Saturday, November 5, 2016


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Continued from Part 1

In his October 11 statement bashing the Seminary ad hoc committee report, Tricky Dick (Eusebio) referred to the Legal Opinion on the Yona Property by the Law Office of Jacques G. Bronze as "the opinion of an obscure law firm."

Of course the only thing obscure was Tricky Dick's brain. Attorney Bronze is a practicing Guam attorney, well-known for his expertise in real estate. Apparently Tricky Dick thought that an opinion from such an august sounding institution as the Pontifical Council of Legislative Texts rendered the Bronze opinion "obscure."

However, I have never read a more obscure statement than that of Arrieta's.

Over the course of three pages, Arrieta employs such definitive expressions as: probably, it seems (4 times), seemed, does not seem, perhaps (3 times), it was reported, it is assumed, I do not feel, and I believe.

LOL. And we were told that this (since it was from the Vatican) was the LAST WORD on the ownership of the property? HUH?

Oh, and guess what Arrieta based his "opinion" on!

And yes, the donor "is still alive." And the donor now has a copy of this. So you should be afraid Pius. You should be very, very afraid. And by the way, Pius. The donor is not a "he," is she?

LOL. Now. About that family in Malta who wanted to hang you by your ____. Run, Pius, Run. See Pius Run. 

Note to Bishop Arrieta: You will rue the day you hooked up with Pius the Samnut. By the way. Is it true that you color your hair?

Continued on Part 3

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