Sunday, November 6, 2016


Posted by Jose M.

As predicted by the NWS,  rain fell hard this morning.
NWS  = National Weather Service. (What were you thinking?!)

Initially, it was looking like the weather was going to keep our presence to a minimum, but despite it all, the line kept extending as we made room for the growing numbers of Catholics willing to endure the rain. 

What would bring people to come to a picket knowing that at anytime a downpour could drop overhead? Simple:

  • Apuron has not been laicized
  • The NCW is still practicing illicit liturgy and engaging in unethical activity.
  • The RMS has not been returned to the Archdiocese

There are other, more personal reasons that each individual on the picket line has brought to the front of the cathedral; each one is valid and valuable.

This blog has given us a stage for the world to see what has been done to our Church on Guam and we have not been performing any mere song and dance.  Our Sunday pickets are with purpose and conviction and no amount of inclement weather short of a typhoon will damper our resolve.  


For more photos of today's picket, click here



  1. When you see these pictures of so many people of all ages walking week in and week out some with wheelchairs, walkers and rollers. Even the rain does not stop them. You get a very clear picture and message DON'T MESS WITH GUAM'S CATHOLICS. Their faith does not fail them. It carries them forward in spite of all circumstances. God Bless each and everyone of you greatly.

  2. The NCW is very harmful. Speak to people that try or tried to leave.. you get the real smell of it then.. I really feel for the thousands of good guys misled by this group and follow anything the catacists say. I was forever being told this is God's will for you. That is serious pressure and when I tried to leave I was called awful names, disowned and demonised. I've gotten over the abuse I received and just feel sorry for them. I'm sad you good folks in Guam are going through this.. I believe this is just the beginning. The poor Pope has a nightmare situation to deal with. I pray he has the strength and courage to see the reality and deal with it in the best way to protect the church and help the poor NCW members that are misled.

  3. Thank You Jose M. for the posting the pictures of the True Katolikus on My Beautiful Island of Guam! I cannot say enough about their True Devotion of Our Catholic Faith! I am envious that I cannot be physically be there with them but I am Thanking Them for Afar!


    1. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)November 7, 2016 at 6:39 AM

      I echo JDR's sentiments. As I've said before, if I lived on the Guam, that picket line would be part of my Sunday morning ritual.

  4. Jose, thanks for posting. My heart is with the picket although my body is on Tinian. Keep up the fight. Hopefully the bishop will realize why he is being brought to Guam by the courage and determination of the picketers. I remain "Silent No More!" Joe Santos