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Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondant from Spain.
Finally, in Neocatechumenal Insider's View it has been recognized the existance of the tithes. Good. Obligatory tithes "for wine, flowers, bread and other consumables" and, attention, "for the evangelization". At least, Diana! For the first time you have said exactly what we wanted you to recognize in public: 

Yes, Diana, we already knew it. But everytime somebody pronounces the damn word "money", all neocatechumenals around the world do rend their garments. 
1. In the Way, nothing is for free for the most of walkers. All neocatechumenals of the world who have passed their Second Scrutiny are "forced" to tithe. Do not tell us melodies such "they are invited" to tithe. No. They are invited to pay it mandatorily. Do you know why Kiko never says "it is a must" to tithe? Because tithes do not appear in the Statutes. Then, tithes do not exist officially. Then, there is no evidence of the tithes. Then, Kiko can not require tithes by written order. Also, the Neocatechumenal Way is governed by "oral tradition". If Kiko says "white", "white" adquires "status of law". 
I do not care if you pay your flowers or your car with your community's tithes. It is not my business. I am worried about the fact that neocatechumenals have to tithe when the catholic Church abolished tithes so many time ago. Final point. 
2. Families in mission are not those heroes who travel without anything as neocatechumenals say. They do not live with one hand in front and one hand behind. If they leave their home with a bank mortage, their original community has to pay for it monthly. Also, they pay for their airplane tickets. And also they send for that family helping money periodically. 

The communities in the place they arrive also help them with money, house and cleaning and everything. A common practice is the diocese of destiny helps offering an employee for parents, as recently somebody wrotte in a commentary, which means the diocese includes him/her/them in the pay roll. The NCW -through any of its foundations ad hoc- reimburses the money for the diocese (pay for the imaginary job).

For example, there is a spanish family who went to Guam in neocatechumenal mission and the father is an associate professor in Guam University. It is nice. In Spain with our terrible crisis it is very probable he could not have that work. For more information, since this big crisis started, the number of "vocational families" of the NCW has increased a lot. Nice. It is a new career. If you stay home, there is no job. If you stand up for the mission, you will have a job, any job any where, but at least you could survive. 

Of course, Diana, everybody with common sense already thought families in mission do not live from the air!
Why Kiko and neocatechumenals as you are not enough honest to recognize it since first moment? Why are you feeding that stupid legend of "all is given for free"? Maybe Kiko should say "free taxes". One day Kiko and the Way will be asked to render numbers. 

3. What a wonderful thing is to be a black label itinerant catechist! You have all you need without working and without paying taxes. That is the most VIP condition in the NCW: you became the maximum responsible of evangelizing anywhere and you win the lottery. This is the only case I know it is true "all is free".
Kiko is the top of the tops, of course. Think on Gennarini. Think on whoever. I know better those cases of Spanish responsible-itinerants. What do you need? Home, car, school, food, clothes...? 

I know a family with two united homes, a big van (the latest and the more expensive, of course), more than a dozen child in the best schools and high-schools and universities. All for free. He has been without a job since some decades ago. That is their "Divine Providence", which consists in a large amount of money which comes from the tithes of the Way for evangelization. The "LOL" is that family is from Spain and also lives in Spain! But since the moment they are itinerants and responsible of catechizing, they live everything included and all for free. 

Of course, Diana, somebody pays for it. They need money for live as you as me. Exactly the same. Kiko never has pocket money, why? Because he hasn't to pay for anything anywhere. Does it mean things are for free? No. 

Does it mean Kiko is hungry and a sandwich comes from heaven? No. Somebody pays for that sandwich. Somebody pays for his clothes, his cars, his helicopters, his holydays, his paintings, his guitars, even his W.C. paper. Somebody pays for it, always! All his wonderful life lies over thousands of people's spines who work for money and who give their tithes.

I only want to make a clarification on your words for Mr. Terlaje. When you say a part of the tenths is given for poor people who are not into the Way, let me tell that might be very few times along your life as neocatechumenal who pays the tenth. And sorry but I do not belive you personally went to give that money to that family, unless you were the responsible of your community and you were obligated to do it by your catechist after your community's Second Scrutiny rite. 

The tithes serves the same purpose. When the community starts to tithe, we use the money collected from the tithes to purchase the wine, flowers, bread, and other consumables used for the celebration, which is held twice a week: the Eucharist and the Celebration of the word. The tithes are also used for the evangelization. After all, how did you think the mission families and itinerants survive without money? When a mission family or itinerant arrives, they are either placed in the seminary or a brother's home. The money is used for their food and other needs until they find a job and can live on their own. It has always been the communities who helped the itinerants and mission families during the evangelization. Like a family, we help each other out especially the brothers in dire need.

As for the second scrutiny, any money and items that was given by the brothers is not kept by the NCW. All items are sold, and all the money is given away. A small portion goes to the Archdiocese of Agana as donation and the rest is given to the poor. A family living in poverty and who is NOT walking in the Way is identified, and that money is given to them. That is the truth.

You do not know what is taught at the catechesis. You already came with a pre-judgement, believing in rumors like Archbishop Apuron hiding in the seminary.

I finished the second scrutiny a couple years back. The family we identified did not even go to our parish,but they were living in very poor living conditions. When we gave the money to them, we tell them that the money came from the parish, and the parish priest is there with us. People don't know that the money came from the Way because we don't announce that it came from us. We always say that it came from the parish, and the parish priest is always there to accompany us. It's also our hope that the family we help would eventually come to the parish, not because the parish gave them money.......but because the church is there to save their souls.
People should know when a community has the Second Scrutiny rite, all the things thrown in the "caldero" (cauldron) by each brother and sister (envelopes with great amounts of money, jewerly...even the keys of a car or a house...personal belongings, etc.), the responsible has to sell everything to turn it into cash. Once with aaaaaaaaaaaall the money in hand, he has to deliver a part for poor people. 

If you are not the responsible of the community, forgive me but you will not visit any poor people out of the Way to give the money from the cauldron. The responsible has not to give any information about which family or which poor receives the money from the cauldron. The parish priest does not have to go with the responsible to give that money to any body. So, I am sorry but only if you are the responsible of your community, you could know how much and for who was given that money of the cauldron. 

What about if you really, Diana, were the responsible of your community and that story was true? I do not belive it because then you will be talking more than allowed. You could never tell anything about it, even if a brother or a sister of your community asks you. Less if you use a public blog to say it, knowing that non neocatechumenal people do read your blog. 
That is why nor you nor the anonymous could talk about it. 
All you tell about that money from the cauldron, Diana, does not mean it would be done as usual each month with the tithes of a neocatechumenal community. The most of times, tithes are not enough for the many needings of common families with common incomes and a lot of children, as the Way demands, in just the one same community.

Handling the tithes is one of the most dangerous task in the Neocatechumenal Way. Dangerous because not every responsible is able to manage it ethically and fairly. It is very, very strange to know a responsible truly responsible with it. Corruption corrupts. In the Way is very easy to be corrupted by the little privileges Kiko has given for some people in some steps of the pyramid. 

"Capos" (Kapos) in concentration camps did not have great privileges according with our comsumerist and materialistic mind. Only little ones were more than enough. Because of they were so little and so few, each privilege was too valued. You do not need to offer great things for people whom you have stolen even their human dignity. Capos, the privileged ones, were prisoners as well, but they were corrupted by nazis. To be a capo was such a double inmorality, if it is possible to talk about morality within a whole death and evil structure. 

In the Neocatechumenal Way there is so little space to be your self that the most stupid things are turned on "privileges" where the ego has to grab. For example, being placed at first line during a mass with the archibishop at the cathedral. For example, being the first in knowing certain new on Kiko and Carmen. For example, being in the same table with "X" brother or sister for dinner during a convivence. For example, being the choosen to sing the "Exultet" during the Paschal Vigil...

I have seen the worst behaviours in that sense during my times in the Neocatechumenal Way. Those stupid things are subject to "influence pedding". In the Way, too many things work through that "influence pedding". A real shame. The Way's inner structure promotes it. And the first ones who play that game are catechists and responsibles (of course, priests are not far from it). 

Money has a role on that corruptible structure. Miraculously there are brothers for whom never there is enough money from tithes. Tithes first go to RM's seminarians or the responsible's family, then to others. I remember my responsible and his large family always had a gardener, a woman to help with cleaning at home, etc. when he supposedly was unemployed. In the other hand, only few times the tithes reached for a poor woman of my community, whose husband did not liked the Way, despite their six children and their economical difficulties. 

The privileges over the tithes were so elocuent that many brothers and sisters decided not to throw the tithes in the communitarian bag to buy food and medicines for that woman and her family. The catechist was the father of the responsible's wife, so he was not interested on listening in public any problem related with them. He just didn't allow any "criticism" about them. I know many similar cases in communities from all around the world, despite the joyful experiences of holy Diana in Guam.

It is known there are some black labeled families in the Way who occupy all best positions in the Way: the better places to go for a mission, the better seminaries to be formed as a priest, being one of the neo-orchestra travelling around the world, being one of a team of Kiko's helpers...being the most trustful person of a RM Rector, etc. etc.

Gennarini's son already recognized they deserve the best as their "salary" for evangelization. They carry the best new for people: the faith. They do reign over richness. We, in the opposite, do serve Madmona and that is why are concerned about money and the Way.
Shame on you!

Dear Anonymous at 2:32 pm,

The NCW does not have money. It's members earn income from their regular jobs. If there is a need in the community, the brothers in the community will give out money to meet those needs. I decide where my money should go, Anonymous. Each member decides on their own who and where they will donate their money.

Be careful, Diana, one thing are sporadic donations and another one is the tenth. 
When a donation is periodic, it becomes a source of periodicaly incomes for the one who receives it. 
If you go for lunch and dinner at your mother's home for the rest of your life, there are countries where you will have to declare or reflect that value in your professional taxes bill. 
Maybe that is a very simple example, the thing is to understand the concept of periodic incomes (in cash or in kind) or periodic goods. 
The umbrella which covers Kiko and the Way til today is "tax free" because of the consideration of donations. But when a parish priest receives 3.000 dollars each month during ten years from a same source, it is clear donations turn on periodic incomes, a fix extra money along the time. 
It is different.
Official donations are reflected on a certificate. Under table incomes do not. 
The problem is not around your good willing as giver, the problem is with the one who receives it periodicaly along the time and unofficially. 

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