Tuesday, November 15, 2016


In April 2015, I caught Apuron red handed asking a community of Carmelite nuns to LIE for him. I exposed Apuron's vile efforts over a series of posts entitled THE ULTIMATE TREACHERY. (The full series of posts can be read here.)

Today, the facts in post were confirmed and the TRUTH was revealed about WHO the real donor was. Diana, Pius, Apuron, Adrian, David, Tricky Dick...ALL EXPOSED AS LIARS.

The audio is very poor (on the original live stream) so here are some of the details.

The donor was never a "he" nor was the donor a member of the Neocats as Pius and the others have tried to say. The donor was MOTHER DAWN MARIE. She solicited the donation from a Carmelite community in St. Louis. She had the money donated for a seminary but NEVER said anything about the money being given for RMS or the Theological Institute. 

The donation was supposed to be anonymous but Apuron blabbed that it came from the Carmelites. People thought it came from the local Carmelites which was not the case. Donations dropped off to the local Carmelites because they thought that the 2 million came from them and therefore did not need donations. The order collapsed and recently had to be dispersed to monasteries in the states, abandoning Guam after 60 years.

"They framed the letter." This was the letter Pius and Apuron sent to the Carmelites in St. Louis asking them to sign a letter saying that the money was given for the Neocats. I explain this in full at THE ULTIMATE TREACHERY. (See tab above.)

Basically, everything Apuron and the Neocats have been saying about the origin and purpose of the donation was a LIE. But then we knew that. Mother Dawn Marie could not say anything all this time because she is a cloistered nun and was not supposed to speak publicly. However, she has decided that too many people have been hurt by Apuron's lies and that the truth needed to be known.

Here's a better version of the interview:

KUAM just announced that there will be another press conference about the Yona Property at 1:30PM today.

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