Wednesday, November 2, 2016


"This is a most welcome answer to my requests for help in the governance of the island at this time,” Apuron said...

LOL, Apu-run. He's not here to HELP you. He's here to help US. Narcissistic fool to the end.

Oh, and by the way, Apu-run, you don't govern "the island." That's Eddie's job. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.


Do you remember how in December of 2014, Apuron and his Kiko-fools tried to get out in front of the Visitation from Rome? They tried to frame it as just a friendly visit when it was really an investigation. 

Then in June of this year when Apuron was stripped of his authority and supplanted by Archbishop Hon, Apuron again tried to get out in front of it saying that it was he who invited Hon to "help" him govern. 

And now he's doing the same thing. If all the pope wanted to do was send "help," he would have appointed an AUXILIARY bishop, but Byrne was NOT appointed to be an auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese of Agana. He was appointed "co-adjutor" and given full authority to run the diocese. 

Go ahead Apu-run. Go ahead and continue your filthy lies. You might even succeed in getting enough corrupt Romans to give you a get out of jail free card. But then the fun begins. Lujan is going to haul your ass into court and you will have to look those men in the eye, who as little boys, you raped and molested. I know WALTER can't wait. 

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