Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Posted by Webster.

An Apostolic Administrator is a prelate appointed by the Pope as the ordinary for an apostolic administration. The apostolic administration in this case is the Archdiocese of Agana that has an incapacitated archbishop (apostolic administrator sede plena) in apuron, as promulgated by the Holy Father.

By declaring this archdiocese sede plena, the Holy Father has suspended and stripped the power, authority, and control of this archdiocese from Archbishop apuron. Archbishop Savio Hon, when appointed by the Holy Father as Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Agana, has taken over the control, governance, and disposition of this archdiocese in all manner and respect, without exception and restriction. He is now the Ordinary and all power and authority that flowed to apuron under both civil and canon law now flows to and is exercised by the Apostolic Administrator, Archbsihop Savio Hon.

Any clergy, religious, and laity that says, believes, or does otherwise is defying the Holy Father.

1. Apuron has defied the Holy Father by refusing to resign. He also has a duty to cooperate with the Apostolic Administrator. He has not. He refuses to return the Yona property voluntarily. If he was concerned about the Catholic faithful in Guam, he would have resigned on May 17, that fateful day when Roy Quintanilla came forward. He chose instead to abandon and abdicate on May 21 when he left Guam and has not been seen ever since. He had already known about Walter Denton's letter to the Holy See the year before and knew on May 17 that Walter was next to come forward. Doris Concepion was manna from heaven a week later. Roland Sondia was the back up cavalry. Leo Tudela erased all doubt.

2. All Neo priests that refused to submit their courtesy resignations when asked by the Apostolic Administrator, such as Adrian, Alberto, and Edivaldo, are in defiance and disobedient. None of them did. They should all be stripped of their faculties for not doing so.

3. The Trained lawyer along with Roland, Lillian, and Dennis of the former and fired Cemetery Board defied Hon. Therefore, they were rightfully fired.

4. Ric Eusebio, Fr. Julio Cesar, the vice rector, Monsignor David Quitugua, the acting rector, Danny Quichocho, Susan Jayasuriya, Shawn Leon Guerrero, David Atienza, and Joe Terlaje, all members of the RMS board, have refused to acknowledge the authority of the Apostolic Administrator, have defied his request to return the Yona property, and have in all other respect mocked and defied the Apostolic Administrator.

And why are these Neocats acting with such disobedience and defiance? They know better, but they have been ordered by their catechist, Pius Sammut, and his boss, Giuseppe Gennarini, to disobey and be defiant. They are afraid to do otherwise because they have been brainwashed by the Neo Lie that if they disobey their catechist, all the blessings that they have received, which they received because they are walking in the Neo as obedient children, will be taken away by God. God will punish them if they defy the Neo, because it is only through the Neo that they can be blessed and saved by God.

Only Wayne Santos of the former Cemetery Board chose to do the right thing.

From apuron down to the lowly Danny Quichocho are the actions of mere puppets, dangling from the strings held by Pius and Giuseppe, two ruthless, calculating, narcissistic, and ambitious men. They do not care about the people of Guam, but only the goals and objectives of the Neo, of which Guam is a mere pawn, a staging area for their Neo dominance, money, and army(a seminary mass producing defective priests) in this part of the world.

As for apuron, the disgraced and depraved archbishop, Pius and Giuseppe, couldn't have found a more perfect puppet and ally, as apuron is just as ruthless, narcissistic, and arrogant, and more importantly, a man with a twisted mind, a perverted heart, and a depraved soul, who found in the Neo the perfect hiding place and shelter.

Run these evil colonizers out of Guam, and be sure they take apuron with them.

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