Monday, October 10, 2016


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Archdiocese of Agana announces new board for Catholic Cemeteries

The story from the Chancery will be that there was no "deal" cut with Cemeteries of Guam Board Secretary, Jacqueline Taitano Terlaje (JTT). The story will be that they just needed time to remove the previous board and appoint a new one and that there was no attempt to "bury" the matter.

However, if that was true, then the Chancery would not have blown off the reporters who called about the already very public furor between the Chancery and JTT by telling the reporters that this was "an internal matter."

Instead, the Chancery would have advised the reporters that the matter was under review and a statement would be made soon, or something to that effect.

Make no mistake, and NEVER FORGET THIS: this administration ONLY does the right thing when they are publicly embarrassed into doing the right thing by the laity who will NOT let up and continue to hold them to account.

Now, let us take a look at the announcement with a few comments to follow:

"Other than Mr. Wayne Santos who resigned, the entire previous board was removed on October 7, 2016."
What does this mean? It means that Wayne Santos was the only person of integrity on the Board. In fact, Santos did not wait to be asked for his resignation, but offered it the minute he heard about Jackie's Resolution which was enacted without his consent. This is why he has been retained as member of the new Board.

Five days after Mr. Santos tendered his resignation, JTT doubled down on her story that the authorization had been unanimous:

Full document here.

There are three ways the Board of Directors could have "unanimously authorized the Resolution."
  1. All the Board members were physically present at a meeting and voted personally and unanimously in favor of the Resolution.
  2. In lieu of a meeting, all members of the Board individually or collectively consented in writing to support the Resolution, in which case the written consent must be filed with the minutes of the proceedings of the Board
  3. All members of the Board participated in a telephonic conference or the technological equivalent thereof - the only requirement being that in such meeting they can hear one another, and in which case, there must also be a written record of said conference. 
We know that a physical meeting was not possible because Mr. Santos was off-island at the time. And if either option 2 or 3 was used, there would have been a written record of the unanimous decision. We can be sure that if there WAS a written record of the UNANIMOUS decision, JTT would have produced it lickety-split. She did not.

Going further, the fact that Wayne Santos - per this Announcement - is the only member of the Board to have turned in his resignation, means that the other members of the Board, in having to be REMOVED, do NOT recognize the authority of Pope Francis who removed all administrative authority of this archdiocese from Apuron and delegated it to Archbishop Hon.

Let's take a good look at their names and remember them before you EVER give them a modicum of credence EVER again.

Here they are, right on the Cemeteries letterhead:

As many know, other than Wayne Santos, the rest are heavy duty Kiko's, once again, verifying what we know about the Kiko's: THEY ARE A PARALLEL CHURCH WITH A DIFFERENT HIERARCHY.

Now, let's take a quick look at the last sentence in this Announcement:
"In the case of the Catholic Cemeteries, the focus is on reinvigorating the maintenance and service of the various Catholic Cemeteries in order to provide the appropriate environment and sacredness where our loved ones have been interred."
This is a very obvious admission if not condemnation of the previous Board's LACK of "maintenance and service," and a disregard for "the appropriate environment and sacredness where our loved ones have been interred."

Take a good look, people. Take a look at the names of those persons who profaned (the opposite of "sacred) the environment where your "loved ones have been interred," specifically the two people who were MOST responsible because of their positions: REV. JOSE ALBERTO RODRIGUEZ, ADMINISTRATOR and DENNIS SANTO TOMAS, CHAIRPERSON.

One last thing. The announcement is not signed. There is only one person who could have signed this announcement in Hon's absence: the Delegate to the Apostolic Administrator. There is a reason he did not want his name on this, and something tells me that JTT's long fingers reach even here.

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