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Posted by Tim

On October 11, 2016, Tricky Dick Eusebio and his cronies presented a letter to the media titled: RESPONSE OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS TO THE VISITATION REPORT OF THE REDEMPTORIS MATER SEMINARY OF GUAM (RMS).

The letter (RESPONSE) begins:

NOTE: I will be helping Tricky Dick with his sentence construction and punctuation as we go through this. :)

Let us proceed.

The first thing that stands out is Tricky Dick’s immediate accusation of the ad hoc Committee’s “lack of knowledge” and “fierce bias and prejudice.” Let us take a look at the members of said Committee (as shown on page 3 of the Committee Report):

  • Fr. Jeffrey C. San Nicolas, Chair
  • Fr. Romeo D. Convocar
  • Fr. Julio Cesar Sanchez
  • Fr. Patrick Castro, OFM Cap.  
  • Fr. Thomas McGrath, S.J.

Let's analyze each one for suspected "lack of knowledge...fierce bias and prejudice":

  • Fr. Jeff was one of the first pastors to accept the NCW into his parish and has defended the NCW and RMS to a fault. He also has an advanced degree in education.
  • Fr. Romeo is rector of the JP2 seminary and was selected personally by Apuron to head up JP2 because Apuron said he had experience in forming priests.
  • Fr. Julio is Vice-Rector of RMS, and - per a note on page 3 of the Committee Report - was said not to have participated in the writing of the report. Perhaps this is a nice way of saying he was not cooperative. However, as Vice-Rector, Julio was in the unique position of having been able to provide documentation to refute any of the concerns in the Committee Report prior to its being written. And the fact that the Committee opined as it did is clear evidence that Julio did not and could not provide contrary documentation.
  • Fr. Pat Castro is currently the Capuchin Custos (religious superior) and knows a thing or two about the formation of priests.
  • Fr. Tom is perhaps one of the Guam's most respected and scholarly clerics. And even if he had a personal bias, Fr. Tom would probably not even think of compromising his credentials (or his soul) by making stuff up just to stick it to the neocats.

On the whole, if we just take Fr. Tom McGrath’s presence on the Committee, the very idea of Tricky Dick’s characterization of it as “lacking knowledge” and prone to a “fierce bias and prejudice” is both laughable and grossly offensive.

The next thing which stands out is the absolute absence of any documentation attached to the RESPONSE to support Tricky Dick’s points. By contrast, the ad hoc Committee attached more than 150 pages of supporting documentation to its Report. Why didn’t Tricky Dick attach any documentation? We shall soon see!

Continued on Part 2

Documents referenced:


Visitation ad hoc Committee Report, September 12, 2016, Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary Redemptoris Mater, Archdiocese of Agana, Guam LINK


  1. AAA back yet? ie apathetic apostolic administrator

    1. Yes. And he's doing much better. Thank you for asking.

  2. I REALLY get this eerie feeling when I see Eusebio. Not sure if it is just his intensity but he really does look like hell reincarnated...Wow!

  3. The foolish doctor should stick to quackery, and leave intelligent discussions to intelligent people.

  4. If the original text of the letter was Italian language then those two commas were correctly placed to add emphasis. Dr. Tricky's ghostwriter was a touch over zealous... as usual.

    Btw, what did he (the ghostwriter) mean with "depending on the spiritual, emotional and academic maturity of each particular seminarian"? This is the first time I hear about it. "Oh, today I feel a bit sad!" "Don't worry. Hey, guys! Today's lesson will happen on next Monday! The entire course is shifted by five days".

  5. What is Dick Head's basis for his opinion that the committee has "Lack of Knowledge and Fierce Bias and prejudice", The review committee members with the exception of Julio are priest who have gone through the grinder in their priestly formation, and have years of practical experience as priests serving the people of God in respective parishes. I would take their opinion over everyone in that fake seminary board, including Julio who is a product of that fake seminary, and who possesses minimal priestly experience that cannot compare to the other members of the review committee. Dick head is blowing hot air that serves to prove "Nothing" but his stupidity and senseless claims.

  6. What we have here, as Tim just underlined, is an individual of no moral conscience who would say and do anything to defend his lord and master Kiko Arguello, and his fallen angels Genarrini and Sammut.

    Attacking such well regarded clerics, on a personal base, rather than advancing any well thought of argument is a clear demonstration that the man is neither Apostolic nor Catholic.

  7. The Neo's NEVER have any documentation to back up what they say. That's why we know they are full of baloney (to put it nicely). They just spit their crap out and expect people to believe them. They are so delusional, it's quite sad really. And to imply anything derogatory about Fr. McGrath...well, TRICKY DICK, how dare you. Fr. McGrath has more integrity, brains and honesty in one little eyelash than you've ever had in your whole life. You are doing a better job of exposing the NCW for the trash it truly is than anyone in the jungle could do. Keep up the good work!

  8. I am still aghast by the unquestioning allegiance of these neos to their leaders. I understand that they are in awe, which is alright if they really marvel at the perceived glorious personalities of kiko, carmen, pius, brother tony, etc, but to remain oblivious to clear wrongdoing in face of overwhelming evidence? These leaders ought to help them find their way to God, not manipulate and exploit their weaknesses! And for God's sake, these neos ought to maintain psychological and emotional independence, and not surrender their will to other flawed human beings in fear for their salvation! That is a bunch of malarkey! God saves, not kiko!