Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Posted by Webster.

It is embarrassing on parents to see their kids throw a tantrum in public. But when you see four adults (Attorney Jacqueline Taitano Terlaje, Lillian Perez-Posadas, Roland San Agustin, and Dennis Santo Tomas) throwing a tantrum because they didn't get their way, it's comical, pitiful, and delightful.

These four kids from the Cemetery Board were fired last Friday because they refused to resign after being asked twice, for filing a complaint that was not authorized by the owner of the cemetery, and for being disobedient and defiant. Now they are crying and pouting, by holding a press conference, complaining about Monsignor James, and saying that they quit. Oops! Too late. You have been fired. What a sorry and sacrilegious spectacle.

Remember that this is the same Cemetery Board Members that was sitting on all this so-called allegations for over two years after apuron, led by Jacqueline, David, and Adrian, fired Monsignor James for alleged financial mismanagement without giving him a copy of the written allegations. They did not have the decency to give Monsignor James a chance to defend himself. They kept any so-called allegations hidden from Monsignor James.

Then the new Board was appointed by apuron, led by who else? Jacqueline, the Trained Lawyer. They then began, and for the next two years, did a witch hunt to find anything "irregular" about how Monsignor James managed things, because apparently, the original allegations against Monsignor James were groundless after all. So, they had to find something, anything resembling "irregular"! (By the way, any accountant will tell you that "irregular" findings are fixable and resolvable, not something you go to the media with, unless your intent was something less than honorable and sincere).

After finding "irregular" things that their infantile minds cannot comprehend, did they do the FAIR and RIGHT thing by asking Monsignor James and his previous staff to explain these "irregularities"? Of course not. That would have been the decent, fair, and correct thing to do, but their infantile minds may have not yet been sufficiently developed to distinguish between right from wrong. Or, was it the Kiko kaka that they all drank from this past weekend's ANNUAL NEO CONVIVENCE that deluded them from doing the right thing?

They not only drank form the same cup of Pius the Liar, but the same cup of apuron, the Serial Child Sex Molester. That's right. They were not only harboring and shielding a serial child sex molester, they were clapping, dancing, and dining with him. How sick is that!

That's right folks. apuron, the Serial Child Sex Molester, snuck into Guam just to be with his Neo family and to be sheltered by them at the Neo seminary. Some one alert Dave Lujan!

So there you have it. Four Neo grown-up kids throwing a tantrum at a press conference today complaining about Monsignor James who they never gave the chance to respond to their so-called "irregularities", unlike AA Hon who did the right thing by giving the good Monsignor his day in court, and after reviewing ALL the evidence and facts before him and after consulting others within the Curia including the Finance Officer, Deacon Dominic Kim, found and cleared the good Monsignor of all "irregularities". Now, that was the right thing to do.

As for Jacqueline, Roland, Lillian, and Dennis, they should find some new toys to play with, perhaps a toy model of apuron's Blue Corvair or a Blue Chevelle that belonged to his perverted and depraved mentor and teacher, Fr. Cruz. These two perverts and others had a rendezvous every weekend and whenever possible at this hideaway deep inside the Pago Bay area that was owned by a prominent Pago Bay family.

One consolation: After two long "painful and arduous" years of witnessing the grounds and facilities of our Catholic cemeteries deteriorate and despoiled, now we can rely on Sir Knight Joey Duenas and the newly constituted board to make sure the grass is kept cut, the trash is picked up, and to otherwise properly maintain the burial grounds of our loved ones.

Isn't that what a mature and responsible Cemetery Board supposed to do anyway?

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