Sunday, January 1, 2017


Posted by Tim

2017 marks the beginning of JungleWatch's 4th year in this amazingly ugly and deceptive battle. This morning I began watching a documentary on the corruption in the Vatican that drove Pope Benedict XVI from office. I had watched it before and I turned it off at about the same place I turned it off last time. Unfortunately, I know most of that "Hideousness" first hand and I don't need to watch it to be reminded. 

The events of the Archdiocese of Agana over the last going-on four years defy description. The Evil is omnipresent. "They" never tire of lies and manipulation. Complicating the battle is the seduction of some on "our side" to "let Rome handle it," or, (as Bob called out) "give the benefit of the doubt." Complicating it even more is the incessant call for wanting "our church back," when it was what the church had already become (as evidenced by the now revealed decades of abuse) that paved the way for Kiko's Trojan Horse. 

Those who know me know that there is NOTHING in this for me. Despite all the accusations from the Kikos that this is "all about money," there is no money in this for me and even if there was there wouldn't be enough to buy back four years of my life. I don't have a motivation. My response to injustice is reflexive. That's why I never hid behind a pseudonym. 

The battle for truth will go on. Thank you to all who support this battle in one way or another. 


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