are ruthless with their own relatives who do not share their ideas. In the same way that oath Mason's commitment to help the brothers in the same lodge -so read in a letter-, also for the Neocatechumenals there is an obligation to help each other in the community, and eventually in other communities, while it is not necessary to help who does not belong to the movement .... ". No needed comments.

One madam confess "we were told we sold what we had. Having nothing more than some gold, I sold it and they forced me to deliver the sum achieved, some 600,000 liras. On that night, only in a community were collected in "the sack of filth" lire 40 million. I asked where would stop that money, and the catechist replied that I should not ask for any explanation. When I would clarify things, I countered that would convince me that I was demonized ...".

"It is estimated that many millions have been to "agapes", entertainment, travel, scrutinies. A real waste of money and a real theft! The sale of goods is the most serious for the Neocatechumenals deception ...". "It's a scandal, therefore, that predation of the fruit of many sacrifices made by working. Now, who has the authority to say: If you sell everything will be written in the Book of Life? What sanctity is leaving poverty to their own children and also leaving them alone as they are free people? And what does it mean that going away to mission lands, abandoning one's parents or siblings with physical disabilities? ... ".

"The movement, as an archbishop told me, runs a river of money, millions of millions, obtained with the apology from the renunciation of goods".

Another eminent character of the Roman Curia confirmed it for me and I have been entrusted in turn reported by other bishops ... But they dare not act because they fear displeasing the Pope (John Paul II)".

If a lot of people within the catholic Church see it, why the catholic hierarchy seems to be blind in front of that? It is just a question of money. Corrupting money. And Cardinal Pell is one of the biggest beneficiaries of Kiko's loving generosity. 


  1. LaPaz, thank you for exposing the truth about the Cardinal Pell. It is unbelievable that even the sex abuse allegations against him connect his profile to the NCW.

  2. it's truths like this that leave me discouraged that the church hierarchy will ever get better. but i say keep on fighting.

    1. You are right. They WON'T get better...not without us.

    2. "CARDINAL CUPICH" what ya gonna do about this Tim?

  3. Prominent Australian Catholic accused of child abuse, prominent Australian Catholic also friendly with the NCW.

    Might be a long shot, or is this the stench of NCW ?

  4. Pell is not officially a Neo. However, Vatican Insiders allege that he is a greedy, luxury-loving homosexual and a pedophile who will take big money from anyone.

    A self-serving, commissioned biography of Pell was published in the US several years ago when pedophile accusations against him surfaced in Australia.