Friday, October 14, 2016


Posted by Tim

Ridiculous Ric (Eusebio) has had a lot to say the last few days and has made many claims:
  • "...the ad hoc committee had a lack of knowledge about the seminary and revealed its "propagandistic aim and ideological nature" because the report was delivered to the media before seminary officials."
  • "...the majority of RMS funds already comes from private donations, and the net subsidy from the Archdiocese for 2016 was only $26,100."
  • "...the real amount of archdiocesan support to the seminary for the 2016 financial year was only five percent of the total budget."
  • "...over the last five years, the archdiocese has contributed to priests’ formation in the seminary with an annual average of five to eight percent of the budget."
  • "...during the 2016 financial year the priests related to the seminary donated $46,150 out of their salary, which the archdiocese counted instead as part of their contribution to the seminary."
  • "...RMS can grant formation and lodging to our (seminarians) for $10,000 per year.”
  • “the majority of the priests formed in the RMS...are serving in the parishes...where no other priest wants to go.”
  • "...the seminarians at their institution are granted degrees that are internationally recognized by the Lateran University of Rome, by the Congregation for Catholic Education in the Vatican, and many civil universities in the world, including in the United States."

SOURCE (or here)
  • "The unanimous approval of the Archdiocesan Finance Council to purchase the property known as the Hotel Accion was in order to permanently house the Redemptoris Mater Seminary."
  • "The Redemptoris Mater House of Formation is a Corporation sole."
  • "The deed of restriction…does not change ownership of the property." 
  • "This legal opinion was confirmed by the Lewis Roca Rothgerber law firm in Denver."
  • "Seminarians graduate with a degree from the Lateran University."

Has Ridiculous Ric offered to provide a SINGLE DOCUMENT to support any of his claims? The ad hoc committee report which Eusebio criticizes was attached to over one hundred pages of documentation. What does Eusebio provide other than his mouth?

And as we can expect from a KIKO, Ridiculous Ric seems to have a problem with facts:

On October 13, 2016, Ric Eusebio said this:
"the real amount of archdiocesan support to the seminary for the 2016 financial year was only five percent of the total budget."

On September 1, 2016 Ric Eusebio said this:
"the subsidy of the archdiocese is only about 12% of the total income."


On October 13, 2016, Ric Eusebio said this:
"...the 2016 financial year, the archdiocese listed a subsidy for the seminary of $92,450. He said that of this sum, $64,800 was listed as “remuneration to the clergy,” or priests’ salaries, which every diocese is obligated to pay. Eusebio said therefore, the real subsidy for the seminary was only $26,100.

On September 1, 2016, Ric Eusebio said this:
"Last year the subsidized amount was $73,800 and the year before was $83,700." (There was no mention of an amount listed as "remuneration to the clergy." Apparently Eusebio just thought that up for the October 13 press conference. 


On October 13, 2016, Ric Eusebio said this:
"...the seminary’s low cost of living and formation saves the archdiocese money because the archdiocese only contributes about $500 to $800 for one seminarian per year.

On September 1, 2016, Ric Eusebio said this:
It is only costing (the Archdiocese) $9000 per year per seminarian

And then there's this:
"According to Eusebio, for the 2016 financial year, the archdiocese listed a subsidy for the seminary of $92,450. He said that of this sum, $64,800 was listed as “remuneration to the clergy,” or priests’ salaries, which every diocese is obligated to pay. "
Eusebio's reference to "obligated to pay" is a reference to the obligatory stipend paid to incardinated priests or non-incardinated priests hired to work in the diocese. The obligatory amount is $900 per month or $10,800 per year. The amount referenced by Eusebio of $64,800 means that their are a total of six priests at RMS receiving the obligatory stipend.

Who are they?

The 2016 Directory for the Archdiocese shows only five priests at RMS:

  1. Fr. Pius Sammut, Rector
  2. Fr. Julio Cesar Sanchez, Vice Rector
  3. Fr. Juan Leandro, Spiritual Director
  4. Msgr. David C. Quitugua, Dean
  5. Fr. Francesco Asproni, Adjunct Professor

Sammut is supposedly gone, but that was only recently, so since Eusebio's reference is for the past year, we'll leave the list as is.

First, Sammut and Leandro are not incardinated in this diocese, nor do they work in it. They work specifically for the seminary, so they are not entitled to the obligatory stipend from the diocese. They must be paid directly by RMS.

So that leaves us just Sanchez, Quitugua, and Asproni. Quitugua was rector of the Cathedral so he was already getting his stipend for that position and while he could have collected an additional salary for his position as Dean, it was NOT the obligatory stipend. So that leaves us Sanchez and Asproni.

A case can be made that they are not entitled to the stipend either since they only work for RMS and do not appear to be assigned to any parish in the 2016 Directory, but let's leave them there for now.

So that's 2 priests receiving a total annual stipend of $10,800 or a total of $21,600.

Hey Ric, where's the other $43,200?

LOL. That's TRIPLE the amount that was spend on Msgr. James' ordination anniversary!


  1. Amounts dancing in the air! Varying declarations depending on air humidity factors and length of time since last medication intake by Ric Eusebio. This loony tune along with his silent and grave conspirators look pathetic in that photo. Too bad the rest were not given opportunity to talk! Their individual comedic take on RMS would have provided endless entertainment for us.

  2. So when Deacon Kim came to Mongmong and told us it takes 1 million to run RMS and that the Archdiocese funded 20% of that total or $200,000 per year, that would make Deacon Kim a liar according to Eusebio. So who is telling the truth? Where did the other 80% come from. it seems divine providence was already working. Oh and if AB Hon shuts down the RMS will they obey or will they say we are funding this semenary on our own therefore we will not close out doors. BTW who was the guy with the Roman Collar when the LFM visited that open to all but only on certain days semenary? I thought that only permanent Deacons or priest were allowed to wear the collar? Didn't Apuron tell all his deacons not to wear the Roman collar when they weren't in an official capacity?

    1. It is a usual practice for seminarians, while taking their Theology courses before their ordination as deacons, to wear the collar. We can see this even at regular diocesan seminaries in the states.

  3. Even tho they are not paying rent, there should be an amount equivalent to the rent that the RMS should recognize as a "gift" from the Archdiocese unless they will start paying rent from hereon.

  4. Stupid Ric says that they will rely on divine providence. Salaries paid to priests, are they not from the donations people give during our Sunday masses? If so, then each priest is obligated to pay RMS? Isn't that still coming from the faithful? So how can Ric say they will no longer rely on money from the archdiocese?

  5. What? No comments from the other members of the board? I guess Ric needed to show the rest of the island that an RMS board does exist....or do they?

    1. Your just disbelief Terlaje that God provide for these guys. So you can shove your pennies to your throat where it belongs!

    2. Anonymous @ 12:58 PM - Translation in English please on your posting so I can understand what you are trying to say.

    3. Anonymous @ 12:58 PM - Say what? I think you're trying to tell me something but I'm really having a hard time trying to decipher it. Also, why do all you Kiko's like to use the words "shove" and "throat " in the same sentences?

  6. Eusebio M.D.= Maftamagic Dakon.

  7. Eusebio claims that the neo seminary will no longer "accept" funds from the archdiocese? Do they really believe that Eusebio's simple-minded claim will be the acceptable solution to their theft of our local Church's property in Yona and be what would appease The faithful enough that we would enable them, now, to get away with theft of our Church’s property? Such con-artistry! The truth of the matter, Mr. Eusebio, is that the local faithful’s eyes have been opened and have since then refused for the past 3 or more years to continue contributing to and supporting the neo seminary -- managed fraudulently for a number of years! Your statement and claim, Mr. Eusebio does nothing and serves no good nor indulges or satisfies our faithful who have observed the deceitfulness of ncw leaders and regard the ncw hierarchy as plain charlatans.

    The faithful's bottom-line desire is for the ncw movement to take the next step of removing themselves physically from our parishes and from any participation in or any colleagueship, interrelationship on any form, level or semblance of reciprocity and affiliation with our authentic Catholic Faith and local Church in our Archdiocese! So long as the ncw exists and continues their grip, hold, power and illegitimate interference in our local Church affairs and continues teaching and promoting inauthentic catechetical teachings in our Archdiocese, the local faithful will not rest nor breathe a breath of relief and comfort.

  8. Where in tarnation is the Rector Quitugua?

  9. Ric + jackass Jackie + Diana = the stupid squad!!!

    Guys, stupid can't fix stupid... Simple as that!

    1. No you stupid because ur blind.

    2. Anonymous October 15, 2016 at 12:56 PM is the epitome of STUPID with a comment like that. lol!

    3. Blind people are not Stupid since they have to hone in on their senses of smell, sound, touch, etc. They are a lot smarter than the average person.

      Before you compare Stupid to Blind, or anything else, please check the Webster Dictionary to see what the words you are using mean so that you can be better equip in your postings! Ai Adai!

    4. - My Comment is for Anonymous 12:56 PM! I was so angry with his/her comment that I forgot to show who I was responding to.

  10. WOW! What wife will leave behind her spouse / family to go far away to Guam to cook and clean for seminarians. Is this for reals?
    At the other blog*AnonymousOctober 14, 2016 at 1:32 AM
    the women in the seminary who cook and clean - have left their families to be in mission here, along with volunteers from the local communities. VOLUNTEER!

  11. That seminary board is totally assinine. The media blitz falls into the simile of "arranging the chairs on the Titanic." The point is not about the funding but ownership of the property as well having established the so called "Archdiocesan Seminary" on false pretenses. It is a NEO machinery, plain and simple, and we do not want any of their products. Stop trying to confuse us because you neos end up confusing yourselves even more. Thank goodness we at JW have not gotten caught in the NCW spell and its deceit and lies.

    Without proof there will always be a big question mark on RMS expenses and Archdiocesan contribution no matter how much Eusebio yaks and yaws and yammers on the telly. Show it to us! We must push for a clear and accurate accounting of the Archdiocese's annual budget: income and expenses. If Dominic Kim does his job then the Chancery might enjoy transparency and trust that it has long eluded in the eyes of public opinion and public record.

  12. Does the three-strike law apply, ric I would think that as a doctor, a natural action or step for you is to seek a consult with someone who is considered an expert in the field, cause you know bupkis about finance...

    An honest observation I can bestow upon ric, is that he dressed well for the occasion, he did his best to enunciate and to sound authoritative, as well as maintain eye contact when reading the prepared script...

    Had ric sought to consult with a financial expert, say like the chancery finance officer, maybe the financial story ric expressed might hold some semblance of fact and accuracy...

  13. The big donors of the past years should be wise to the truth now and should take it upon themselves to demand an explanation of where their money went, as it obviously did not go towards producing local diocesan priests. Unless these donors want to suffer in silence while the Neo cats laugh at their gullibility and call them suckers.

  14. Can someone name all the dummies sitting with their puppet master? We need to know their names so we can remember them in our prayers.

    1. L-R: Poki Labut or Poki Chabut Joe Terlaje (Husband of Jackass Terlaje), Danny Quichocho, Dick Head Eusebio, Julio Sanchez, wanna be bishop, Sue - Den Mother of RMS cub scouts, David Atienzia- Chamorro culture critic and chamorro history expert.

    2. Don't forget Shaun Leon Guerrero if bank of Guam. Seems like this bank has a huge infiltration of neos.
      And since bros are philanderers, thieves and sinners of the worst kind it gives me good reason to keep my precious funds out of this institution.
      I wonder how much business the archdiocese does with them? My guess is they get a huge share of the business based on the influence of a certain cult in the church.

  15. Tricky Dick Eusebio,
    If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull shit.
    That's what you giving us dick, a whole lot of bull shit.

  16. ric said..."RMS can grant formation and lodging to our (seminarians) for $10,000 per year.” In 1999, the first group of ten semenarians arrived...

    In March, 2005 , the first seminarian was ordained...
    1. Fr. Jose Alberto Rodriguez Salamanca originally from Spain =$50.000

    Then on November 8, 2008 three more were ordained...
    2. Fr. Fabio (Italy) =$90.000
    3. Fr. Jason (Philippines) =$90.000
    4. Fr. Antonino (Italy) =$90.000

    And again on November 7, 2009, four more became priests...
    5. Fr. Aurelio (Austria) =$100.000
    6. Fr. Edivaldo (Brazil) =$100.000
    7. Fr. Julio Cesar (Colombia) =$100.000
    8. Fr. Miguel Angel (Spain) =$100.000

    WHAT HAPPENED??? WHAT BECAME OF semenarians 9 and 10...
    9. unknown= not named
    10. unknown= not named
    At minimum, rms collected $720.000.00 to $900.000.00 possibly a million dollars, then ADD TO THAT our very charitable monetary trust... priceless.

    ric, you became a board member 2002, since then like apuron you and the board have lying to us, to your very generous financial benefactors...

    ric, will asking get you in trouble, if not ask; how seminarians since 1999, paid this $10.000.00 dollar U.S. equivalent education at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary, because I lost track of all my ordained semenarians...

    A MIRACLE FOR GUAM...NOT, miracle is, you guys didn't get caught sooner...
    YES, for the Laity, cause MR. ROHR lives here, and paid attention..

  17. If the RMS is not taking any archdiocesan funds from now on, and depending solely on divine providence, then really the benefactors probably want their money back because that was their intention. It is not a private residence "" for seminarians of the Kikocrazy Way. Private residence my ass, Preston.

  18. Will they "accept" non-consensual rent-free occupation?

  19. Well we know what went on at the local KAKAroach gathering this past weekend. Ricky and JTT were filled with more koolaid and probably prayed over so they could go forth and save the Roach Motel in Yona as penance for their sins.
    I wonder if these poor souls have been "hypnotized" or "enchanted"! Notice the "stink eye" by the bearded preysbiter Julio! The WAR is going into hyper drive. Kiko has given marching orders to all KAKAroaches! Unfortunately for these bozos the orders come with no "documentation", just empty rhetoric.

    Now what will HON's next move be? He can't ask them to resign! They only answer to apurun.
    Will Hon close the RMS per the two reports? Will he sue to get it back? The KAKAroaches are restless and flying around in a fanatical frenzy.
    Hon get out your "slipper" and a can of Raid.