Sunday, November 6, 2016


Posted by Jose M.

As predicted by the NWS,  rain fell hard this morning.
NWS  = National Weather Service. (What were you thinking?!)

Initially, it was looking like the weather was going to keep our presence to a minimum, but despite it all, the line kept extending as we made room for the growing numbers of Catholics willing to endure the rain. 

What would bring people to come to a picket knowing that at anytime a downpour could drop overhead? Simple:

  • Apuron has not been laicized
  • The NCW is still practicing illicit liturgy and engaging in unethical activity.
  • The RMS has not been returned to the Archdiocese

There are other, more personal reasons that each individual on the picket line has brought to the front of the cathedral; each one is valid and valuable.

This blog has given us a stage for the world to see what has been done to our Church on Guam and we have not been performing any mere song and dance.  Our Sunday pickets are with purpose and conviction and no amount of inclement weather short of a typhoon will damper our resolve.  


For more photos of today's picket, click here


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