Monday, December 12, 2016


Posted by Tim

Prior to the two Media Releases already noted in my previous post, another Media Release was sent from the Chancery to the Media on May 13, 2016. The Release was attributed to:

Fr. Edivaldo da Silva Oliveira
196 Cuesta San Ramon
Hagatna, Guam 96910-4334

In his Release, Fr. Edivaldo da Silva Oliveira, accused "they" (which is the CCOG and Tim Rohr) of:

  1. initiating "a series of lies destined to undermine the authority of the Archbishop"
  2. spreading a "series of intentional and malicious lies"
  3. causing "insults, calumnies and violence"
  4. deciding "to attack directly our Archbishop with a full-page paid advertisements in the Guam Pacific Daily News, at a cost of thousands of dollars, seeking to insinuate criminal sexual abuse by the Shepherd of the Catholic Church"
  5. attempting "to confuse and mislead the people or, even, to induce some to bring false testimony"
  6. making "insults and instilling hatred, ignorance and violence in the people"
  7. not being "Catholic nor Christian"

He then concludes:

"...the Archdiocese of Agana is in the process of taking canonical measures with the Sacra Rota – the competent canonical tribunal – and filing civil lawsuit against those perpetrating these malicious lies."

This was not a threat. This, according to Oliveira, was something the Archdiocese was already "in the process" of doing. Of course, all the "lies" Oliveira accused me and others of have now been proven NOT to be lies but facts. 

The news that the Archdiocese of Agana was already taking legal action against me caused severe disruption in my personal and business life. I will be adding Oliveira's May 13 Media Release to my suit should I choose to go forward.  


  1. I say please SUE them. People like Waldo, Adrian, David, Pius, tony and kiko need to be put in their place.

  2. Oh no? That's AAApuron's boboy. OhOh

  3. Sue them!! All of the ammo is on your side now. Don't be intimidated into wasting it.

    If you let Waldo and his Neocat punks get away with this, it will happen every time someone justifiably nails criminals in the archdiocese.

  4. If you don't sue the archdiocese, you're allowing yourself to be raped by Apuron.

  5. Tim, you've helped so many people, most of whom you will never know. You protect your good name by simply telling the truth and we are grateful. As Flannery O'Connor wrote, “The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.” There's this, too, from Isaiah Chapter 50, Verses 7 to 9.

    The Lord GOD is my help,
    therefore I am not disgraced;
    Therefore I have set my face like flint,
    knowing that I shall not be put to shame.

    He who declares my innocence is near.
    Who will oppose me?
    Let us appear together.
    Who will dispute my right?
    Let them confront me.

    See, the Lord GOD is my help;
    who will declare me guilty?
    See, they will all wear out like a garment,
    consumed by moths.

    1. There is a lesson to be learned here, Those Leaders of the Church who are expected to teach us the ways of God, by their example, but do not live by simple truth in their lives cause scandal in the church resulting in the faithful to lose faith and leave the Church of Christ. They preach but do not live the saying that "The truth will set you free."

  6. Of Uduvaldo's 7 point list, I think #6 is tops on my list. "#6. making 'insults and instilling hatred, ignorance and violence in the people'".

    Monkey boy probably doesn't realize that he has insulted all Chamorros more than Tim ever could. By Tim telling the truth about what a monster Apurun is, Monkey boy priest from Brazil believes we are made ignorant by Tim's comments.

    Of course, if you grow up in Brazil, never having been exposed to free press you may well believe the truth is to be withheld from the masses. But how the Monkey boy can believe that the truth will somehow make our people more ignorant? Well, that is about the most offensive thing this man has ever uttered.

    More offensive even than boys will only treat girls like oranges so they can suck out our sweet juices. Our whole goal in this fight is to shine the light of truth on the dark lies and secrets of a corrupt church administration.

    But, because Monkey boy Uduvaldo has been brain-washed by the NCW catechists for so many years, we should feel sorry for him...he just didn't know any better. So, Monkey boy, I hope I am not being too ignorant in feeling very, very, very, very sorry for you.

  7. Archbishop Byrnes, why did you concelebrate the mass in Santa Rita on Saturday with Eduvaldo!!!?? The feast of our Lady of Guadalupe, who is the patroness of Sumay, where many of the villagers of Santa Rita came from after WW II. He is a disgrace to our Archdiocese and public enemy no. 2--after Apuron. How can you have this terrible person next to you at the altar!?!

    Archbishop, you may want to be a shepherd to all, but please do not insult us by being buddies with these Neos who have insulted us, like Eduvaldo who told our teenagers in a class (JW has a recording of this class session) that he masturbated when he was young; that young girls should be careful of boys who only want to use them and then throw them away like sucking the juice out of an orange and then throwing away the rest of the fruit after the juice has been sucked out of it. What kind of a pastor is this boy from Brazil??!! Get rid of him. Please put your foot down and send this guy out of here! Sorry to be blunt, but you need to know that Eduvaldo and his ilk are NOT WELCOME in our villages. He should be sent to New Jersey and let Gennarino deal with him. Please Archbishop, don't take too long to show us you will not tolerate these disobidient and arrogant clergymen.

    1. AB Byrnes most likely Main celebrant, and Udu along with other priests con-celebrated mass with AB Byrnes. Due to his rebellious attitude towards AB Hon, and eventually AB Byrnes as the new AB for the Archdiocese, I do not see how Udu can present himself to concelebrate Holy Mass with his boss, whom he disobeyed. No conscience, no guilt, no shame Udu boy.