Monday, January 2, 2017


Even though the letter from Antonio Palacios about Alberto and the Neo's taking over the Santa Ana chapel was posted on 12/30/16, it received the second highest number of pageviews for the month of December.

This means of course that there is a tremendous amount of interest in this issue and Mr. Palacios is encouraged to file a formal complaint with Archbishop Byrnes, detailing everything that was laid out in the letter posted on this blog, and signed by as many members of the group which raised the money to build the chapel. 

I suspect that there is a lot of interest in this issue because there are many who feel that the same was done to their parishes: the RMS Kikos (like Alberto) have come in, abused the parishioners, abused the facilities, abused the money, abused the generations-old pious sensibilities of the faithful, and said "Screw you. The Pope sent me." 

It's great that Mr. Palacios has now stood up after several years of abuse in Agat. However, it cannot end with a post on this blog. It is time to take this to the new archbishop's front door, and the same for others who have been similarly abused. 

It is time to stop depending on JungleWatch, CCOG, LFM, the picketers, or anyone else. This is your battle. This is your church This is your parish. This is YOURS. And since Archbishop Byrnes recently claimed "I am yours." Then he needs to know WHO you are and what you are sick and tired of. 

Call the Chancery to see when he is scheduled to return and get busy. 

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