Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Posted by Tim

I understand that most don't understand. 

If anyone has been following this blog for any length of time, it could be easily seen that I don't state the conclusion at the beginning. In fact, almost all the titles of my thousands of posts are taken from the last line of the post.

My MO is to reveal the story in pieces, sometimes just over the course of a single post, sometimes many posts, and sometimes over many months and now years. I do this on purpose. It's the only leverage I have. 

It is obvious from the amount of comments that my last couple of posts have created a rage amongst some. The posts mentioned no names and the content was intentionally cryptic. The fact that what I wrote enraged some is evidence that there are some who know exactly what I am talking about.

I am aware of at least one person who has essentially said, "F U, I only care about the money." Actually, I don't have a problem with that. It's what happened after that - which I will not reveal here - that made me decide to set out a cryptic warning in the previous two posts. But let me make it plain here:

What the Legislature can give, the Legislature can take away. 

If we want to get rid of the law that is now enabling certain persons to attack us, we don't need any court to find it unconstitutional, we only need to introduce and pass a new bill that will either completely abrogate the current law, or at least severely restrict it. Laws can be amended you know. 

And it wouldn't be hard to do. No senator who voted yes on this bill really wanted to vote yes. For most, it's their Church too. The real reason this bill passed is because the accounts of what Apuron did were so horrific, that there was no way to avoid the public pressure that had piled on in those public hearings.  Of those accounts, Walter Denton's and Doris Concepcion's, along with her son Champ's, testimonies were the nails in Apuron's coffin. (All three here.)

At first, the only objective was to bring Apuron to justice, so the bill was written to only hold perpetrators responsible, not institutions. But Archbishop Hon, at the instruction of the Red Pope Filoni, mocked and sneered at our efforts. This sent off a firestorm that led to a new bill being written that held institutions liable as well. You can read what happened in Bob Klitzkie's public testimony on Bill 326-33.

Make no mistake. It was the PUBLIC outrage and the unmatched activism of those who had had enough of this evil that got that bill through the Legislature. And that same PUBLIC outrage and unmatched activism can be turned in an instant against those who would callously say F U to us now. 

In addition to the hesitant vote of the legislature, there was also the great trepidation of a very large number of voters. At the 11th hour, Hon tried to get a signature campaign going to get the governor to veto the bill. They only had one Sunday to do it but still were able to get over 4000 signatures. Given that the amount of the law suits have now passed the 100 Million mark, for which the good people left in the pews will have to pay the bill, it would not be hard to get 10,000 signatures, 20,000 signatures in support of a bill that would take away that gravy train. 

I speak as one who worked harder than anyone to get the current law enacted. And I promise I will work harder than anyone to kill it if I have to. Of course I do not want to do that and I am sincerely glad that the law has enabled some to unburden themselves of years of suffering. And I will work to see that this law stays in place so long as I see it to be the servant of good that it was set out to be. Let's hope that one or two who may turn to greed don't ruin it for the rest.

Meanwhile: APURON OUT!

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