Thursday, October 13, 2016


Posted by Bruce Williams

Michael Voris reports on the damning Wikileaks emails showing the Clinton campaign plotting a "revolution" within the Church.

The Catholic Church has always stood against the evils of Dictators, Socialism and Communism. Through out Her 2000+ history, the Church has been persecuted. Beginning with Stephen the first martyr who was killed in the Jewish Temple by St. Paul before his conversion, to the present day, the Church has and will always be "hated" and persecuted by the world and mammon.

Church leaders in America have succumbed to the Trojan Horse of SOCIAL JUSTICE which touts gender equality, poverty and the LGBTQ lifestyles. The ramifications have been devastating with over 50 % of Catholics voting for Obama in two elections. 

Here in the Archdiocese of Guam, the spotlight has been cast on another Trojan Horse that has enter the sanctuary. Rome fell to "immorality" and Apurun's pedophile past has exposed the "beast" that harbors the NCW and it's heresy, cultic practices and money laundering. 

Keep the faith and look to Heaven for the grace to endure the persecution to come. 

St. Athanasius Pray for us! 

St. Michael defend us in battle!

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