Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain.

As you know, Kiko starts every "new" year with a must convivence for any neocatechumenal of the world. That first convivence of the year is to tell his people the last news on NCW and to expose what does the NCW say about an specific matter, trying to cook a mix between the teachings of the catholic Church and the teachings of Kiko and Carmen and their 12 Kephas and the 72 Wise. For example, past years it was about sexual morality, education of children, Purgatory and Hell, etc.

The matter depends on current facts. This year, Kiko could have focused on Amoris Laetitia by Pope Francis, but as it seems it is quite boring to talk about ecology and things like that. Apparently, God sent Kiko the event of Carmen's death and, to seize the moment, Kiko has focused this 2016/17 convivence only for neocatechumenal propaganda.

For the first time in many years, this year there was no questionary, no Church teachings, just Glory to the Neocatechumenal Way. Such infrequent thing of course means something. There must be a reason for it. To find the answer, I quickly was to Diana's blog. She would give me some clues. And she did it, as always.

I found a very in-love Diana with the Way. And this enamored Diana gave us her picture
"Of all the conviviences we have participated in, this was actually the best one.  There was a lot of joy and consolation among the brothers. (...) Of all the convivences I attended, this one was the best one.  Many of the brothers said the same thing.  It was a very joyous event for all of us".  

Of course, Diana, this year the convivence has been the best one because all neocatechumenal brains were exempt to think. You only had to receive pure-kikotine through watching some neo-videos with your ghetto's neighbors. As Saint Peter, John and Santiago said when JesusChrist's Transfiguration: "How nice is to be here! Let's make three tents". Yes, I know that feeling. Every neocatechumenal would wish to stay for the rest of life 24 hours among neocatechumenal brothers and sisters in a secluded place, where prosecution and real problems do not exist.

If Diana is so pleasured, whith all which is falling over the Way because of Guam, that smells bad. Neocatechumenals behave against common sense. The bigger are the problems, the higgest are their levitation. Kikotine is a drug and this year's first convivence is an extra dose of pure kikotine. 

After cheking Diana's holy joy, I read a letter from an Italian neocatechumenal member about that same convivence, published in Neocatecumenali's blog (non neocatechumenal, but against the heresies of the Way), which is very ilustrative. He is in the last stage of the NCW, it means, he is close to its end. Sometimes highest dose of kikotine in the wrong moment has the opposite effect and that Italian man is a good example. 

There are many interesting things in his written experience, but it is too long for an only post, so I will try to underline some of them. 

Kiko still has to arrange his invented story of life. He continues adding new details, which means his last biography is still being cooked. I do not mean he has invented all he says, but my more than twenty years along the Way taught me to question more than a half of what he tells. 

This year's convivence Kiko has revealed he was such "a monster" of creativity since his early childhood. His father -a military highly supportive of the dictatorship of Franco in Spain, do not forget it- was fascinated with his so talented son, now supposedly gifted for music, painting, poetry and every artistic field (Kiko, the neo Leonard Da Vinci of our times). Being such a prodigy reported Kiko an unexpected success with women (let me laugh because the irony wanted him to stay all his life living with Carmen, the antidote to lust).

Kiko has also revealed a little more about his vission of Virgin Mary. Now he says it was an intellectual vission, although he says the Virgin Mary appeared in a extremely bright light. He tells before his crisis he was very "christian" and very intolerant, he used to visit his confessor, his spiritual Father, once a week. 

It is quite strange because it is the first time he tells he was a brilliant natural religious beliver. Kiko says his spiritual Father asked him to go into a convent, because he intuited Kiko had been choosen for a great mission. The thing is after the time, when Kiko told Carmen his vission of Virgin Mary, she discerned that vission was true but not the invitation made by his spiritual Father to the convent. It is nice, isn't it? 

Kiko, at the height of complacency, has underlined in this convivence the formative perfection of the Neocatechumenal Way. Of course, his followers will repeat it ad nauseam, until vomit. This insistence in the extraordinary has aroused suspiction for the Italian neocatechumenal man who wrotte the letter. 

He says: "What most caught my attention was the tone, as if Kiko were responding to somebody who had accused him of something, as if Kiko were difending a perfect work in front of somebody who was not able to understand what he was complaining about. In short, to me it seemed like an ad hoc convivence in response to problems clearly not allowed, because it was all too much: tone and content. As if they had to give an answer to someone and reinvigorate the belief of the individual. At least that was my impression".

(...) My conclusion: they have problems, and also very serious, and on all fronts (priests, weddings, psychological manipulation, doctrines that have nothing to do with the Church and by now it is quite clear). Instead of facing them (which would question the work of God dictated to Kiko, and you are not allowed to do it) they insist with more and more peremptory and intimidating tone without putting anything into question".

(...) Such a bombardment does not make sense otherwise: it was like they were trying to defend something with teeth, because ultimately it is the sense that you have to endure within the community without being fooled by scandals and personal opinions, because we are on a Way perfectly and directly inspired by God to Kiko and Carmen, in whom God himself has put us ( "you are called to the Way because your parents were called first"). Little was said about God, very little ... too little. Just all about the Way".

As anyone can notice, this neocatechumenal man's reflections are quite different than the simple and childish thougths of Diana about last new year NCW convivence. For her, the self-celebration of the Way was a great consolation. That italian man did not eat the poisoned apple. Diana did joyfully. She is unable to look behind the facade. All she sees is coloured flowers and dancing and clapping hands, while the italian man recognizes each time it is harder to resist the bad news and the questioning reviews which come from the real world around the neo-ghetto. 

Maybe the Way's success is only possible where a certain bishop covers it: 
"Another good news is that the newly appointed Bishop of Saipan, Rev. Ryan Jimenez is supportive of the Neocatechumenal Way.  This is good news coming from our Saipan brothers in the Way", says Diana. 
She does not realize that in Europe the Way is a living dead. Let's see what happens in America in 25 years more.

Just a little detail mentioned by the italian man who wrote the letter. When they arrived to Porto San Giorgio for the convivence there was a piece of paper with propaganda of Kiko's last book over each chair, of course there were "stands" from where people could make a reservation. He considered it "blatantly wrong". It reminds a lot those multilevel meetings where they are obligued to buy but making them belive they are absolutely free to do it. The NCW is a great devourer of money and souls.  

To finish I want to copy here some words of Jokers Wild, the typical naive who still gives thanks after the extra dose of kikotine, handsomely thinking that his "camel drug" are caregivers of his soul: 

(...) People dont understand that for many of us, our catechists have been very instrumental in our conversion. Many dont understand the amount of trust that we have in these people who have laid down their lives for the other, for their catechumen. If my catechist told me not to join the army, I would listen to them. Why? some would ask. Well, because I know that my catechist is concerned for my soul. They are more concerned for my soul than for my flesh in the sense that most likely I would be joining the Army for a sense of career, financial benefits, security and not taking into consideration the moral issues and the slave I would become to the armed forces. 

Im very blessed to have a catechist. I wish that everyone would seek a spiritual guide. We all need it. Some would say, so why not a Priest? Indeed a Priest is perfect also and I know the option to seek guidance from them is always available which I also avail of too but I find it very comforting to speak with someone who is also living the same reality as me. 
To think of all this good and to also know that those people want to place a moratorium on a charism of the church is pathetic. Its like saying, "Hey God, thank you for your gifts but no thanks also". 
I've been reminded also about the need to speak the truth and that speaking the truth has nothing to do with resisting evil.
-Jokers Wild"

Yes, Jokers Wild. We do understand quite well the amount of trust you have in your catechist. Precisely because we understand it so well, we are so warned about you and meeeeellions of people like you. 

Maybe some day you will find some things of the Way creak into you. For example, why the catholic Church does encomend the spiritual guidance of souls to ordained ministers and not to lay people. Due to the lack of vocations in our times, despite the RM's phenomenon, it would be much easier for the catholic Church to "open" the hand and empowering lay catechists to do it. 

But lay catechists are not ordained and they are not under the "rule" of a sacrament. It means your soul is not protected with a lay catechist, even when he could be a holy person, as protected with an ordained priest. An ordained priest has received the faculty of doing and undoing in the name of JesusChrist. Your lay catechist, despite all Kiko says, has not that faculty. 

The catholic Church establishes some duties for those ordained ministers which in the practice are good limits for each catholic who trust on them. For example, when you talk to a priest in a confession context, he is bound to sacred silence. Your lay catechist is not bound by any similar. Today you are willing to tell your catechist everything, maybe tomorrow you will be not. Or maybe tomorrow he will leave the Way or the Way is "closed", etc. The catholic Church gives you the warranty of her ordained priest, Kiko does not give you any warranty of anything or anybody. It only depends on the trust you are willing to give.

I can tell you how all that great trust on a catechist can evaporate in a moment, as well as your trust on your brothers and sisters of community. I know you will put your hand over a flame for them, as I would have done for my community and my catechists. Remember St. Peter said the same with JesusChrist: I will give my life for you. And St. Peter denied JesusChrist three times. So, do not taint God. Your catechists and your neocatechumenal brothers and sisters are as human as St. Peter. They will deny you and you will deny them. 

Ops, I forgot to say Kiko talked about the Rosary prayer in this year convivence. According to our italian neocatechumenal, Kiko said: "they accused us for delivering you the Rosary too late, but we answer the Rosary is a difficult prayer because it is contemplative" ("ci accusano di consegnarvi il Rosario tardi, ma noi rispondiamo che il Rosario è una preghiera difficile, perché è contemplativa").

Please, remember which kind of people where choosen for Virgin Mary Apparitions (I mean those officialy aproved by catholic Church). All of them used to be very simple and humble persons, without studies and high abilities, of course without any trained contemplative skills. Kiko, supposedly having had a Marian Apparition (he will break the rule, since he considers himself a prodigy), remisses delivering the Rosary sooner for neocatechumenal members because they supposedly need 15-20 years to develop contemplative skills. It is a joke, isn't it? How many time would have need the little illiterate sheperds in Fatima then? And Bernadette in Lourdes? 

Kiko, your reign lies over many good willing people who trust on you blindly. Please, do not play with Faith. 

P.S.: Our italian witness told Cardinal Pell was in Porto San Giorgio convivence of the year, he presided the eucharist on Saturday.


  1. Lapaz, I love the pictures you post. They reflect just how ludicrous the NCW is.
    All I can say is that Kiko and the late Carmen must have routinely indulged in some kind of drug(s) to come up with their belief system!
    Also, I can not for the life of me understand why any man will allow another man, the Catechist, to dictate what he, his wife and children should be doing! The Devil is so happy that the family at its core is being dismantled and destroyed by men who relinquish their God-given authority to protect his family.

  2. "Carmen, the antidote to lust." LOL! Perfect!

  3. Of course it was their "best convivenve." Because it is their last.

  4. Thanks to your persecution the NCW becomes more strong

    1. Yes. And it's all about getting "stronger," isn't it? SMH