Thursday, October 20, 2016


Posted by Tim

Tricky Dick says:

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1. Tricky Dick claims that RMS is “‘diocesan’ by virtue of the fact that the Ordinary has established the institution. LOL, Tricky Dick! Ummm, the intent of the ad hoc Committee’s visitation was not to determine whether or not the Seminary was “diocesan” but whether or not RMS was forming men for the diocesan priesthood! DUH!

2. Tricky Dick declares further that RMS is diocesan because “the Articles of Incorporation of the RMS specifically identify the Sole Member of the Corporation as the Archbishop of Agana.” LOL, Tricky Dick. The corporate legal structure of the RMS Corporation has nothing to do with what actually happens there.

3. Tricky Dick then slays us with the Kiko mantra claiming approval of multiple popes and hundreds of cardinals, archbishops and bishops. Yawn. None of that means CRAP, Tricky Dick. Have you ever heard of Marcel Maciel? He was the founder of the Legionaries of Christ, which not only had the approval of multiple popes and hundreds of prelates, but the personal protection of St. JP2, himself. As it turned out Maciel was diddling little boys as well as big ones for decades. And for good measure, he kept a woman or two and a family on the side. In fact, it took JP2’s death in order for the Church to finally root the bastard out. Read more here.

Perhaps Tricky Dick’s most insane criticism is that the COMMITTEE did not define “their (sic: “committee” is singular) interpretation of ‘diocesan’.”

Ummm, Tricky Dick, in the rest of the Catholic world, the real one (you know, the one outside your cult) there is no need to manufacture an “interpretation of “'diocesan'.”

A DIOCESE is an administrative region under the pastoral care of a bishop, and it is divided into smaller administrative regions called “parishes.” "Diocesan” priests are formed specifically to serve parishes. RMS neocat presbyters are not.

Neocat presbyters are formed specifically to serve neocat communities, not parishes. In fact, Kiko teaches that the “parish” is dead and that the neocat community is the new “reality.”

And then we have the Articles of Incorporation for RMS itself, wherein Article 3 proclaims that:
“The purpose of the Corporation shall be to establish and conduct a House of Formation to prepare men for the priesthood for the new evangelization following the life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way…”
There is nothing here about preparing men for the DIOCESAN priesthood to serve parishes in the Archdiocese of Agana. Men at RMS are prepared ONLY according to “the life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way.” Ummm, Tricky Dick, this is what your own Articles say. You are the big shot on the Board. Are you refuting your own incorporation documents? LOL.

Of course the big Bozo here, in addition to Tricky Dick, is Apuron, who on December 15, 2013, told us, himself, that RMS was NOT to form men for the diocesan priesthood, and that a new seminary would be doing that:

The new Saint John Paul II Archdiocesan Seminary will complement the Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary in Yona, which opened in 1999. Both seminaries are diocesan seminaries owned by the Archdiocese of Agana; however one will underscore the local mission in our archdiocese while the other will have the added element of availability for the wider mission of salvation to the ‘ends of the earth’ (Acts 1:8).

Despite the double talk about both seminaires being diocesan, it is clear that RMS does NOT exist to prepare priests to serve the “local mission in our archdiocese,” which is exactly why Apuron created this fake second seminary.

Wrapping up, it is typical of Tricky Dick to want to wow us with his knowledge of Canon Law, so he references c.238 §1 here:
“The RMS is a diocesan seminary duly erected by the ordinary of the Archdiocese…thus, the nature of the RMS is “diocesan’ by virtue of the fact that the Ordinary has established the institution. (c.238 §1).”
LOL. Let’s look at what Canon 238 §1 says:
Can. 238 §1. Seminaries legitimately erected possess juridic personality in the Church by the law itself.
That’s all it says. “Juridic personality” is the ecclesiastical equivalent of a non-profit corporation. That’s it.

LOL, Tricky Dick. LOL.


  1. Despite Kiko’s pronouncing that the parish is dead, Our Lady of Guadalupe in Santa Rita is a parish. And although the RMS claims to prepare men for the priesthood for the new evangelization, Father Krzysztof, a graduate of Guam’s RMS, serves Our Lady of Guadalupe as its parish priest. He serves everyone there. Pronouncements and documents do not always coincide with reality.

    1. You are amazingly narcissistic. You never fail to make every conversation all about you. So long as your little corner of the world is comfy everybody else is full of shit. The issue is not about what your little corner of the world feels like, but what is going on inside the NCW universally, and in the present case, specifically what is happening at the local RMS. The Visitation Committee found RMS to be seriously wanting, but apparently you know better than Fr. Tom McGrath and the others just because your little baby presbyter is nice to you. What a flake, Guile. What a flake. Feel free to visit any time and make a further fool of yourself. You’re fun.

    2. Timothy Guile of Chalan Pago...NEO Parishioner and definitely filled with KAKA from the Juicer himself. The only reason NEO Cult Presbyter Krysztof became a pastor was because of Anthony the weak bishop. Apuron needed another KAKA filled Presbyter to fill in Santa Rita to cover NEO Cult Presbyter Fabio's misappropriation of funds collected for the NEO Cult Center there. And Apuron and the NEO Cult Zombies have the audacity to go publicly after Monsignor James for funds that have already be paid back with interest. WOW....That KIKO Arguelero Kool Aid (KAKA) must be really Addictive....

    3. Stupid Ass Guile,
      Have you not yet learned after being schooled in the JW, Krzysztof like you are not serving the parish but yourself and your Kiko cult. Like Tim says, its all about you, and the NCW, you really are no different than Jackass Terlaje, Dick head Eusebio, or your buddy Zoltan. You aree right however in that just because Krzysztof is in the parish the reality is he is only self serving the NEO cause, not the faithful of the parish, To him the parish is dead remember?

    4. I am from Santa Rita. Krzysztof Szararski on paper is the pastor there at Our Lady of Guadalupe parish, because Apuron needed to replace Fabio Faiola who started to expose the NCW mission in Santa Rita. Fabio wanted to demolish the church that was reconstructed after Typhoon Paka, because it was leaning to one side! Those were his exact words to us parishioners. He had this crazy idea for a hexagonal, octagonal, or roundish type church building! Later we found out, he wanted to build a Neo-style structure for the Neo-communities there. He did not care about the parish or the parishioners of OLOG. Even when Apuron came to celebrate the Fiesta mass in December 2010 I believe--the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in his homily Apuron said the church had to be demolished and rebuilt, because it was leaning to one side! What a load of crap! He scared everyone because they thought the building was substandard. It took an architect and engineer to come to the church grounds, study the building to confirm the church building was good for at least 50 more years and it was not leaning! Whew! Then we get this Szararski presbyter next as pastor. He was not as ambitious as Fabio, but lacks in all aspects of being a pastor. He can't give a clear homily. One time it took him 45 minutes to deliver his homily!!! No wonder the people are leaving to go to mass at other parishes. Another thing, he is never around. Just call Santa Rita parish office at 565-2160 and ask to speak to him. You'll get his secretary who can only tell you, she'll pass the word to him that you call. He won't call you back. His secretary will, telling you, here is what Fr. said. That is not being a pastor. Try it! Call up the office!

    5. I am not, nor have been, nor intend to be a member of the NCW, contrary to what two anonymous contributors claim. I do admit, however, to periodic bouts of narcissism and stupidity.

    6. Stupid is Tim Guile defending a NEO Cult Presbyter in Santa Rita. A parish where one NEO Cult Presbyter once swindled the people on a false idea that the Parish is unsafe.

  2. Ric, quit your rant before you are completely shown to be a fool in this matter, and a pitiful one at the same time. Stick to your study of medicine. If I was your patient, I would be concerned that your focus is not all on my welfare, but distracted by an agenda for pomp and pride. Remember Doc, you can't serve two masters. Get real before you kill someone.