Sunday, October 30, 2016


posted by Jose M.

For a little over 5 minutes, rain drenched the picket line and save a few who left to grab an umbrella, we did not disperse nor did we cease.                                        

It should be clear from today's moment of rain, we will also not be distracted by the minor reign-ing in activities of  Abp. Hon. 

Why are we still in front of the Cathedral despite a series of seemingly positive victories? Simply, Apuron has not been laicized; the RMS property is still hostage to the NCW; and the Neo remain divergent in their catechism and liturgy. 

The love for our Church and our passion to preserve her integrity is visible in the diverse make up of the people who walk the picket line Sunday after Sunday.  

All are welcome and encouraged to publicly and peacefully stand with us from 9am to 9:45am every Sunday, come rain or shine.
For more pictures of today's picket (and previous albums), click here. Photo album opens up in a new window.

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