Sunday, November 6, 2016


Posted by Tim
“As far as the Neocatechumenal Way, I am aware of them,” Byrnes said. “I  met some of them, and my thought there is that we are all Catholics, we worship the same Jesus, and we might do it a little bit different in certain cases. But, you know, my point there would be to say that’s why I need to investigate myself and come to know the people involved.”

Dear Bishop Byrnes:

The ONLY difference permitted in the Neocatechumenal liturgy is what is permitted in Article 13 of the Statute of the Neocatechumenal Way which was given final approval in 2008. Archbishop Apuron has persistently ignored and violated what is permitted in the Statute. He has permitted the practice of the priest delaying his communion until AFTER communion has been distributed to the people, and he has permitted the people to SEPARATE the act of receiving the sacred host from consuming it: the communicants receive the sacred host, wait till all have received, and then sit to consume. 

This would not have been such a big deal except for the fact that in 2006, Apuron publicly discredited (audio - transcript) then-Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship, Cardinal Arinze, who, in the name of the Holy Father, required that the leaders of the Neocatechumenal Way conform their communion rite to what is prescribed in the Liturgical Books. By permitting the practice to continue (now, for another decade), Apuron has engendered scandal amongst the faithful, not so much because the Neo's "worship Jesus...a little differently," but because he has publicly elevated the authority of Kiko Arguello, founder of the Neocatechumenal Way, over the legitimate Magisterium of our Church. 

Apuron's explanation is that "Rome has approved it," but he has never been able to produce any evidence of said approval. And the general Neo explanation is that "Rome hasn't stopped us." 

Seriously, Bishop Byrnes, there is NO NEED to "come to know the people involved" in order to make a determination about what the Church has already authoritatively defined. There is only a need that you require what the Church requires. And if it is true that "Rome has permitted it," then it is immediately incumbent upon you in your new position to provide the evidence so that this scandal does not further divide us. 

Also, one more thing, you say that "we worship the same Jesus." Do not be so sure. We have on file both the audio and transcript of a Neocatechumenal Priest, a Father Angelo Veraldi, teaching permanent diaconate candidates for this Archdiocese, that Jesus "was a sinner" who "experienced the forgiveness of the Father."

Bishop Byrnes, a Jesus who was "a sinner," is NOT the Jesus Catholics (real ones) worship. 

Here's a suggestion. Rather than "listen to the people involved," order immediately all 13 volumes of the Catechetical Directory of the Neocatechumenal Way and examine them. 


  1. And that's what it all boils down to - what do they practice and what do they believe? Simple, yet complex, because of their secrecy and arrogance to any questions posed to them for more information and valid proof. Look at their actions and ask yourself what motivates them and you will see it is all about control of this diocese. Control the diocese and you control the assets. Period.

  2. Another way for Bishop Byrnes to help heal the Church on Guam is to ask Rome to provide the documentation that apuron, to this date, cannot find and report to us on Guam his findings, one way or the other. This should be a simple matter (an e-mail? a phone call?). BTW, hon should have done this from the beginnning, to promote "unity" as hon is so fond of saying.

  3. memo to BISHOP BYRNES :

    Perhaps the most telling of the divisive action of the Neocatechumenal Way is the fact that a person of the Roman Rite (which they themselves claim to be) who wishes to receive the Eucharist on the tongue (The Norm) IS NOT PERMITTED. They deny Jesus to anyone who will not open up their hands to receive Communion "their Way".
    Another point which is very telling is that no male is allowed to attend their NCW seminaries - unless you are a member of the Neocatechumenal Way. They seemingly don't want any resistance to the manner which they celebrate "their Mass."

  4. ncw are not in communion with the catholic church. They have no part period in the church of Guam or the Mariana Islands. Through them Apuron implemented his evil ways destroying lives. Apuron pius sick men who destroyed the catholic church. They need to go period. Those who supported them Adrian David those bastards must go.

  5. Hafa Adai, Archbishop Michael Byrnes! Let me help you here. See below the list of statutes for the Neocatechumenal Way other than that which is permitted in Article 13, approved by the Congregation of Divine Worship.


    1. The list did not come through. Can you try again or send via email to

  6. I agree wholeheartedly with Tims final statement. Bishop Byrnes ought to ask for a copy of the thirteen volumes of the catechetical directory and when the NCW refuse to give him those copies, he will see.

  7. Archbishop Byrnes, there is no "both sides" of issues. In Church matters, there is only Good against Evil; Right against the Wrong. Please do not take three or four months to study these problems. Consult the Laity leaders. Many in your Clergy have been too complacent and protective of their positions and comfortable lives. The Laity have exposed these corrupt leaders and the perverts in the Clergy. You are a theologian and a Scripture scholar; you should be able to see through the veneer of the NCW teachings and practices. They must be stopped and kicked out of this Archdiocese before or when Apuron is removed as Archbishop of Agana. When you do this, your flock will be endeared to you, as these Neocats who have deceived our friends and relatives to believe that they will be better Catholics if they "walk in the Way" are the root cause of the division because of how Apuron has empowered them by using his office to give them whatever they want, from ordaining ill-formed priests to giving them an asset of the Church worth over $40 million with no return benefit to the local Church in violation of Canon Law. So, Archbishop Byrnes, please do not take more than a few days to get your feet on solid ground. Take action quickly, Your Excellency. Thank you.

  8. When an Arch Bishop visited my NCW community before I left. We put on an act. A bit like teachers do for a inspection. Some people were told not to attend which is shocking. Others were told to prepare what's called an Echo after the Gospel to control who spoke. But an Echo is meant to be inspired at the time not prepared. That worried me. I was shocked at this and they tried and seemed pull the wool over the Arch Bishops eyes. I woundered why...I could say alot more but tbh I'm just delighted I'm Out of it. Your Bishop who intends to meet the NCW people would be wise to know that they will be very very charming and impressive but behind his back if he doesnt accept them, they will say he is against them... I know. My advice to the church would be to put a few secret agents in the NCW and let them see it all.. but be mindful it would need to be someone that has a strong unbreakable mind. Good Luck Bishop Byrnes. You're going to need all the gifts of the Holy Spirit to see the TRUTH about the NCW