Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Jose Sanchez del Rio: Hero for Christ the King

Posted by Bruce Williams

"Viva Cristo Rey!"

Our young saint lived in tumultuous times.  The socialist government of Mexico was waging a bloody war against the Catholic Church, and fervent Catholics known as the Cristeros rose up to defend Christ the King.  Their heroic resistance, La Cristiada, began in 1926.

He was beatified on June 22, 2004, and in October 2016, he will be canonized.
Le us imitate the virtues of this young saint: fortitude, valor, faith, holy audacity, hope and charity.  Let us pray for the grace to have the same enthusiasm to defend the law and the rights of God that are under attack today, and to endure all hardships for the greater glory of God and Holy Mother Church.
Blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio, pray for us.
Viva Cristo Rey!
See everyone on Sunday at 9 am. at the Cathedral.

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