Saturday, November 19, 2016


The saga of THE ULTIMATE TREACHERY, Apuron's sordid attempt to get a cloistered community of Carmelites nuns to LIE for him (because what he did could be seen as an ecclesial crime), has, as of Mother Dawn Marie's statement of 11/15/2016, a day which will live in infamy for The Tony, (the infamous Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron, Ofm. Cap. D.D., Metropolitan Archbishop of Agana (as he liked to sign himself) has reached its end, and I have updated the story with the BOMBSHELL conclusion for the whole world, but ESPECIALLY THE VATICAN, to see. 

But the real crime and the real reason the Vatican now has to remove The Tony is what he told Mother Dawn when she confronted him about his attempt. Tony answered (paraphrase): PIUS MADE ME DO IT. 

Dear Rome. This SHOWS a bishop NOT IN CONTROL of his diocese. He is and has been for years, INCAPACITATED, and has turned the running of this diocese over to a filthy piece of putrified flesh masquerading as a Carmelite Friar and an itinerant Catechist of the Neocatechumenal Way, which harbors similar filth even in your midst. And you know it. 

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