Saturday, October 8, 2016


Posted by Tim

It is now EIGHT DAYS since Hon asked for the resignations of Jacqueline Taitano Terlaje ("Jackie"/JTT) and her Cemeteries Board cohorts. As already laid out in a previous post. Hon PUBLICLY called for those resignations. Hon did not have to PUBLICLY call for those resignations, yet he did. 

It was a good call. It completely exposed the lie about the Board's decision being "unanimous." We know this because JTT's subsequent retort was on her law office letterhead and NOT on the Cemeteries letterhead - as was the Resolution she sent to the police and to the AG. 

Had the Cemeteries Board voted unanimously to support the Resolution, the Board would have unanimously responded to Hon's demand for their resignations. They did not. JTT responded alone, and because of the letterhead used, did NOT respond officially as a member of the board. 

Jeff to the rescue.

Because everything has gone dark, we are free to speculate. And here's what I'm damn sure happened.

Jeff met with JTT. And they "worked something out." (I'll come back to that phrase in minute.) JTT was caught red-handed. Jeff knew this. JTT knew she was in trouble, and David Lujan was already on her trail. Jeff agreed to go dark on the matter if JTT would agree to do the same. In other words, Jeff would not say anything more publicly if JTT (and the rest) agreed to resign quietly. 

(Note: Jeff is free to prove me wrong, but for now, given Jeff's rush to initially address this in public, the issue now belongs to the public and we are free to speculate why it has disappeared.)

It is clear to us now that back room deal making is what permitted darkness to settle over decades of the most horrific accounts of clergy sexual abuse in this diocese. And it is becoming just as clear to us now that the same back room deal making is what is happening now to protect JTT and the Neo's. 

If a new board has been appointed, what reason would there be to hide it, other than to let JTT off the hook? More than one source has confirmed now that Jeff considers this to be an "internal matter." Not only is that bullshit, such a stance reveals Jeff's absolute ineptitude as an administrator. 

The Catholic Cemeteries of Guam is a public corporation, NOT an internal entity of the archdiocese. Public corporations are required to file public records. While technically, a corporation is not required to report the change until the annual report is due in June, a change of board membership in a public corporation is nevertheless a public act and NOT an "internal matter." It's incredible that Jeff doesn't appear to know this. 

Now, back to "working something out." 

On January 20, 2016, relative to correcting the bogus certificate of title procured and paid for by JTT, and published by David the Deceiver in the Nov 29, 2015 Umatuna, Michael Borja, Director of Land Management, wrote Mr. Klitzkie:

Full document here

All seemed well. The AG had recommended what the law required to correct a incorrect certificate of title: "the registrar (Borja) is required to petition the court..." 

Then, things went DARK. Nearly a month passed with no response from the Director. Finally, on Feb 15, Klitzkie demanded a meeting with Borja and his legal counsel. Klitzkie memorialized that meeting in a letter to Borja on Feb 17:

Klitzkie then added:

Full document here

The "her" of course is JTT, and rather than follow the law as originally prescribed by AG Barrett-Anderson per Borja's Jan 20 communication to Klitzkie, Finney, the assistant AG, is now going to "sit dow with (Jackie) to see what could be worked out.

When Borja refused to communicate further with Klitzke, Klitzke began a series of FOIA requests and was led on a wild goose chase. On Feb 24, Klitzkie wrote to Borja regarding a denial to inspect public records. 

Then on March 17, voila! Borja surfaces with FOUR BRAND NEW CERTIFICATES OF TITLE (the Yona property consists of four parcels). In the attached press statement, Borja essentially confirms that something was able to be "worked out" between the AG and JTT:

Full document here

Ummm, so what happened to the LAW requiring the registrar (Borja) to petition the court. Finney tells us what happened two days earlier:

Full document here

Voila! Something was "worked out" with "counsel for the property owner," none other than JTT! HOWEVER, Klitzkie kept snooping with his FOIA's and we later found what Finney did not expect us to find: her own memo to Borja confirming that "the only...way the law provides to correct a mistake (is to) petition the court..." 

Full document here

So we have both the AG and the Assistant AG confirming that the Law provides only ONE path forward to correct an errant certificate of title, as well as the Director's own confirmation of acceptance of this counsel, and then we have all three reneging on the whole damn thing after two months of DARKNESS. And JTT, the on again off again "legal counsel" for the archdiocese, slipping away quietly into the night.

So Jeff, do you see why we are now suspicious of you? Come out in the open. Tell us the TRUTH, DAMN IT!

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