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Continued from Part 2

So, moving on through Arrieta's joke of a legal opinion, Arrieta states:

The "civil recognition" Arrieta refers to is the RMS Articles of Incorporation. Here is the formation paragraph from the Articles of Incorporation:

It can easily be seen that the Archbishop of Agana, a Corporation Sole does NOT form another Corporation Sole, he forms a "nonprofit corporation." Once again, a corporation sole is a "person." It cannot be a group, organization, school, company, etc. It is a person:
§ 10102. Religious Corporations. Corporation sole. For the administration of the temporalities of any religious denomination, society, or church, and the management of the estates and properties thereof, it shall be lawful for the bishop, chief priest, or presiding elder of any such religious denomination, society, or church to become a corporation sole unless inconsistent with the rules, regulations, or discipline of his religious denomination, society, or church or forbidden by competent authority thereof.
Also, note that a Corporation sole is formed under § 10102 (Guam Code Annotated) and RMS was formed under § 10101.

So Arrieta doesn't know crap. The formation of corporations are provided for in civil law, NOT ecclesial law. Arrieta has no business opining on the matter. But what about the "Statutes of the Seminary"? Arrieta says that RMS is referred to as a "corporation sole" in the "Statutes of the Seminary." 

Well HERE are the Statutes of the Seminary. Not a DAMN word about "corporation sole." Somebody must have slipped Arrieta some cash...or hash. LOL. These Kikos. SMH!

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  1. I honestly feel sorry for Bishop Arrieta. The fool that he is, since he was told certain things by a brother bishop, Arrieta assumed Apurun was being truthful. Arrieta obviously doesn't know crap about Apurun either!

    But the people of Guam have come to know Apurun all too well. By countless examples, we see the shepherd lie and tell half truths more often than the average nun changes her undergarments. And that habit (the bishop's habit, not the nun's) of lies seems to be what the kikos have gravitated to, and follow themselves.

    Truth does not work well for them, so they merely re-create what they wish the truth looked like. Back to Arrieta. The fool that he is, believing the lies of Apurun and the kiko-cultists, then formed an ill-advised opinion, without having to do any real mental verification.

    Poor foolish bishop Arrieta. Yet another victim to the lies of Apurun and the NCW way of lies. Thank you Tim for bringing these lies and falsehoods to the world's attention!