Saturday, October 8, 2016


Posted by Tim

It is now EIGHT DAYS since Hon asked for the resignations of Jacqueline Taitano Terlaje ("Jackie"/JTT) and her Cemeteries Board cohorts. As already laid out in a previous post. Hon PUBLICLY called for those resignations. Hon did not have to PUBLICLY call for those resignations, yet he did. 

It was a good call. It completely exposed the lie about the Board's decision being "unanimous." We know this because JTT's subsequent retort was on her law office letterhead and NOT on the Cemeteries letterhead - as was the Resolution she sent to the police and to the AG. 

Had the Cemeteries Board voted unanimously to support the Resolution, the Board would have unanimously responded to Hon's demand for their resignations. They did not. JTT responded alone, and because of the letterhead used, did NOT respond officially as a member of the board. 

Jeff to the rescue.

Because everything has gone dark, we are free to speculate. And here's what I'm damn sure happened.

Jeff met with JTT. And they "worked something out." (I'll come back to that phrase in minute.) JTT was caught red-handed. Jeff knew this. JTT knew she was in trouble, and David Lujan was already on her trail. Jeff agreed to go dark on the matter if JTT would agree to do the same. In other words, Jeff would not say anything more publicly if JTT (and the rest) agreed to resign quietly. 

(Note: Jeff is free to prove me wrong, but for now, given Jeff's rush to initially address this in public, the issue now belongs to the public and we are free to speculate why it has disappeared.)

It is clear to us now that back room deal making is what permitted darkness to settle over decades of the most horrific accounts of clergy sexual abuse in this diocese. And it is becoming just as clear to us now that the same back room deal making is what is happening now to protect JTT and the Neo's. 

If a new board has been appointed, what reason would there be to hide it, other than to let JTT off the hook? More than one source has confirmed now that Jeff considers this to be an "internal matter." Not only is that bullshit, such a stance reveals Jeff's absolute ineptitude as an administrator. 

The Catholic Cemeteries of Guam is a public corporation, NOT an internal entity of the archdiocese. Public corporations are required to file public records. While technically, a corporation is not required to report the change until the annual report is due in June, a change of board membership in a public corporation is nevertheless a public act and NOT an "internal matter." It's incredible that Jeff doesn't appear to know this. 

Now, back to "working something out." 

On January 20, 2016, relative to correcting the bogus certificate of title procured and paid for by JTT, and published by David the Deceiver in the Nov 29, 2015 Umatuna, Michael Borja, Director of Land Management, wrote Mr. Klitzkie:

Full document here

All seemed well. The AG had recommended what the law required to correct a incorrect certificate of title: "the registrar (Borja) is required to petition the court..." 

Then, things went DARK. Nearly a month passed with no response from the Director. Finally, on Feb 15, Klitzkie demanded a meeting with Borja and his legal counsel. Klitzkie memorialized that meeting in a letter to Borja on Feb 17:

Klitzkie then added:

Full document here

The "her" of course is JTT, and rather than follow the law as originally prescribed by AG Barrett-Anderson per Borja's Jan 20 communication to Klitzkie, Finney, the assistant AG, is now going to "sit dow with (Jackie) to see what could be worked out.

When Borja refused to communicate further with Klitzke, Klitzke began a series of FOIA requests and was led on a wild goose chase. On Feb 24, Klitzkie wrote to Borja regarding a denial to inspect public records. 

Then on March 17, voila! Borja surfaces with FOUR BRAND NEW CERTIFICATES OF TITLE (the Yona property consists of four parcels). In the attached press statement, Borja essentially confirms that something was able to be "worked out" between the AG and JTT:

Full document here

Ummm, so what happened to the LAW requiring the registrar (Borja) to petition the court. Finney tells us what happened two days earlier:

Full document here

Voila! Something was "worked out" with "counsel for the property owner," none other than JTT! HOWEVER, Klitzkie kept snooping with his FOIA's and we later found what Finney did not expect us to find: her own memo to Borja confirming that "the only...way the law provides to correct a mistake (is to) petition the court..." 

Full document here

So we have both the AG and the Assistant AG confirming that the Law provides only ONE path forward to correct an errant certificate of title, as well as the Director's own confirmation of acceptance of this counsel, and then we have all three reneging on the whole damn thing after two months of DARKNESS. And JTT, the on again off again "legal counsel" for the archdiocese, slipping away quietly into the night.

So Jeff, do you see why we are now suspicious of you? Come out in the open. Tell us the TRUTH, DAMN IT!


  1. Jeff has mastered the art of reneging too, like the ladies' visit to the seminary.

  2. I have been sharing all along "Lyin Jeff.
    unfortunately nothing can be done about him you just have to learn not to trust him.

  3. Freaking Jeff, Jackass Terlaje probably confessed to Jeff that she screwed up, and Jeff being the emotional cry baby broke down in tears and gave in to letting Jackie off the hook. If you decide to take on the role of an Administrator, you have to sometimes make hard and painful decisions. Jeff, you need to decide if you want to administrate in the Truth, or be a scape goat for everyone. You cannot be compromising in all your decisions..

  4. What's with cemeteries?

    1. Some dioceses have attempted to hide assets in their "cemetary trust" since funds held in trust for a specific purpose (in this instance perpetual care of graves, pre-paid plots and services) is difficult to tap. This makes for lengthy litigation for victim/survivors, dragging out the time of their eventual compensation. More cruelty to survivors, indeed!

    2. Hmmm, can you spell D OLAN?

  5. After all these problems, please don't let us down, exposed the NEO Kaka.

  6. Father Jeff, please pay attention to Bob Seger. Was he writing about you, Mrs. JTT, and the “New Eucharistic Order” (NEO) of the Neocatechumenal Way (NCW)?

    This song seems apropos as the NCW Cult on Guam celebrates their “convivence” this weekend.

    NEO Cult nights

    She had been born with a face
    That would let her get her way. 
    He saw that face and he lost all control.
    He had lost all control.
    Night after night, 
    Day after day, 
    It went on and on.
    Then came that morning he woke up alone.

    In those NEO Cult nights,
    In those NEO Cult hills,
    She was looking so right, 
    In her diamonds and frills.
    Oh, those big city nights,
    In those high rolling hills.
    Above all the lights, 
    She had all of her skills.

    Do not let some misguided sense of mercy, compassion, pity, or sympathy for Mrs. JTT (or the NEO / NCW Cult) enable her (or them) to evade responsibility for the consequences of her (their) actions.

    God is both infinitely just as well as infinitely merciful. That is why he created Purgatory -- a dogma of the Catholic Church that the NCW Cult tends to downplay, if not completely ignore.

    Near the conclusion of this Year of Mercy, we cannot overlook the demands of divine justice. Mercy requires not only atonement by the sinner (each of us), but also reparation.

    This means repairing, to the extent possible, the temporal consequences of one’s wrong-doing. That is the proper way to “fix” transgressions against civil and canon law.

    Not by sweeping them under the rug. That would be appear to be both formal and negative immediate material cooperation with evil. Do what needs to be done.

    For ready reference, here is a link to an explanation of the various types of cooperation with evil.

    The false and unfounded criminal charges against Msgr. James Benavente must be withdrawn, and those complicit in this evil removed from the Catholic Cemeteries board of directors.

    1. Hey Saipan Lawyer, can you ask Msgnr James if I can have free plot since Hon Tai appointed his buddies like Geri Taitano. Free plots for everyone affiliated with Benavente. Hmmmm who do I believe you guys or Delliote & Touche? They have century of profession. Perhaps they should sue you guys for libel.LMAO!

    2. Hey fool, ask him yourself. LOL.

  7. Hmmmm. Wonder how Diana, Ric E and the gang are doing at the NCW hotel get together. Happy new year kikobots.

  8. It’s been several months since apuron went into hiding, so I believe Fr. Jeff is suffering from withdrawal syndrome, one cannot quit cold turkey and not be affected by the decade’s long psychosomatic conditioning and suffering while under the influence of the apuron syndrome…

    These effects can manifest mentally and physically, the mental aspect is very similar to cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor, known as Stockholm syndrome, and the physical element might be temporary, but for now can be seen etched in his facial expression…

    Many people were not aware that Fr. Jeff had a recent setback, a minor relapse; he underestimated his medical condition, he felt that he was capable of handling his emotions when he faced the trained lawyer, but as she walked towards him, he soon realized he was staring into the horrible and despicable face of his decade’s long captor…

    So today I wish to solicit from everyone who enters the jungle, to join me in prayers of peace and healing, prayers of peace for Fr. Jeff in his search of inner strength, and that of healing for Jackie in her condition of senility, it is my believe that love and support makes for a far better cure when we seek a full and speedy recovery…

    PS; Fr. Jeff… turn that frown upside-down…

  9. Patience my friends. :)

  10. Cover-ups and back room deals are a huge factor in our current mess. The archdiocese needs truth and transparency so we can build a level of trust in the leaders. The laity are willing to help and support the church when we see it doing the right thing for the right reasons. Stop worrying about buildings and start caring for souls. Stop making deals and start holding people accountable for their actions. We don't want to end up with the same problems we had before. This is our opportunity to clean up the church and put things on the right track. Let's not squander this moment in history for the sake of "getting along." Kick the bums out and let's start over!

    1. "Cover-ups and back room deals" are clearly detailed in Tim's blog, above. Everything is DOCUMENTED; take time out to click on those sources. Only those who refuse to take the blinds off will fail to see. They are not handwritings on the wall; they are facts etched in the stones of the wall. That was with the drama with the bogus certificates of title for the RMS property, starring JTT, DLM, and the AG'S Office. Now we have another sequel drama, starring JTT, the Delegate, and the Catholic Cemeteries. So guess who's starring in both dramas; guess who's the "common denominator" -- JTT. She's is the main character in both sequels. I dare to surmise that we have a similar plot = "coverups and back room deals".

      Fr Jeff. I beg of you. Take a rain check on this episode! Come out and tell us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! You will come out smelling like a rose. To go the other route will tarnish your credibility. People are starting to believe in you, Fr Jeff. Don't let them down. (jrsa: 10/9/16)

    2. Too, late. Jeff already convinced himself he is HIERARCHY. lost cause. Listen to his language.

  11. Patience my friends. ;)

    1. Patience is too often a synonym for timidity.

    2. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)October 9, 2016 at 7:23 PM

      In this situation, there has to be an expiration date for patience. Without one, over time it becomes what is called a door mat.

    3. The Neo cancer has to be dealt without any delay. Resolve and decisive action are needed, NOT patience.